7 Easiest Supports in League of Legends

The Support role in League of Legends is the most frustrating and challenging. It requires requiting the damage-dealing aspect, which is arguably the most fun. People that play Supports should be valued and respected exponentially more than any other role. 

With how challenging it is to play the role and even learn it, one should seek to make things as easy as possible. That’s where this article comes in. We’ve compiled the 7 Easiest Supports in League of Legends that should help you get started in the role.

The following seven are incredibly strong and don’t require much mechanical experience. Some of them even trespass against the role entirely, focusing more on carrying and doing damage – something that the new players might dig a lot. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

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7. Sona

Sona is a Champion often overshadowed by Seraphine, which is often considered her natural successor. However, Sona has retained her popularity and strength, peaking at the number one most popular Silver Support at the time of writing. It’s no doubt that Sona still has a purpose in the highly volatile League of Legends meta. 

Her Laning is standard and even a bit passive. She won’t do much to impact the Lane before her level 6. However, she does have a few aces up the sleeve that make Laning against her a chore. For example, she can consistently buff the mobility and damage of her ally ADC. If this Champion happens to be, say, Ezreal – you can already see the problem. 

Other than that, she has a damage source of her own. It deals damage substantial enough to harass the enemies effectively. She creates an effective danger zone, making it difficult for the opponents to farm and play. Due to her having no skill shots whatsoever (except for her Ultimate), she’s as easy as they get. 

Speaking of her Ultimate, it’s a fantastic AOE spell that stuns the enemies for a few seconds. When correctly used in a team fight, it can singlehandedly win the altercation. The damage is not that great, but the stun duration will help Sona’s team swipe their opponents up like it’s nothing. 

6. Soraka

Soraka is the most potent healer in League of Legends. She’s an Enchanter that can heal so much that sometimes you just want to quit the game. I can’t even recount how many times Soraka healed the enemy for a full health bar while I was fighting them. 

Building Anti-heal would solve this issue, or so you’d think. Her W heals substantially despite any grievous wounds effect you put on her allies. The balancing thing is that she has to take a chunk off her own health to give it to a friendly Champion. However, she can regain all that HP back with a simple cast of her Q. 

Soraka’s Ultimate is global and heals all of her allies instantly, giving her a constant map-wide presence that can be extremely hard to deal with. She even has CC that silences enemies in an area and even roots them if they stay in for too long. 

She is perhaps one of the rare Supports that you will focus on first, rather than the ADC. Having Soraka alive throughout the fight will mean certain death for you and your team, so be sure to take her out as soon as possible.

She is easy to get into, and I recommend you give her a try, despite my hatred towards her. 

5. Lulu

Like the other Enchanters mentioned above, Lulu is just a regular buffing Champion. Apart from that, Lulu does a lot of poking and harassing on the Lane, using her rather powerful passive and Q to get the most out of this. 

This means that you will mostly be at an HP disadvantage when facing a Lulu Lane, though this can be mitigated in various ways – one of which is just keeping your distance and laning safely. Lulu hits her utility spike at level 6 when she will have unlocked her strong Ultimate ability. 

Combined with a hyper carry, Lulu’s Ultimate can make them unkillable and turn them into a hyper tank. I’ve seen a lot of Master Yi and Yasuo players get buffed by this spell and proceed to win team fights single-handedly. It’s that good, and when timed correctly, it can impact the entire game. 

As I’ve said, Lulu is an Enchanter – she will heal, shield, and buff her allies. This is her core playstyle that you should get used to. Most Support Champions fin in this category, and I hope Riot keeps breaking the mold with further Champion releases. 

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4. Janna

Janna is a Champion notorious for her shields. Yes, I know I’ve said that Karma has the best shields, but Janna is more or less her equal. At times, I can even say that she’s better, if only because she can use it on towers. Janna also has the knack of buffing her allies with extra damage, apart from the shields. This goes insanely well with Ardent Censer.

The extra damage Janna has by default mixed with the Ardent Censer buff will substantially increase your offensiveness. Janna can become a true beast when paired with ADCs with quick and heavy attacks, such as Lucian. 

Janna can also heal her whole team, which will, in turn, buff them all with Ardent Censer. If the need arises, Janna can use her shields on structures to save them from being demolished. This is where Ardent Censer will have no effect, but that doesn’t mean she’s wasting a shield. Her allies will love her, and I love her too.

Be sure to give her a try since she is pretty strong despite seeming not to be. 

3. Leona

As long as Leona exists, she will be the number one in terms of Stuns. Everything, every single spell about this Champion is about stunning the opponent. Most of them are single targeted, but there’s some multi-target Stunning in there. I hate playing against Leona, and I’m not alone in that regard. You’ll often see Leona banned in the Champion Select screen, and for a good reason. 

Many Bot Lane players prefer a passive-aggressive playstyle during the Laning Phase. They’ll poke each other, focus on the farm and look for only the most secure opportunities to strike. With Leona, everything changes. She’s an aggressive Champion who can pin down and stun lock the enemy Laner forever. Her Q is a single targeted Stun, and it lasts forever. Her E is a skill shot, single target stun, and it too lasts forever. Her Ultimate is an AOE Stun/Slow. Enemies will be stunned for a solid duration in the very center of the spell, while those around will be slowed. 

You can see how much CC she packs in just three spells of her kit. She’s parasitic in her playstyle, meaning she will constantly stick to you using her E that you can rarely escape her without either Flashing or using a similar escape tool. Not everyone has such escape tools so baiting your Flash is her expertise. Leona can keep you Stun locked for multiple seconds, giving both her and her allies time to remove you from the fight. She’s one of the best Supports in the game and has been for quite some time. As I’ve said, as long as she exists, she will have her place on top of any CC/Support list. A simple, mighty, and impactful Champion – Leona truly is the Queen of Stuns. 

2. Veigar

Veigar is likely the strongest burst Mage ever to grace the Summoner’s Rift. This is literally all he does and can do – kill people. Forget everything you know about burst Mages or Champions in general with this crazed Yordle. No matter where he’s played, he manages to do enough and more – bending reality to his will and turning all odds into wins. 

I mean, he doesn’t even need to hit people to get bonus AP. 

With infinite scaling on his passive and abilities, Veigar can have over 1000 AP in a usual game. Every time he lands a spell on his opponent, he gets more AP, amplified through kills and farm. This grants Veigar so much snowballing potential that it’s unlocked almost immediately. By the time he gets any items, he won’t even need his Ultimate to kill effectively. His Q and W are all it takes for him to obliterate a Champion. 

He’s a Champion that rightfully lives in insane notoriety and infamy. Veigar can deal thousands of damage to any Champion with just a few button presses. Whether you’re a Tank, a squishy, or anything else – Veigar just doesn’t care. His Ultimate alone can deal 1500 or 2000 damage, which is enough to tell you how strong his bursting is. 

I highly recommend Veigar. He’s a Champion with which you cannot make mistakes. The margin of error is so insane that even a child could play him. In the right hands, he makes for a genuinely berserk Mage on the path of destruction. 

1. Brand

Brand is one of the most powerful AP Supports out there and just so happens to be a fantastic carry Champion. His kit revolves around doing percentage-based damage, which gives him great stats to begin with. This only grows as the game progresses, with Brand becoming more robust and able to obliterate health bars like there’s no tomorrow. 

Brand’s early game starts off well. All he needs is level 3, and he’s pretty much set until the mid-game. There’s a ton of damage in his kit, both AOE and single-target. He can harass the enemy ADC and Support, causing them to lose on a ton of farm, and likely even XP. His zoning skills are impeccable, and a good Brand player can make life a living hell for his opponents. 

He wouldn’t be on this list without a near-perfect late game. Brand becomes a fiery beast capable of literally blowing up his opponent’s HP. By employing the percentage-based damage mentioned above, Brand can shred through even the tankiest Champions. His team fighting potential is also worth noting, with his Ultimate being notoriously powerful in these situations. 

All in all, Brand lives up to his fame as a potent AP Support. His popularity is justified, and you should join in on the fun while it lasts. You never know when Riot is going to nerf a good Champion. 


The Support role is challenging. Choosing a more accessible tool for the job is perfectly fine and even advisable if you’re just starting out. Picking an insanely hard Champion right off the bat might deter you from playing the role entirely, which would be a shame. There are not enough Supports in the world currently, and each one that stays is worth so much. Thus, I would love to hear your Supporting experience down below and maybe devise an article to answer any lasting questions. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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