Top 5 Easiest Mid Laners in Season 12

The mid lane is arguably the most important role in League of Legends. It’s the center of Summoner’s Rift and the first objective you want to secure for your team in every game. Because of that, mid-lane champions are often self-sufficient and powerful on their own. They need to protect their territory, deal damage, and crowd control the opponents.

Over the years, Riot Games have given us mid-lane champions of every possible playstyle. We have long-range mages, assassins, bruisers, tanks, and even enchanters! Some of them are really difficult to play and require years of experience and mastery. But some are simple and effective enough to carry you even to Challenger! So today, we’re talking about the top 5 easiest mid laners in season 12 of League of Legends!

Before we start, though, keep in mind that all the champions on our list require a bit of practice. If you’re a new player or simply new to mid lane, we highly recommend you to jump into the Practice tool and try them out first. Throw a couple of spells and buy a few items, just so you know what expects you once you enter ranked.

That said, let’s check the 5 easiest mid laners in LoL!

1. Lux

In the fifth place, we have Lux. Many of you may say that Lux isn’t an easy champion in League, and you’ll be totally right. Lux is a champion entirely composed of skill shots, and you must be good at aiming in order to succeed with her. However, Lux is also an extremely simple champion to understand!

First off, let’s break down Lux’s abilities. Her Q is a long-range root that applies to two targets; her W is an AoE shield; her E is an AoE damaging ability, and her R is a long-range spell that deals burst damage. 

You see how we emphasize the “long-range” component here? That’s because it’s essential for Lux to keep her distance and only fight from a safe spot. She is a squishy champion and can be taken down very quickly if she’s not careful! 

Next thing, let’s talk about how you should use your abilities as Lux. Typically, your laning phase should be relatively safe as long as you use your E to farm minions or poke your opponent. Your shield can be an effective tool to use when trading. And your Q is your best ability for locking down a target, especially when your jungler comes for help.

Once the laning phase is done and you have your ultimate ready, Lux’s ability combo shifts to Q > E > R > E. This is the optimal way to use your spells and perform the quickest and most brutal burst as Lux. So as long as you have this mastered, you’ll be able to carry games!

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2. Katarina

Katarina is another champion that can either be easy or difficult, depending on who you are. On the surface, she has simple mechanics that can be mastered in a short period of time. However, Katarina also requires focus and reflexes in all situations, so you can’t go fully AFK mode.

The key to succeeding as Katarina is understanding her passive. Voracity resets the cooldown of Katarina’s active abilities whenever she scores a kill or an assist. Additionally, Her E spell also has a reset mechanic that happens every time Katarina picks up a dagger from her Q or W spells. 

Not only does this makes her an impossible champion to get away from, but also a very safe pick too. Whenever the jungler comes to gank you, you can simply hop back to your ranged minions and reset the E with your W, so you have it ready again.

As Katarina, you should always seek the jungle skirmishes or the bot lane fights. Katarina excels at exploiting these chaotic situations by quickly slaying a target, getting her resets, then jumping onto the next targets. That is why team fights are extremely easy for Katarina and the reason why you see so many Katarina pentakills out there.

If you aren’t an assassin player but would like to main Katarina, it might be difficult for you to incorporate the playstyle in your own game. As for tips, you should play carefully before level 6 and then start ganking. There is no point for Katarina to guard the mid lane. Instead, she’s better at roaming, setting up ganks, and securing objectives!

If you do this right, Katarina is one of the easiest champions to carry games with in season 12!

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3. Veigar

Veigar is one of the most popular and most feared picks in League of Legends, especially the lower elos. The reason for this is that Veigar has a straightforward kit that everyone knows, so no one can really fail as Veigar.

Well, Veigar’s playstyle revolves around setting up his E – Event Horizon. This ability draws a circle on your screen, and all enemies that touch the walls of the ring are stunned for multiple seconds. During this time, you can activate all of Veigar’s abilities to quickly take an enemy down. 

Simply put, this is the Veigar combo you want to aim for in LoL: E > W > Q > R. And here is the reasoning behind it. You must use your E first to stun your opponent. Then you should use your W since the ability needs a second to land. And using your Q before your ultimate ensures that the target will be damaged enough so that the ulti can finish him. Veigar’s R does more damage to targets that have low HP, so remember that!

Another critical component to Veigar is his passive – Phenomenal Evil Power. This ability grants Veigar maximum Ability Power every time he slays a minion (with Q) or kills an enemy champion. It’s not difficult for Veigar to reach 700 or 800 AP in most games, which is definitely enough for eliminating even tanks from the game. 

Because of this, you want your early game to be focused on farming minions with your Q. It will significantly increase your power in the mid-game, so you can kill anyone and carry the game!

4. Annie

Annie is the most recommended mid-lane pick for new players and people that want to climb out of Iron, Bronze, or Silver. She is extremely powerful in solo queue and is relatively easy to play.

The most important thing to understand with Annie is her passive – Pyromania. After using four different spells, Pyromania will give your fifth spell a stun effect. It doesn’t matter which four abilities you use to power up Annie’s passive. You can either do four Qs in a row or two Qs, one W and one E. 

Once you have your Pyromania up, it’s time for action. Annie is the counter to nearly all melee picks in League of Legends and champions that have all-ins. 

For example, if we have the Zed vs. Annie matchup, it’s pretty easy for Annie to win it. Every time Zed goes for trade, Annie can pop her shield. She can also stack up her passive and threaten to stun Zed when he comes to farm the minions. And lastly, she can stun him immediately after Zed exits his own ultimate and appears next to her. This way, Annie can stop Zed’s combo by damaging him with her own combo.

There are only two moderately difficult things about playing Annie. The first is keeping track of your Pyromania stacks. And the second is the fact that calling Tibbers is actually a skill shot ability. It’s totally okay if you sometimes miss your ultimate. However, you should be mindful of your ultimate’s range!

Once you’ve practiced the basics with Annie, she is one of the easiest mid laners in season 12. Prepare your stun, Flash + Ulti, and GG!

5. Malzahar

And the easiest mid-lane champion that you can play in LoL is Malzahar. This is the best pick for anyone that doesn’t like complicated mechanics or unnecessary effects. Malzahar has everything you need to carry in League of Legends from mid lane. And he is so easy to play!

First off, Malzahar’s E is the center of his ability kit. This spell curses the target with a damage over time effect that lasts for a couple of seconds. But if the target dies, then the DoT jumps to the nearest target. For example, if you cast Malefic Visions on a ranged minion that’s about to die, then the spell will jump to the next ranged minion. This also works for champions if they’re the nearest enemy to the affected target.

Another thing to acknowledge here is the interaction between Malzahar’s E and Q. The Q – Call of the Void damages enemies in a thin line, AND it refreshes the duration of Malzahar’s E. This means that your DoT can last twice the period if you combine it with your Q.

But how can you use this to your advantage?

Well, with Malzahar, you can forget about last-hitting minions. Simply spread your damage by using E on a minion and then Q to refresh the duration. Position yourself in the side of the wave just so you can damage all minions with Call of the Void. This will give you an insane wave clearing speed. You’ll be able to shove the wave in a couple of seconds, then use your free time to gank and create plays elsewhere.

Malzahar’s R is the most potent crowd control in the game. You can either use it on ADCs or other carries to quickly eliminate them from the fight.

And that’s how you carry!

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If you’re wondering about which champion is the easiest and the best for carrying games in LoL, then the answer is Malzahar. True, all five of these champions are easy, and you can master them in a relatively short amount of time. However, Malzahar requires the least amount of time and energy to make him viable. He is highly effective in the current meta because he can stop any assassin with only one button!

There are more easy mid laners in League of Legends, but these take the first five spots! Champions like Malphite, Cho’Gath, Heimerdinger, or even Morgana can be good beginner-friendly picks that easily win team fights. But go with what you prefer and enjoy the most!


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