Is Driver Booster/Updater Really Safe?

Is Driver Booster/Updater Really Safe?

Are you one of the people who are disturbed by how safe a driver booster is? Maybe you are worried because of how malicious the driver booster sometimes behaves.

The answer to your question is yes, driver boosters are safe for use! Updating your PC driver can be so stressful and time-consuming.

You can not get the best out of your computer if it is not regularly updated. To avoid this and the hassle that comes with it, what you need is a driver booster.

What are drivers and driver boosters?

A driver is a piece of computer software that is developed to help in the communication between an operating system and the hardware that the operating system interacts with.

A driver booster is a driver management program that can detect outdated drivers, discover the appropriate updates, and install the driver updates automatically to boost computer performance.

Driver Booster is a free driver updater program for Windows that checks for outdated drivers for your hardware regularly and even downloads and updates all the drivers with one click.

This is updater software for Windows.

Driver Booster is a genuine program that is safe to use for PC optimization and security.

Is Driver Booster/Updater Really Safe?Is a Driver Booster Worth It?

Yes, it does. Drivers must be updated, but more often than not, people forget to do that. This may result in system slowdowns, system freezes, crashes, and shutdowns.

It is safer to install the driver booster directly from the official website of the company for maximum driver optimization.

Also, image and sound degradation, image and audio lag, or out-of-sync audio and visuals may play out on your computer if your game driver is outdated.

The Driver Booster ensures that the graphics and game-ready drivers are up-to-date, thereby increasing the quality of the gaming experience.

It automatically finds and downloads needed game components like PhysX, OpenAL, and DirectX.

List of Top Driver Booster Tools

Below is a list of the top driver updater/booster tools that you can use to get your PC driver updated.

  • IObit Driver Booster
  • Advanced Driver Updater.
  • AVG Driver Updater.
  • DriverMax.
  • Driver Genius.
  • Avast Driver Updater.
  • DriverFinder
  • Ashampoo Driver Updater.
  • Auslogics Driver Updater
  • Driver Reviver
  • WinZip Driver Updater
  • DriverFix.
  • Smart Driver Updater.
  • Driver Talent.
  • Driver Easy, etc

IObit Driver Booster

IObit driver booster is highly recommended for all laptops and computers. With this product, you don’t need to buy a new system.

When you install the IObit driver booster on your desktop or laptop, it will update several components on your system before boosting the driver.

Is IObit Driver Booster Updater safe?

  • One-click download and update
  • Smart drive scans
  • Operates automatically
  • Offline driver update
  • Language translation issues
  • Supports Windows devices only
  • Warnings are annoying

Advanced Driver Updater

Is Advanced Driver Booster Updater safe?

  • Advanced Driver Updater – Get the Latest Device Drivers for your PC | 100%
  • Easy to use software and is compatible with all recent versions of Windows.
  • Scans for outdated drivers
  • Takes backup of system drivers before updating them.
  • Allows to add of incompatible drivers to the exclusion list
  • Fixes hardware malfunctioning
  • Fixes no sound problem, display problem, graphic driver, and other driver-related issues
  • The 1-click solution to update PC drivers
  • Silently installs driver
  • Allows to schedule driver update
  • The extensive driver library
  • It is not specified whether it uses only OEM driver sources.

AVG Driver Updater

Is AVG Driver Booster Updater safe?

  • improved performance, fewer crashes.
  • Fully automatic
  • It offers free scans.
  • It backs up existing drivers.
  • Auto scans your Windows machine for outdated, missing, corrupt, and faulty drivers.
  • Checks for official drivers
  • It selects a compatible driver for your PC.
  • Backs up drivers’ selections
  • It reduces hardware problems.
  • It’s expensive compared to its rivals.
  • It has no additional features or options.
  • Not available for mobile platforms or the Mac OS


Is Driver Max Driver Booster Updater safe?

  • Automatic driver checks
  • Low resource consumption
  • Automated update
  • Compatible with recent Windows versions,
  • Backup and restore.
  • performs scheduled scans.
  • No support for macOS, Linux
  • Download speed

Avast! Driver Updater

Is Avast Driver Booster Updater safe?

  • Automatic driver checks
  • Ability to backup and restore
  • Low resource consumption
  • Automatic Scan
  • Safety checks
  • Driver Backup and Restore
  • The Vast Driver Database
  • Compatibility
  • DriverFinder
  • No free version, only a trial.
  • No support for MacOS, Linux, Android
  • It does not display driver sources.

Why is IObit the Best Product?

Choosing IObit driver booster is the best and can be recommended, as far as I and other people are concerned, as the best product. However, the above-listed products are the top driver updaters in the tech market, but the first option I’d rather go for would be IObit according to the ratings and people’s reviews. You cannot go wrong using the IObit updater.

Now, answering the next question on your mind, ‘Is the IObit driver booster really safe? We all know that whatever has an advantage definitely has disadvantages. Here are the best technical reasons you need to stick to IObit:

  • It easily resolves system crash problems.
  • To protect your PC from hardware failures,
  • It will improve your PC performance for gaming as well.

How to Choose the Best Driver Updaters in 2023 / 2023?

Before you can choose the best driver updaters for yourself, first you must analyze your driver requirements.

Consider this as a buying guide for the best driver updater/booster:

  • They must not use up too much of the computing power and slow the systems down.
  • Check for a user-friendly interface.
  • They have an automatic scanner to detect missing or problematic drivers.
  • Check how many languages the software supports.
  • Check how vast its driver database is.
  • Check the pricing options and free trial availability.
  • Check how easy the software was to install and set up.
  • Ananumberthe amount of computing resources the tools used


Show concern for your PC before it begins to slow down your work. Weigh up the driver updaters across all the mentioned aspects above.

Choose the best driver booster for your computer. Install it and get the best experience you have been waiting for.

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