Data miner LEAKED Seraphine’s abilities

Riot has been teasing us with Seraphine for a couple of months now, but they have finally made a mistake which one played uncovered. Data miner, PixelButts, while taking a look at the Brazil Wild Rift data, has recently uncovered unnamed abilities for Seraphine.

Seraphine is definitely going to be an interesting League of Legends champions since her passive will have a new mechanic, an “Echo”, where every third basic attack will be cast twice. We highly believe that Vayne will be seriously jelaous of that mechanic…

Her Q ability will deal magic damage in target area and it will be increased based on the enemies’ missing Health.

Her W ability will deal magic damage and grant Seraphine and her allies a temporary movement speed boost. If Seraphine is already shielded, she will also heal her allies for five percent of their missing health.

Her E ability will deal magic damage to enemies and slow them by 3% for 4 seconds. If the enemy is already slowed, they will be rooted instead. This  means that Seraphine will work beautifully alongside with Caitlyn, Ashe, and other ADCs that have a slow effect in their abilities.

Her ultimate (R) ability is probably the most interesting part of her kit. When Seraphine uses her ult, she will charm her enemies for 4 seconds and deal magic damage.

Written by Spezzy

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