How Does Critical Strike Work in League of Legends?

In practice, a critical strike is when a series of combos deals 175% of its typical damage. This occurs when some items and abilities mix. Depending on specific conditions, a critical strike can occur based on critical strike chance. 

Increasing your chance of dealing a critical strike is especially valuable for ADC or solo top lane champions who rely primarily on their damage. These champions usually deal a lot of damage through basic attacks rather than abilities. Such champions are Jynx, Nasus, Ashe, Taryndamere, or Vayne. 

Most champions can deal a critical strike only to other champions. But there are exceptions, like champions who can also deal critical strikes to structures. Examples of champions who can critically strike cultures are Fiora, Jhin, and Master Yi, but these champions are more an exception rather than the rule. 

There are other exceptions to the rules that we will discuss in the post. But first…

How Does it Work?

Critical strike chance is not granted by level-ups by default. Instead, it is increased with items and abilities. The possibility of a critical strike stacks additively. The likelihood of a critical strike varies dynamically depending on how many times the attack critically strikes. 

If an attack fails to critically strike after multiple attempts, the probability of a successful critical strike increases progressively for future attempts; conversely, multiple successful critical strikes cause the likelihood of a successful critical strike to gradually decrease for future attempts. 

Essentially, critical strike chance is a damage multiplier when it averaged over many basic attacks. Every 1% increase in critical chance adds 0.75% bonus damage to base critical damage. For example, the damage dealt by a champion with 50% critical strike chance and base critical damage is on average 137.5% of the damage dealt by a champion with 0% critical strike chance. As a result, the critical strike chance scales well with attack damage as well as attack speed.

This damage multiplier is calculated as follows:

Damage multiplier = 1 + (Critical chance × (0.75 + Bonus critical damage))

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Items That Increase Your Critical Strike Chance

Ok, before all of our heads start spinning because there is maths involved, let’s move on to some practical advice. What items can you use to increase critical strike chance? 

20% Bloodthirster
Essence Reaver
Guinsoo’s Rageblade
Immortal Shieldbow
Infinity Edge
Kraken Slayer
Lord Dominik’s Regards
Mercurial Scimitar
Mortal Reminder
Navori Quickblades
Phantom Dancer
Rapid Firecannon
Runaan’s Hurricane
The Collector
Wyrmfallen Sacrifice
15% Cloak of AgilityZeal

Basic Attacks That Cannot Critically Strike

While most champions who deal significant damage stack well with any of these items mentioned above, there are a few basic attacks that cannot critically strike, unfortunately. So while you are playing, be mindful of this cap. 

These attacks are:

  1. Fiora’s Bladework
  2. Twisted Fate’s Pick a Card
  3. Zac’s Stretching Strikes
  4. Camille’s Precision Protocol
  5. Zeri’s Basic Attacks 

When stacking critical strikes, be mindful of these abilities. There aren’t many, so it won’t be too hard to memorize if your favorite champion is on the list. 

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Guaranteed Critical Strikes

Most often than not, you will rely on these champion’s natural ability to deal a lot of damage. They are able to deal so much damage because some of these champions have a guaranteed critical strike within the ability. Sometimes they can critically strike regardless of critical strike chance. 

These abilities are: 

  1. Fiora’s Bladework (The second attack! Be mindful of the difference)
  2. Ashe’s Volley
  3. Kindred’s Mounting Dread (Against low HP enemies)
  4. Shaco’s Deceive (When used to backstab)
  5. Talon’s Noxian Diplomacy (When used in melee range)
  6. Jhin’s Whisper (Fourth attack)

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In the end, you do not have to do math in your head all the time. Just think about whether your champion is a solo top or ADC, and then buy items to increase their chances. Be mindful of champions that have special critical strike chances and do some basic math if needed. If you are able to do math in your head while playing League of Legends – that is awesome! 

And now you know some basic equations. If you are on the nerdy side and enjoy this added difficulty level, you can take a look at this YouTube video that breaks down equations better. 

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