9 Easiest League of Legends Champions to Learn

Master Yi 9 Easiest League of Legends Champions to Learn

To date, there are a total of 153 League of Legends champions. These champions aren’t all created equally – while some are just downright difficult to play, others aren’t as difficult. If you’re a newcomer to LoL, we wouldn’t recommend jumping right on one of those complex champions. You’re better off sticking with an easy champion that lets you focus on learning the overall strategy of the game.

There are nine LoL champions that we feel would be great for newbies, and they’re not weak champions either. Each champion is easy to play, but at the same time, they’re also quite powerful. The champions aren’t just good for newcomers – there are many veteran League of Legends players that have been playing these champions for years. 

9. Darius

Darius Easiest League of Legends Champion to Learn LoL

First on our list, we have Darius, which surprisingly enough has been a beginner pick for top lane since he first came out back in 2012. He’s a great bully with his mighty strength: his slow, bleed, and snare work to set up his instakill ultimate wonderfully.

When Darius kills an enemy champion, his ultimate resets its cooldown, which transforms him into a real terror in a fight. With Darius, you don’t have to worry about his aim, which makes him an easy LoL champion to learn.

8. Master Yi

Master Yi 9 Easiest League of Legends Champions to Learn

The jungle is a pretty tricky role within itself to learn, but if you’re up for it, Master Yi would be a suitable option. Due to Alpha Strike and Meditate (his healing ability), he can quickly clear camps. Like most League Champions on this list, Master Yi doesn’t require aiming, so fighting is easy. Plus, he’s pretty good when it comes to ganking lanes, as long as the team’s laner has some CC.

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7. Wukong

Wukong Easiest League of Legends Champion to Learn LoL

In Wukong’s ability set, you’re not going to find any skillshots, and unlike many of the others, you won’t have to worry about kiting due to Wukong’s dash ability. With this champion, Decoy is going to be your friend – this is an excellent escape tool that you can use to initiate a fight, and his passive is a neet “tanky” surprise.

He has an AOE knock-out effect from his ultimate that can be a big helping hand.

6. Jinx

Jinx Easiest League of Legends Champion to Learn LoL

New carries have a hard time learning how to farm minions. However, Jinx has a minigun and rocket launcher combo that makes it possible to clear waves of minions quickly.

Her minigun has stacking attack speed, which makes her an excellent champion for taking down towers. Her ultimate ability, Super Mega Death Rocket, is going to take some practice, but once you have it down pat, Jinx will be able to get kills on an enemy that thinks they have escaped.

5. Amumu

Amumu Easiest League of Legends Champion to Learn LoL

Tanks are always a great choice for support, top, and the jungle because they don’t have a lot of skillshots to worry about, plus they can make it through a mistake or two. When thinking of jungle tanks in LoL, Amumu comes to mind, because he is one of the best tanks to choose for the jungle role.

With Despair and Tantrum, Amumu can deal a lot of damage to his enemies, while his Bandage Toss is excellent for either starting a team fight or ganking a lone enemy. When Amumu finds himself surrounded by enemies, he can use his Curse of the Sad Mummy – this will freeze all of the enemies and damage them.

4. Ashe

Ashe Easiest League of Legends Champion to Learn LoL

Ashe is a great ADC champion for newbies. With her Volley or auto attacks, she can slow her enemies so that her allies can get to them. Her ultimate has a stun that is an excellent alley-oop as well. With her Hawkshot, she can scout objectives or quickly spot the enemy jungler. Even when Ashe isn’t destroying enemies, she is a good helping hand to the team.

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3. Annie

Annie Easiest League of Legends Champion to Learn LoL

When we think of a good mid lane champion in LoL for beginners, Annie always pops up. Annie has an Ultimate that allows her to summon Tibbers – this is a giant teddy bear that smacks enemies around. She has a passive that allows her to stun her targets every four spell casts. By combining Tibbers with her stuns in the middle of a fight, she can damage every enemy all at one time. 

2. Leona

Leona Easiest League of Legends Champion to Learn LoL

Leona is a pretty tanky LoL champion, and she can also stun enemies, making her a big help to her allies. There are so many ways that Leona helps her team, so if you’re interested in playing the support role, go ahead and check Leona out.

Yes, there’s Blitzcrank, Nautilus, and Thresh, but this LoL champion is different because her initial ability is easier to land because minions or walls do not block it.

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1. Morgana

Morgana Easiest League of Legends Champion to Learn LoL

There are not many mages that can be played as either support or mid, and Morgana just so happens to be one of them. When Morgana lands a damaging spell, her passive heals her, and this makes it so that she can stay in lane for a more extended period of time.

When Morgana wants to clear packs of minions, she can use Tormented Soil, while Dark Binding’s root makes it easy for her teammate to get a kill. Meanwhile, Black Shield comes in handy for preventing deaths.


For those who have just started to play League of Legends, we encourage you to try out one of the nine champions from this list. Even if you have played LoL for years, if you have never had the opportunity to jump on one of these champions, you might want to give it a try.

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