7 Best Dashing Abilities in League of Legends

7 Best Dashing Abilities in League of Legends Guide

League of Legends has over 140 champions, all with different playstyles and abilities. While some are completely immobile but compensated with health and defensive stats, others can dash ahead and leap through walls for quick escapes. Every type of champion adds equally to the team’s composition. Lacking a single component could prove to be detrimental. But when you are talking about dashing abilities, they are also of several types.

Leaps, jumps, and forward dashes, are all examples of dashing abilities. Some of the best ones in the game are Akali’s Perfect Execution, Diana’s Lunar Rush, Yone’s Fate Sealed, and Irelia’s Bladesurge. If you have seen professional play, these four take the cake. But there are some honorable mentions such as Kassadin’s Rift Walk, Katarina’s Shunpo, and Pyke’s Phantom Undertow.

Although there are many other dashing abilities, especially in the assassins’ kits, these are the most used and quite frankly, most effective dashing abilities. They can take over games and effectively snowball if used properly. Let’s take a deeper look at how these seven best dashing abilities work.

Akali’s Perfect Execution

Best Dashing Ability Akali’s Perfect Execution League of LegendsAkali is an extremely mobile champion, so much so because her entire kit is reliant on how much she moves. Her passive, Assassin’s Mark, creates a ring of energy around enemy champions Akali damages with her abilities. If Akali exits the ring, her next auto attack is empowered and gains increased range. To play Akali properly, players must understand and utilize this passive to the fullest.

Understanding The Ability

Her R, Perfect Execution, allows her to leap in a direction, damaging enemies she strikes. She can then re-cast the ability to dash in a chosen direction again. The second dash can execute all enemies under a specific health threshold.

How To Play It

The most effective way to utilize Akali’s R is to first chip the enemy champion down to a certain health threshold using her passive and other abilities. Once they are below half health, you can gap-close using your R’s first charge. Once you have cast your first R, re-cast it to execute the enemy champion and get a kill.

If you think the enemy champion is not below the health threshold yet, or if you want to learn Akali inside out, learn her basic combo that goes along with her Perfect Execution. Use your Q to activate her passive first. Follow it up by throwing out both charges of your E. As soon as your E ends, auto-attack the enemy and finish them off with your R. Since the dashes are fast, you will be able to dodge any abilities they throw out, guaranteeing a kill. Akali’s R is also a great escape tool. Due to the great range, it can help you cover and the fact Akali can go over walls during it, you can easily escape any situation using both charges of your R.

Diana’s Lunar Rush

Best Dashing Ability Diana’s Lunar Rush League of LegendsThe second ability on our list is not ultimate, but rather Diana’s E. Diana is focused mainly on close combat and bursting down her enemy so keeping them in the range is crucial. Diana’s Lunar Rush helps with that as Diana can stick to her enemy, auto-attacking them while waiting for her cooldowns.

Understanding The Ability

Diana’s Lunar Rush is fairly simple. It allows her to dash to the targeted enemy when in range. It also deals with a small portion of magic damage. If an enemy is affected by Moonlight, her Q’s passive, the cooldown is refreshed instantly, meaning she can cast it again. If she dashes to an enemy affected with moonlight, all other enemies lose the Moonlight charge on them.

How To Play It

Unlike Akali, Diana’s Lunar Rush can only gap-close towards a particular target and hence, cannot be used as an escape tool in most cases. If you are a jungler, you can use your Q on jungle camps. The Moonlight passive will reveal them and you can dash over walls to them using your E. This can also be used for enemy champions or objectives that are on the other side of a wall.

If you are chasing going in for the kill, remember to mark with your Moonlight first. Use your E to jump on them. If they dash away or expend flash, you can easily use your E to chase them down. Finish them off with your R to send them back to their fountain.

Yone’s Fate Sealed

Best Dashing Ability Yone’s Fate Sealed League of LegendsIf you are a regular League player, you will know how annoying a fed Yone can be. Taking on the entire enemy team alone and scoring pentakill after pentakill can be annoying. A big part of his kit is his R, Fate Sealed.

Understanding The Ability

Yone blinks behind the last enemy champion in a line, pulling all enemy champions towards him. This ability can be done during his Soul Unbound skill and can traverse through any structure.

How To Play It

A champion with a high skill-ceiling, Yone has a total of two dashes with extremely low cooldowns. Both need to be used in continuance with each other for the best results.
Firstly, if you are thinking of going in for an engage, you should always have your Q3 charged up. This is your primary dash. Use your Soul Unbound and Q3 to get close and make the enemy champion airborne. Once they are airborne, hit them with your R for maximum damage.

This is also a very effective team fight tool due to the fact it has AOE damage and can displace all enemies caught. If you have another AOE burst-damage ability on your team, make sure to catch as many enemies as you can in your R to obliterate the enemy team.

Irelia’s Bladesurge

The number 4th ability we have is Irelia’s Bladesurge and it is quite frankly her bread and butter. If you have not mastered Irelia’s Bladesurge, it is extremely difficult to play her as her entire kit is built around refreshing the abilities cooldown. With infinite dashes and insane lifesteal, make the enemy laner ban Irelia every time.

Understanding The Ability

Irelia’s Bladesurge allows her to dash forward to her target, striking them and healing her. If the target was ‘Marked’ or dies to this ability, the cooldown is refreshed.

How To Play It

If you want to learn how to maximize the utility of Irelia’s Q, you will need to practice refreshing its cooldowns. As its cooldown is refreshed on an enemy dying to Bladesurge, execute minions to constantly heal up and have your cooldown refreshed. If you watch any Irelia player, they will always farm minions using this ability. Rarely do they prefer auto-attacking.

This is also because of Irelia’s passive. Every time she strikes an enemy with a spell, she gains a stack. These stacks increase her attack speed and grant her bonus on-hit attack damage.

If you are going in on a champion, remember to have hit them your E or R. Both these abilities ‘Mark’ the opponent and will refresh your cooldown if you hit them with Bladesurge.

Kassadin’s Rift Walk

Best Dashing Ability Kassadin’s Rift Walk League of LegendsOne of the lesser played champions on our list, Kassadin’s Rift Walk is revered on Summoner’s Rift. Once he gets going, it is near-impossible to stop him from rampaging through your team. The anti-AP champion uses this ability constantly as long as he has sufficient mana.

Understanding The Ability

Using Rift Walk, Kassadin can teleport to a nearby location, dealing damage to nearby enemy units. He can re-cast this ability in a short period of time. This will cost additional mana but also deals extra damage.

How To Play It

There isn’t much to playing Kassadin’s Rift Walk separately as it needs to be used in combination with his playstyle and other abilities. The best time to activate it is when you need to engage in a team fight. Have your tank start the engage, shortly after which you can start using your Rift Walks. Remember to position yourself correctly to gain maximum damage from the multiple Rift Walks.

This is also a great escape tool. As you can teleport anywhere in the nearby vicinity, poke out the enemy slowly and finish them off before their teammates come to their rescue.

Katarina’s Shunpo

Well known as one of the top snowball champions in League of Legends, Katarina might be one of the most, if not the most, dash-reliant-champion in their roster. Constantly blinking behind every target, killing enemies under turret, or even escaping over walls before your very eyes, Katarina is extremely difficult to stop if she gets rolling. Her Shunpo cooldown is continuously reduced by her passive. Every time an enemy that Katarina damaged, dies, the cooldown of her abilities is reduced.

Understanding The Ability

Katarina blinks to the target. If she blinked to an enemy, she will strike it. Otherwise, she will strike the nearest enemy.

How To Play It

Katarina benefits highly from her passive that reduces her ability’s cooldowns if an enemy damaged by Katarina dies. This means if you are going in against multiple opponents, you need to burst them before they can get off their combos. This will reset your Shunpo, meaning you can reposition yourself before engaging again.

If you are starting an engage, always have your R ready as it is your greatest damage dealer. It is also helpful to know what order her abilities should be used in to get maximum damage. The basic combo is E>W>Q>R>E>Q.

Pyke’s Phantom Undertow

Best Dashing Ability Pyke’s Phantom Undertow League of LegendsLast but definitely not least, we have Pyke’s Phantom Undertow. One of the scariest abilities in the bottom lane is getting hit it usually means a definite kill, sometimes even a double. Paired with his Q, Bone Skewer, you are displaced and stunned away from your teammate. Your best bet is staying away from the bushes altogether!

Understanding The Ability

Pyke dashes in a straight path through structures and enemies. A second later, a phantom from his original position dashes to him, stunning all enemy champions in its path.

How To Play It

Although Phantom Undertow is a very versatile ability, the basic combo it is used with is W>Q>E. You can easily sneak up on the enemy with W, pull them in with Q, and stun them with E. Make sure you aren’t going into immediate danger as you will dash past the enemy champion.

Pyke’s E also makes for an excellent escape as he can go through walls, stunning those chasing him if they don’t sidestep.

The Bottom Line

There’s a long list of dashing abilities when you get into League but not all of them are as effective e.g. Aatrox’s Umbral Dash. If you are a fan of hypermobile champions, these are definitely some amazing selections for you. Easy and effective to use, they greatly increase your chances of coming out on top.

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