Top 7 Best Crowd Control League of Legends Champions

Top Best Crowd Control League of Legends Champions Guide

Unlike most other debuffs, CC champions are widely considered to be OP at this point due to the impact they have on the result of thematch. In its essence, these champions immobilize enemy champions, taking away their ability to move, attack cast spells and use abilities.

A champion with excellent CC could potentially turn the tide of the battle in your favor by leaving all enemies helpless on the battlefield.

To help you thrash your opponents, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 best Crowd Control champions in League of Legends. Essentially, these include Morgana, Zyra, Blitzcrank, Zac, Rell, Nautilus, and Leona. To learn more about them, let’s dive into the guide.

Morgana – Top 7

Best Crowd Control Champion Morgana League of LegendsThe fallen mistress seeks the truth and if she needs to stun her opponents till death, she’ll happily do so. As such, she is a queen when it comes to Crowd Control, with not one but two abilities dedicated to CC.

Her Q, called Dark Binding, can stun enemies using dark magic while also dealing magic damage. Morgana is so powerful with this, that if you’re successfully able to cast the Q ability, it will almost always end up with the opponent dying.

Similarly, her other CC ability is the ultimate itself, called Soul Shackles. Morgana will first unbind her wings, start levitating and lash chains to her enemies. These chains deal damage to the enemy but if the opponent isn’t able to break free from them, it’ll essentially leave them stunned.

As a crowd controller, Morgana packs a mean punch and it doesn’t help with the fact that her E makes her immune to incoming CC as well. This makes her an absolute juggernaut to use in team fights and midgame. Building Morgana with Zhonya’s Hourglass can prove to be quite effective since it will only add to her insane duration of CC.

Zyra – Top 6

Best Crowd Control Champion Zyra League of LegendsJoining our list in the sixth position is none other than the plant-human hybrid. Her thorns may look menacing to a layman, and rightfully so. Their purpose is to stop the enemy champions dead in their tracks as they gasp for air.

Depending on how well you can use Zyra, her CC effect will vary. This is because her E, called Grasping Roots, can bind several opponents at once. Similarly, her ultimate called Strangelethorns is in a league of its own.

Her R can be used to summon a twisted thicket that will not only immobilize the enemy but also deal damage.

It is also worth mentioning that Zyra scales extremely well. Therefore, using her in a late game can quite honestly decide the fate of the match, all in a few minutes. We suggest using magic items such as Liandry’s Anguish to help deal damage in the early game.

Blitzcrank – Top 5

Best Crowd Control Champion Blitzcrank League of LegendsThe indestructible behemoth from Zaun is a name to remember. Blitzcrank makes Crowd Control easier than most other champions on the list.

Why? Because he can automatically pull enemies close to him by using his hook. This, of course, is followed by a deadly Power Fist that will send your opponents running with their tails between their legs.

His ultimate, called Static Field isn’t any less frightening either. Blitzcrank can use it to remove enemy shields and silence them all the while dealing insane damage to the opponent.

All in all, if you’re going for a tanky Support with good CC, then Blitzcrank is your best bet to go with.

Zac – Top 4

Best Crowd Control Champion Zac League of LegendsDon’t take Zac, a toxic spill that morphed into a living radioactive goo, lightly. After all, Zac is the secret weapon.

Zac’s Q, called Stretching Strikes, allows him to grab an enemy and yank them towards him. He can also use this on two enemies at once, making them collide and dealing damage.

While everyone has their own playing style, using Zac’s Q and E abilities successively can make for a frightening combination.

His ultimate, called Let’s Bounce, will only further the potential to CC. Essentially, Zac will implode into a bubble and jump all over the place. Any enemy that comes in contact, will be left stunned. What may seem like a grotesque show of flexibility, is certain to leave your enemies in a sticky situation.

Rell – Top 3

Best Crowd Control Champion Rell League of LegendsAh, the Iron Maiden with a painful past. Rell was subject to experimentation so vile and horrific, that it left her with little humanity. She now rides an iron horse, ready to plunge at any Noxian soldier she sees.

In terms of Crowd Control, Rell has a few tricks up her sleeve. Even her passive, called Break The Mold adds up to CC by letting her slowly steal her opponent’s magic resist and armor. This goes hand in hand with her W ability called Crash Down where she will dismount from her horse and knock the target out of their misery.

Her Q ability doesn’t hold back either in terms of CC. Known as Shattering Strike, it will allow Rell to lunge at her opponents with her trusty ol’ lance. This will break the enemy shields and leave them helpless on the battlefield.

If Rell’s Q and W abilities are used together, they can prove to be extremely dangerous for the enemies. But this isn’t even the crux of it since we still have her ultimate to talk about. Known as Magnet Storm, it will allow Rell to draw in all nearby targets while constantly dealing magic damage to them.

Nautilus – Top 2

Best Crowd Control Champion Nautilus League of LegendsWho doesn’t love a lone wolf with tales about his bravery always surrounding his name? Joining in second place is the titan of the depths. In terms of CC, Nautilus has it all, from auto attacks to Ultimate.

Nautilus’ Q ability known as Dredge Line works similar to the hook of Blitzcrank, except it’s more powerful. He can use it to pull literally any target towards him while dealing insane magic damage to the enemy.

Similarly, his E ability, called Riptide will create waves of explosions that will slow down the enemies. You can pair it up with his W to deal damage while also keeping a check on your defenses. Lastly his ultimate, known as Depth Charge, is the main selling point for this OP CC champion.

Essentially, Nautilus will deliver shockwaves that won’t leave the sight of the enemy until they get’em for good, effectively stunning them by the end of the chase. All in all, Nautilus is made for crowd control. Being a tank only helps his matters, as it allows him to draw out the game and help his teammates finish off opponents.

Leona – Top 1

Best Crowd Control Champion Leona League of LegendsYou knew this was coming and so did we. The graceful warrior of Solari with her Zenith Blade can leave even the mightiest of enemies dead in their tracks. The CC queen is so dangerous, that it’s almost unfair for enemies, practically demanding a nerf at this point. Take notes Riot Games.

Her Q ability, called Shield of Daybreak, lets her use the iron shield to perform basic attacks while dealing bonus magic damage. To top things off, the attacks also end up stunning the opponent.

The E ability, Zenith Blade isn’t any less modest either. She’ll send her sword flying towards the enemy and if it ends up making contact with the target, boom. Leona is standing in front of you, ready to deal more damage. You can pair the E with her W to gain damage reduction while dealing bonus magic damage to the enemies.

If you thought things couldn’t get more absurd, think again. Leona’s ultimate allows her to literally launch the whole damn Sun at the target. Phew, imagine that. If an enemy comes in contact with this deadly ultimate, they’ll be left stunned, and it’s practically game over for them.


Crowd control may not seem exciting at first sight, but if you’re lacking a good CC champion in your team, good luck trying to score a victory.

While Leona deserves the crown for the best CC champion in LoL, it does not automatically make her the best champion for you. All other CC champions on this list come with their pros and cons, and depending on your playing style, the best pick is heavily subjective. For instance, if you’re going for a tank that can draw out the fight for long, then, by all means, Leona is the way to go.

However, in the case that you’re going for a well-rounded champion with good CC but also effective damage, then we suggest opting for Rell. Similarly, if you’re looking for a CC that is less effective but lasts longer, then go with Morgana. All in all, the champion you pick should go hand in hand with your strong points. If you prefer a fast-paced style, then Zac may just be the best pick for you.

That brings us to the end of this guide. Thank you for reading.

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