Top 7 Easiest ADCs in League of Legends

League of Legends ADCs are some of the most challenging Champions to play. The role itself is plagued by challenges that are insanely hard to overcome. Requiring a massive amount of skill, speed, and brains, the ADC role is nearly the most difficult, overshadowed by Junglers and Supports slightly. 

Newer players or those unfamiliar with the role might want to make things a bit easier on themselves. They’d do this by choosing Champions which are, by themselves, easy to play. Thus, the overall skill cap of the role is decreased, helping a player engage with the role and immerse. 

That’s where this article comes to play. We’ve compiled a list of the 7 easiest ADCs in League of Legends, intending to help you start strongly. Picking some excruciatingly complex Champion like Aphelios as your starter might deter you from even playing the role. Hell, it might even drive you away from the game entirely. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin with our list! 

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7. Ashe

One of the oldest Champions in the game, Ashe, is the OG ADC that everyone loves to hate. She’s had her ups and downs over the years, and that’s only natural considering her age. If you had a kid when Ashe and LoL were released – they’d be finishing elementary school by now. Things are bound to be a little volatile for such a long period. 

AS things stand, Ashe is a perfectly fine ADC capable of doing so much both individually and in team fights. Her Laning Phase is pretty nice. She has her W for safe harassing, annoying auto attacks that slow people every hit, etc. She’s the queen of slows, and no one can escape her easily once she gets on their tails. 

Though she focuses much more on doing single-target damage, Ashe is an absolute beast. With the proper positioning and movement, Ashe players can pick off players one by one, even in a chaotic team fight. Her damage is insane, primarily when she activates that deadly Q. It turns her bow into a rapid-firing submachine gun that dishes out damage like it’s free. 

Keen-eyed Ashe players can also utilize her Ultimate. It has a stun that can last up to 4-5 seconds, enough to kill any target, no matter how fed and robust they are. Using this spell on the right person, one button press can change the fight’s outcome – and, consequently, the match. 

I love Ashe, and there’s just so much that’s great about her. She’s so simple yet full of complex and deep mechanics that one section in an article just isn’t enough to cover it all. Go check her out right now; you won’t regret it. 

6. Sivir

Moving on to the Champion, whose sole purpose is wave clearing – Sivir. Though not too popular in recent Seasons, Sivir is a master of farming hundreds of minions fast. Her Q allows her to decimate minions from the game start, but let’s see how well she performs overall. 

Sivir’s early game focuses on safe farming and using her Q to harass. She can hit multiple minions at once with her W, speeding up her farm even more. Those bouncing attacks also jump to Champions, which can serve as a nice poke. Her overall fighting isn’t that great just yet, and it takes a while for her to get strong. 

As time progresses, so does Sivir. She can snowball exponentially, courtesy of League’s itemization system. A bit of lethality, and Sivir has a literal nuke in her hands. A single Q can deal 1000 damage like it’s nothing. She can go from Lane to Lane and cull every minion that crosses her path. 

She can push and shove Lanes constantly, so long as she keeps safe. Despite her having some pretty lovely mobility and defense, no ADC wants to be caught alone. Farming and wave clearing with Sivir are as easy as anything, and I recommend giving her a try. She might be an old one, but she’s definitely holding out. 

5. Miss Fortune

Good old Sarah, everyone’s favorite pirate. Well, that’s if you’re not a Gangplank main like yours truly. However, despite my obvious bias towards her parents’ killer (no matter how that sounds), she’s deservedly on a list like this one. Whenever we speak about ADCs, Miss Fortune always mingles her way into them. Like Evelynn, she’s a reoccurring Champion that loves the attention. 

Miss Fortune’s early game is slow but methodical. She will approach the game with the intention of getting farmed up quickly so she can purchase lethality right away. As one of the rare lethality ADCs, MF is a unique experience overall. What she lacks in mobility, she makes up for in damage, and boy does she do damage. 

The mid and late games are insanely strong for MF. There’s not much to her kit that’s outright special, except for her Ultimate. Her Ult is one of the best team fighting abilities in League, and she will use it to eviscerate entire teams in seconds. This is where her hasty focus on lethality pays off, as the more lethality she has – the deadlier her Ult will be. 

She’s pretty straightforward and lacks any objective complexity. Her abilities are impossible to miss with no genuine skill shots and will only play into her strong nature. I highly recommend giving Miss Fortune a try the next time you play ADC. Trust me on this one, lads and lasses. 

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4. Tristana

Tristana is a deadly Yordle that can dominate games entirely. She is a hyper-carry. She’s aggressive and explosive and has all the AOE damage you can wish for in a Champion as small as her. Tristana’s basic attacks explode enemies she kills as part of her E’s passive. Let’s talk a bit about her E. 

Explosive Charge is what her third spell is called, and it is one of the most overpowered spells in the game. Tristana sets an explosive on a target enemy, including Turrets. It then ticks down for a duration and explodes for AOE damage. If Tristana attacks the target that Explosive Charge is activated on, the spell gets more powerful. This stacks up to 4 times for a maximum of 120% damage increase.

After using her Q and building some attack speed items, Tristana will be able to detonate her E instantly and deal obscene amounts of damage in AOE, likely killing at least one or two enemies. 

She also shreds Turrets with it, so she’s also a great pusher. Her passive gives her E, R, and basic attacks extra range per level, making her one of the farthest hitting Champions. Her R can knockback and stun multiple enemies at once, dealing massive magic damage. A lot of Tristana’s AOE and damage, in general, is hybrid, so she can safely be built even AP if you so wish. However, I wouldn’t recommend it, as her ADC form is much more powerful and will dominate team fights without breaking a sweat. 

3. Caitlyn

Caitlyn is one of the most challenging enemies to go up against on the Lane and off of it. There are many reasons why this might be, so let’s discuss. 

Caitlyn has some of the most extended range in the entire game. She can safely farm from a distance and poke without breaking a sweat. Her traps and her net only help to increase said range and even amplify damage. I look at Cait as an Assassin ADC, as she has that potential to one-shot enemies and embodies the role of a hunter with her traps. 

With her Q, Caitlyn has a great tool to do severe damage early on. You’ll deal the total damage if you aim it correctly and hit the Champion first rather than the minions. The spell’s damage falls off if it passes through an enemy, though it does expand in width. 

At any rate, Caitlyn is a safe and powerful pick that anyone can enjoy. Mastering her, however, is no easy task, and it will take a few games to get the hang of her. Once you do, though, you’re pretty much set for the rest of your ADC career, as Caitlyn never fails to be viable or strong.  

2. Vayne

Vayne is an old but straightforward Champion that has existed for as long as the game has. Simple but full of intricacies, she’s outright amazing. So, let’s discuss what makes her so fantastic. 

Vayne is one of the classic ADCs built upon the formula of hitting hard (hitting fast be damned). Of course, she will also get the speed as the game progresses and builds items, but her kit is solely based on her doing as much damage as possible. 

Her Q – bonus damage. Her W – bonus true damage. Her Ultimate – bonus damage. Need I go on? 

Our primary focus is the W when it comes to fighting tanks. Vayne will deal true damage based on the target’s max HP with every third attack. There’s also a minimum of true damage that she’ll do to less healthy opponents, making her just as strong against all enemy types. 

Against tanks, she only gets stronger as they get tankier. She’s the ultimate anti-thesis to tanks, and her game presence and viability increase alongside the tanks. Vayne becomes a damage-dealing goddess with the correct items and will shred every HP bar she sees. Tanks are her favorite target, but everyone fears Vayne’s snowball, not only tanks. 

As I’ve said at the start, she’s easy and simple. Everyone should give Vayne a try, especially on the Top Lane, as she is one of the best. I recommend her, and you’ll undoubtedly love her. 

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1. Jinx

Jinx was the star of the recently released anime Arcane. It was a massive success, spawning millions of new League of Legends fans across the globe. This has, consequentially, also given rise to Jinx’s popularity. With how Riot balances the game around what’s hot right now, Jinx was bound to appear in any ADC-mentioning list. 

Jinx’s Laning is strong and fast. Her short-range machine gun Q gives her a ton of attack speed and satisfying attack animation. She can use these two to easily and quickly farm up. Creeps can’t come sooner as Jinx will decimate them immediately, racking up a ton of gold and XP. This consistent ability to farm up eventually results in an advantage that Jinx can then use to dominate her opponents. 

Jinx is a Champion that, at first glance, might seem complex. However, she lacks any inherent difficulty in her kit. Though there are a couple of hard-to-hit skill shots, they’re not a determining factor in her performance. Learning how to land skill shots well is also an essential lesson in League, so it comes nicely as a bonus. 

I highly recommend giving her a shot the next time you’re on the Rift. 


League of Legends ADCs aren’t any easy role. They require a considerable APM, some insane brain capacity, and overall skill. However, some players want to make things easier, so they opt for simplistic picks. Thankfully, Riot offers many straightforward ADCs to choose from, with the top 7 being the easiest by far. Though some of them are difficult to master, they’re pieces that everyone can enjoy to the fullest, no matter their skill level. And hey, you can only improve from where you already are. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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