Top 7 Best Divers in League of Legends

Best Divers League of Legends Complete Guide

While playing League of Legends, you might have been annoyed that the enemy is staying under their turret. Since turrets deal a lot of damage, it isn’t easy to just walk in and attack the enemy. However, there are certain champions that excel in diving the enemy even if they are under their turrets. This allows you to gain an advantage and push the lane without any issues. That is why this guide will take a look at the top 7 best divers in League of Legends.

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The top 7 best divers in League of Legends are:

  • Volibear
  • Elise
  • Tryndamere
  • Fizz
  • Leblanc
  • Zed
  • Riven

After careful consideration, these are the best divers in the game. While you might consider some other champions to take their place, there is a good reason why they are mentioned here. With that said, let’s dive in and find out why these are the 7 best divers in League of Legends.


Best Diver Volibear League of LegendsWhen talking about diving champions, it is impossible not to mention the reworked Volibear. He is one of the best champions at diving the enemy thanks to his high HP, good CC, and his ultimate. After level 6, you can easily dive the enemy without worrying about the turret at all for a few seconds.

His Q allows him to run on all fours and move faster. Once he hits an enemy in this state, they will be stunned for a brief moment. Voli’s W is a ferocious bite that deals a good chunk of damage depending on how much HP the enemy is missing.

When you use his E, he calls down lightning from the sky that not only deals damage in an area but also grants him a shield if he is in it. The best way to use this ability is to cast it right after you hit your Q so that your enemy cannot run out of the area.

Finally, your ultimate causes you to jump and become large. Not only do you gain more HP but also disable any turrets in the area. This is a great tool for ganking at level 6 since you cannot be attacked by the turret for a while.


Best Diver Elise League of LegendsAnother champion that is great at diving is Elise. She is a jungler that can effectively gank the enemy while they are behind their turret thanks to her ability to become untargetable. Due to this, you can easily kill them and remove the focus of the turret from yourself. This allows your ally to gain an advantage while both of you survive the dive.

Her Q in human form allows her to damage the enemy based on how high their HP is. In her spider form, she bites the target to deal tons of damage based on how low their HP is.

Her W releases a venomous spider in her human form that follows the enemy and explodes to deal damage. When she uses this in her spider form, she and her spiderlings gain attack speed for a few seconds.

Elise’s E allows her to throw a web in front of her. If an enemy is hit by this web, they get stunned for a few seconds. In her spider form, she goes up in the air to become untargetable and jump on any enemy unit in the area. This is what makes her one of the best champions to dive the enemy under their turret. Use this ability when you know that the turret hit is going to kill you.

Finally, her R allows her to switch between her human and spider forms. Depending on the situation, you might need to use this between fights to use both variants of your abilities to deal maximum damage.


Best Diver Tryndamere League of LegendsWhile Tryndamere isn’t the best champion at diving the enemy before level 6, it’s a whole different story once he gets his ultimate. He can easily kill the enemy while he doesn’t take any damage for a few seconds thanks to his R.

His Q allows him to use the fury he gained to heal himself. The more fury you have, the more you will heal. Plus, the more fury he has, the higher his attack damage will be.

His W is a simple ability that slows any enemy champion that has their backs turned to him. On top of that, he also reduces their attack damage for a short duration as well. This makes it easier to chase enemies that are running away from you.

His E allows him to spin in a direction to deal damage to any enemy he hits. This ability will help you close the gap between the enemy and yourself. Plus, you can also use this to run away after killing or damaging the enemy as well.

Finally, his R is the reason why Tryndamere is a great champion at diving. He becomes invulnerable for a few seconds while his ultimate is active. During this time, his HP will not go below 1. Once the effect is about to end, you can consume your fury to regain a little HP and run out of a sticky situation.


Best Diver Fizz League of LegendsFizz is a good champion that can be extremely difficult to attack thanks to his E. His abilities allow him to be quite mobile while dealing tons of damage. He can deal a lot of damage and run out of the fight without taking any damage himself.

His Q allows you to dash through an enemy, dealing damage and placing you behind them. This is a good gap-closing ability that lets you get close to the enemy champion without wasting any summoners.

His W is a strong auto attack that also deals damage over time to the target that is hit. You can easily last hit minions with this since you gain the mana and its cooldown back if it kills the enemy.

Fizz’ E is what makes him a great diver. He becomes untargetable while standing on his trident. After a short duration, you can make him slam down in any direction. You can either use this to damage this enemy or run away from them while they cannot target you.

Finally, his R throws a fish in the direction of your cursor. After a short duration, a large shark appears from the ground and damages everything in that area. It also knocks up all enemies in the area. This ultimate is not only a great tool for CC but also one shots most squishy champions without a second thought.


Best Diver Leblanc League of LegendsLeblanc has a lot of mobility that she can use to confuse the enemy and keep them on their toes. Thanks to that, she has a lot of lane presence and is almost impossible to gank. Plus, thanks to her being able to teleport back to her clones, she can easily dive the enemy and only take a few turret shots.

Her Q marks an enemy, slightly damaging them. However, the major damage comes when you hit the marked enemy with the rest of her abilities. The marked enemy will take tons of damage.

Her W lets you dash forward, leaving a clone behind. She can cast W again to return to her original position. This can be used to bully the enemy out of the lane. Use this to go forward and use your combo on the enemy. After you used it, simply cast W again to return to safety.

Leblanc’s E throws a chain that sticks to the first target hit. After a short duration, the target is rooted. This allows you to either chase the enemy easily or run away from them.

Her R allows her to use whatever ability she last used. This means that you can either use two W’s to dash twice as far or chain the enemy twice for a longer root. The possibilities are endless and it comes down to what the situation demands.


Best Diver Zed League of LegendsZed is a champion that requires no mana for his abilities. He does have an energy mechanic, however. Zed can use all of his abilities to poke the enemy while staying behind minions at a safe distance. Thanks to his ability to become untargetable and teleport to his shadows, you can easily dive the enemy without taking any tower hit.

His Q throws a shuriken in a targetted direction. This shuriken passes through all units and buildings. It deals a good amount of damage and is good for poking enemies from a distance. Plus, you can use this ability to clear minions while staying at a safe distance as well.

Zed’s W summons a shadow that copies all of his abilities. This is what makes Zed a dangerous champion in the lane. Use your shadow and use all of your abilities to double your damage since your shadow will also deal damage as well. Also, you can cast W again to switch position with your shadow. This is great to either chase the enemy or get away from a gank.

His E damages and slows everything around Zed. On its own, this ability isn’t that strong. However, if you use it combined with his shadow, you will deal tons of damage and slow the enemy as well.

Finally, Zed’s R has him become untargetable and teleport behind the enemy in an instant. After a while, depending on the amount of damage you deal to the enemy, they will take a lot of damage. If you use your entire combo on the enemy after using your ultimate, they will almost always die regardless of how tanky they are. Zed is the bane of any ADC or squishy champions existence.


Best Diver Riven League of LegendsWhile you might not think that Riven is a great diver, her kit allows her to survive even after killing the enemy under their turret. She can dash multiple times and also gain a shield as well with one of her abilities. On top of that, she has high damage and a lot of lifesteal which makes it easier for her to kill the enemy quickly and run away.

Riven’s Q is a three-part ability that has a decent cooldown during the early game. During each cast of Q, she slightly dashes forward but during the third cast, she jumps and knocks up any enemy in a small area. This ability can either be used to jump over walls, run away, or chase the enemy.

Her W is a simple ability that, when cast, will stun all enemies near Riven. This ability is great if you want to quickly damage the enemy and stun them to run away. This allows you to run away with more HP since the enemy will not be able to attack you.

Her E is what most would consider broken in the laning phase. Riven dashes a short distance and gains a shield that protects her from all damage. This ability is great if you want to either gap close or disengage with it after using your stun.

Finally, Riven’s R forges her blade back to full strength and she gains more AD. Plus, you can cast this ability again to fire a projectile in front of you to deal a lot of damage depending on how much HP the enemy is missing. After doing your full combo, cast your projectile to finish off the enemy.

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