Dark Harvest vs. Electrocute – Which One Is Better?

There are various Rune options to choose from in League of Legends. The Runes are extra perks or abilities that are usually passive to go alongside the rest of your champion’s abilities. The most popular of Runes are Dark Harvest and Electrocute.

Dark Harvest does bonus damage based on missing enemy health, and this bonus damage can stack up based on your champion level and the number of takedowns against enemy champions using Dark Harvest. On the other hand, Electrocute does bonus damage to enemy champions if you attack them with three consecutive attacks. This also stacks with the champion level. So which one is better? Dark Harvest or Electrocute?

To answer this question, you need to keep in mind your play style, the champions that you play with, the team composition of your team, and the enemy team as well. Dark Harvest does bonus damage based on the missing health of the enemy. In other words, you can do more damage to a low-health enemy. This quality can be doubly useful for assassins as it will help ensure a kill on low-hp enemies. And the more kills you have, the greater the damage you can do. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The only possible downside is that you can only get the maximum benefit of this Rune in late-game because it builds damage based on the number of takedowns you do by using this Rune.

If the game is running over 40 minutes, then Dark Harvest can be deadly on its own. On the other hand, if the game length is an average of 15-20 minutes, then Dark Harvest will not be of many benefits. For this reason, players often choose Dark Harvest in Howling Abyss because, in a single lane, you get to use this Rune repeatedly, which builds up its damage.

Electrocute is a good choice if the game length is an average of 20 to 30 minutes. The Rune itself is useful in the start-to-mid game as you might have to face enemies 1v1 in the laning phase. A quick burst of damage with the help of Electrocute can ensure you dominate the lane and the opponent cannot get aggressive. However, Electrocute loses its benefits if the game length is over 40 minutes or more. At that stage of the game, where everyone is level 18, Electrocute will not make much of an impact. 


So, to sum it up, Electrocute is a better choice if you think the game will not last longer than 30 minutes. On the other hand, if the game lasts over 30 minutes, it’s best to take Dark Harvest because it’s more effective in the late game than the Electrocute.

So which one is better, in your opinion? Dark Harvest or Electrocute? 

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