What is The Easiest Role in League of Legends?

League of legends is a very versatile game. There are over a hundred champions to play with and in various roles. There are lots of champions that are suited for multiple roles such as support, mid-laner, and jungler, etc. For example, Diana has been played as the mid-laner as well as the jungler. Similarly, some summoners have experimented with playing Ahri as support when she is primarily a mage assassin for the mid-lane.

Since there is so much diversity in the game, it is pertinent to ask which role is the easiest to play.

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1. Support

Let’s start with support. Is it the easiest champion to play with? You don’t have to try and take a lot of kills. There’s also a likelihood that enemies may not focus on you during team fights. You also don’t have to worry about having a high creep score. So it seems playing support is easy, right?

Wrong. Playing support takes a lot of skill and tactics. You have to position yourself in a way that ensures the AD-carry stays safe, manages to get a high creep-score, and gets some kills during the laning phase as well.

At the same time, you need to be on watch-out for enemies who fill focus the AD-carry. You have to harass them constantly to stay dominant during the laning phase. Even during team fights, the entire team depends on the support for initiating the team fight the right way. So playing support is not the easiest role to play.

2. AD Carry (ADC)

The team that has the stronger AD-carry more often than not ends up winning the game. A strong well-fed AD-carry can take down structures such as Turrets and inhibitors quickly. The AD-carry can also help win team fights by quickly killing the squishy damage dealers in the enemy team and also by taking down tanks. For example, Vayne does true damage with every third basic attack and is ideal for harassing tanks in team fights.

All of this responsibility on the AD-carry adds to the difficulty one must face while playing the AD-carry. Keeping a high creep score in the early game, getting kills, staying out of harm’s way because the enemy assassins are going to be focusing on you takes a lot of skill and tact. So it would seem playing ADC is not the easiest role to play in League of Legends either.

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3. Mid Laner

You have all of the mid-lane to yourself, but this lane also comes with its own challenges. You can be ganked from either side of the lane. So keeping a ward out is a must. You have to be there to help take the dragon if the bot-lane requires help and take the Rift Herald if the top-laner asks for help. The jungler is also likely to expect you to be there in case he gets stuck. And at times, the enemy top-laner or the enemy bot-lane will surprise you with a gank in mid-lane.

At the same time, you must have a high creep score and try to kill the enemy ADC as many times as possible. If you fall behind in mid-lane, the enemy mid-laner will snowball and destroy your bot-lane, pushing pressure on the top-lane and jungler. So the mid-lane is by no means the easiest role to play in League of Legends.

4. Jungler

By some accounts, the Jungler is probably the most difficult role to play. There are very few monsters in the jungle as compared with the lanes. You are always playing in the dark because the enemy jungler might be just around the corner and can pounce upon you at any moment. Furthermore, every lane in your team that falls slightly behind the enemy team will immediately call upon you to help. The mid-laner and the top-laner will demand ganks at level 3 when the game begins.

When the team is trying to take the Dragon or the Baron, everyone is looking at the jungler for smiting at the last moment to make sure the enemy team does not steal the objective. So playing jungler is not easy to play with. Period. However, the jungle can be very fun to play in, especially with some of these best off-meta jungle picks!

5. Top Laner

The top-laner is expected to be well-fed or at least to have a high CS during mid to late-game. This is because in team fights, the top-laner, which is either a fighter or a tank, is who initiates the team fights, protects the ADC from getting harassed, and engages the enemy tank as well. Hence, a strong well-fed top-laner is the guarantee for victory during team fights.

The top-laner is a frequent target for the enemy jungler in most matches. You can’t veer too far ahead in the lane without exposing yourself to a gank. You have to keep one eye on the Rift Herald as well. And help the mid-laner if required. So playing top-lane has its challenges.

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With a game as diverse as League of Legends, with hundreds of champions to play with and literally thousands of combinations to play them in, it’s very difficult to say for sure which role is the easiest to play in League of Legends. Each role has its own challenges and rewards. What’s easier for one player might be very difficult for another. As far as the question “Which role is the easiest to play in League of Legends?” is concerned, the answer is the role which you have the most fun playing.

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