Demotion Shield Expiring – Here’s What It Means – Updated 2020

Demotion Shield Expiring – UPDATED 2020 – Here’s What It Means

If you’ve been grinding in the ranked modes of League of Legends for some time now, it’s highly likely that you have come across a weird message on your profile that says League of Legends Demotion Shield Expiring

LOL Demotion Shield Expiring

League of Legends Demotion
Shield Expiring – What You Should Know?

Once you’ve managed to climb into a new division or ranked tier, Riot will grant you an effect which is also known as a Demotion Shield. This shield will keep you from getting demoted if you lose some games while you have 0 LP. You can learn more about how League’s ranked system works here

LOL Demotion Shield Expiring

How many losses before I get demoted?

Demotion Shield in most cases lasts around three games, but if you’ve climbed a whole tier, you will receive a 10 games shield. Let me give you an example; If you’re in Gold IV, you can lose around 10 games before you get demoted back to Silver I. However, if you climbed from Platinum III to Platinum II, you can lose only 3 games before you get demoted back to Platinum III. That’s basically what LOL Demotion Protection means

With these best mid lane champions in Patch 10.11, you won’t be needing Demotion Shield as you’ll have no trouble in climbing the ranked ladder. We wish you the best of luck in your competitive games!

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