Dodging in League of Legends – Penalties and Does it affect MMR?

Dodging in League of Legends - Penalties and Does it affect MMR?

In League of Legends, Queue dodging involves leaving the champion select screen by interrupting the connection with the server. When a player does this, they will force the match to disband to counter the potential for an absent teammate.

Simply by dodging, this can result in technical mishaps, such as a computer crash or server shutdown. Due to the disruption it causes to matchmaking integrity; Dodging is disliked in the League of Legends community. The game determines the dodging severity, which may penalize the player. What are the penalties of dodging? Does it affect MMR or anything like that? Let’s take a look and see…

Is it Safe to Dodge Ranked Matches in LoL?

At one point in time, developers set out to increase the penalties for those players who choose to dodge League of Legends matches. Still, it seems that the LoL community has changed the developer’s minds and turned them in the opposite direction. However, there’s no denying the fact that Dodging is powerful and disruptive too,l that can improve your SoloQ experience, and we’re going to explain this to you. 

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Dodging in Provisional Games

Your displayed rank will not take a penalty if you don’t even have it yet, so this one is pretty straightforward. With that thought in mind, a player can dodge as many SoloQ/Flex games as they want.  Think about it, how could LP be deducted if the player doesn’t have any? 

No MMR Lost

In LoL, you should be concerned with your MMR, which is something you’re probably already aware of. Even if you shed some LP for dodging an LoL ranked game, it isn’t going to slow your climb one bit. The game adjusts the players’ LP gains relative to the MMR. For those who are dodging many games and losing LP, with each victory, League will make up for that. 

For those of you who are in it for the long haul, you may think about dodging LoL promo games. Of course, we all like gaining a new rank in LoL, but sometimes we understand that the match is lost straight from the champion select, and it’d be crazy to play a game we know we’re already losing (a waste of time, really). 

Lower LP Losses

Dodging in League of Legends - Penalties and Does it affect MMR?

Since 2013, the penalties when you dodge LoL have remained the same, so this is something that long-term LoL players are familiar with.  After the first Dodge, you lose 3 LP and will be required to wait a total of 6.5 minutes. With the second Dodge, you will shed 10 LP, and it will put you on a 30-minute cooldown. Subsequent dodges that take place within 24-hours will have the same penalty attached. 

Now here’s where the real meat comes into play upon completing a game. The dodge count is reset. So you can dodge one game at the cost of shedding 3 LP and the cooldown, then play out the next match, and then escape again, and it will count as your first Dodge. The same trick will work if you have dodged 2+ times in a row. Simply put, finishing a match, it will wipe it all away, and you will be starting fresh again. 

The dodge count reset is a technique that has been around for a couple of years now, but not everyone knows about it.  I can see Riot removing the dodge count reset sometime in the future, though. 

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Duo Dodging

Dodge penalties are applied to the individual who refused to play that match. If you’re playing with your friend, though, you’d have to wait for their cooldown to be up before you proceed to play together, but only they will shed LP. You can take advantage of this by taking turns dodging games; even better if one of you has low/high LP. 

When you combine the above with the previous trick I told you, this will make the duo dodging immensely powerful. As a result, you have the opportunity to avoid two very sketchy games before treading onto the -10 LP territory, and completing a match on your third try will bring you back to the beginning. 

Riot Knows

It’s evident that Riot is keeping a close eye on players’ behavior in League of Legends. As a result, developers have now started to clamp down pretty hard on dodgers and AFKers. 

Third Dodge will Get You a Twelve-Hour Penalty.

Riot has recently announced more brutal sanctions against Dodging, which I feel my readers need to know about. The first two dodges that take place within 24 hours are still going to be punished as before with the 3/10 LP penalty and locked out of queuing for 6/30 minutes. However, that third offense is what you need to watch out for. 

The 10 LP penalty will stay the same, but players will now be locked out of queuing for 12 hours. This is a quick bandaid to prevent dodging abuse, but Riot has recognized that there are some issues they need to fix to prevent people from dodging. Off-role players concentrated in one team, unfair matchmaking, troll picks, or toxic players are only some of the issues that make a player to dodge in the first place, but it is going to take some time for Riot to fix those.

AFKing – Being Banned for Up to 14 Days

Dodging in League of Legends - Penalties and Does it affect MMR? AFK Ban

While we’re talking about Dodging, let’s talk about AFKing for a second. AFKing is another one of the toxic behaviors in the game that Riot would like to combat. Up until now, players were being punished with an automatic loss and received a ban that was between 5 and 15 minutes. Riot stepped in and sanctioned with longer bans in severe cases, though.

Now, Riot has stepped inside of the ring. As soon as those offenders walk up on the second stage of AFKing sanctions, they will receive a 30-minute ban, and if they try it again, they will be hit in the face with a 14-day ban. YIKES! If you regularly go AFK and reach the third stage of sanctions, you won’t be able to play LoL for 14-days. 

In the future, Riot plans on introducing a report function during the game. This will allow players to react to toxic behavior and game-ruining immediately. In addition, the penalties will continuously be adjusted, and Riot is aiming toward increasing the rate of bans. 

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What we have learned here today is don’t dodge and don’t go AFK in League of Legends – this will keep you on the safe side because while the penalties may not be too harsh right now. While there may be some ways around it, this isn’t something you want to make a habit of because eventually, the penalties will be stringent.

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