Top 7 Easiest Top Laners in League of Legends

The Top Lane is home to a wide variety of Champions. We’ve covered the Top Lane a lot in previous articles, one of those being the hardest Top Laners. To provide you with some easy counterparts, we’ve compiled this list. 

You’ll also notice that, despite the common misconception, this list will contain not only some slow, immobile brutes that like to bash people over the head. Some other Champion types are there, too, and we hope you’ll find the list interesting and helpful. 

Of course, though this is a list of the easiest Top Lane Champions, the list shouldn’t be overlooked by intermediate players. No, they should pay special attention to it as it will give them information on some strong but straightforward picks. 

So, with the introduction out of the way, let us begin with the 7 Easiest Top Laners in League of Legends.

 (Though some of these Champions can be compared with each other based on which one is better than the other – I’ll leave that up to you. The list is, therefore, in no particular order.)

7. Teemo

Teemo is widely considered the best Top Lane Champion in most divisions. He’s a dominant force that wins most if not all matchups he finds himself in, and a lot of that comes from how easy and simple he is. 

Teemo has no skill shots, which immediately would put him in consideration for this list. Skill shots are the primary reason some Champions are considered difficult, especially those with a high reliance on them. Teemo has no such issues and will rely on his basic attacks, trusty Q, and Mushrooms. 

The Mushrooms, though not exactly a skill shot, still require skill to use properly. This is perhaps the only thing about Teemo that truly needs mastering, as placing Shrooms in good positions can prove game-changing. 

During the Lane, Teemo is as simple as can be. He’ll utilize his strong basic attacks empowered by his passive E to harass and last hit. Teemo’s harassment can achieve such heights that the enemy Laner will have no options to farm or even get close. After level 6 this can become even worse for the opponent when he walks outside the Lane and finds a Shroom waiting for him. 

Teemo will likely be one of the first Champions most people learn in this game. He’s fun, agile, strong, and easy – all qualities fit for a newbie. However, in the hands of a seasoned player, Teemo can be turned into a war machine, and there is scarcely any Champion in this game more hated than he is.

I mean, hell, Riot even kept track of how many Teemos had died every day. 

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6. Jax

Of course, you cannot spell easy without Jax. I mean, you can, but you get the point. Whenever we talked about simpleness in any of our other articles, Jax came up as an example. He’s one of the oldest Champions in the game, part of the original 40, all of which are incredibly easy, simple, and fun to play. Well, apart from those that were reworked. 

Thankfully, Jax hasn’t been and likely won’t be soon. He’s my favorite Champion in the entire game. So favorite, in fact, that I only play him (with the occasional Gangplank). The reason for this is how laid back you can be when playing Jax. IT doesn’t take all of your brain cells to use a single combo – nor does it bore you to death until you hit a certain level, etc. 

From the moment you step on the Rift to the end of the game, Jax is fun, easy, and a great pick. He doesn’t ever have a weak moment during the game, especially as the game goes on – Jax becomes a wild, potent Bruiser that everyone on the Rift will fear. 

He has no skill shots. He has one point and clicks spell, and that’s it. Everything else is more or less a toggle. It is insane how borderline unintuitive Jax seems at first glance but hides behind that simple look a complex and strong Champion that I never saw in any other example. 

Though Teemo might be considered the best, and Jax be considered B tier, I think he’s better than Teemo in many ways. Yes, I said that I wouldn’t compare the Champions but bear with me. 

Jax has the biggest snowball potential in the entire game, rivaled only by the likes of Vayne or Riven. Both of which Jax can easily beat in a 1v1 at full build. I highly recommend you play him, learn him and even play him so much that you call yourself a master. No Champion will give you as much satisfaction as this Champ will. 

5. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is the only Champion in the game that I believe is similar to Jax in terms of how his kit works. However, one thing makes him absolutely amazing for new players who are usually reckless when playing the Top Lane. 

Everything about Tryndamere is simple. There’s one skill shot that’s not even a real skill shot on his E, and apart from that, everything is a simple press and it works spell. However, the real deal about how easy Tryndamere can get is his Ultimate which makes him immortal for 5 entire seconds, allowing for some juicy tower dives. 

New players on the Lane will often dive even when they shouldn’t, and only the ones playing Tryndamere will come out of those endeavors alive and/or with a kill. This sole spell gives Tryndamere some insane potential for new players and seasoned ones alike, although it does turn them into very aggressive players if they get too used to him. 

Recently, Tryndamere has witnessed a surge in pick rate both on the Top Lane and Mid Lane, believe it or not. Though simple, he has many more complexities and mechanics hiding behind his kit than Jax does or some others on this list. There is not a small number of compilations of Trynda wreaking havoc upon enemy teams, and for a good reason. 

He’s an old Champion, and that tells you all you need to know. I recommend you try him out, but don’t pick him into a Teemo matchup, please. 

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4. Vayne

Vayne is our second and last ranged Champion on this list. I often mention her as one of the best Top Laners in the entire game (certainly among ranged ones). I believe that her Marksman nature has had her wander into the Bot Lane, but that Top is her true home. 

Since most Champions on Top are melee, immobile, and likely a Tank, Vayne is their direct counter. There is nothing special in her kit, and though other ADC’s kits may focus on attack speed – Vayne’s focuses on pure damage. 

Her Q gives her damage, her W gives her damage, and her Ultimate gives her damage. Everything about Vayne is hitting hard, and her items will take care of the fast part. 

Vayne’s W makes every third attack against an enemy deal true damage based on max HP. You can already figure why she’s strong against most Top Lane matchups. I’ve named Vayne one of the best anti-Tank ADCs in the game, and there’s no arguing against that. 

Apart from that, she’s ranged – that itself gives her a ton of advantage. Vayne can pick up any item and rune in the world and still manage to win against most melee matchups out there. It’s insane how advantageous ranged Champions are on the Top Lane, making the Lane a nightmare for most Bruisers. 

I recommend Vayne due to how fun she is and how good she can be for new players to learn the Marksman/ADC role. Playing solo with an ADC on Top can isolate everything about the role, putting you in the best circumstances to learn all the individual intricacies of the role. 

3. Malphite

Malphite is a literal boulder. That’s it. But, in all seriousness, it is incredible how simple this Champion is – I guess Riot really wanted to keep him lore-friendly. 

Malphite’s only spell that requires any aim is his Ultimate, one of the best spells in the game. It alone makes Malphite one of the best team fighters in general, and landing a good Malphite Ultimate can singlehandedly win fights. 

He’s great for players starting in the Top Lane and the Tank role. He’s a brute that doesn’t need to build any spell amplifying items but rather can focus on tanking as much as possible. It is even emphasized, honestly. 

Having a super-tanky Malphite is great for any team. His base damage is amazing and scales well per level. All four of his spells will have substantial damage when he upgrades them to level 5 (3 for the Ultimate). He can more or less one-shot any Laner that crosses his path, despite not building AP. 

There’s not much to be said about Malph. He’ll Lane for some time until everyone starts grouping and follow suit. Picking up Teleport can help him achieve some map presence early on, and that’s a good thing to do with him. 

However, keeping to yourself until the early-mid game would be best as you’ll come into the fight prepared and tanky, with a lot of spells and menace on your person. 

2. Garen

Did I say Jax was the simplest here? No, I meant Garen. This Champion is one of the most popular picks on the Top Lane and is likely the first Champion everyone played in their League career. He’s League’s poster boy, next to Lux, which tells you a lot about his popularity in the game. 

Most of this popularity comes from the fact that he is the borderline easiest Champion to play in League of Legends. That’s not just my opinion; it is a widespread opinion in the community. And that’s not exactly a good thing since he is so strong that there’s been a serious number of games that Garen played the carry. 

Ignite/Flash and Ignite/Ghost Garen have become a menace on the Top Lane. It’s insane how hard it can be to fight against him and how quickly he can obliterate you in two simple spells. His Ultimate is a point and click execute, similar to the following entry on this list. However, it has a threshold and will kill everyone below a certain amount of HP.

As the game progresses, this amount becomes obscene, with Garen eviscerating people at half HP with a single button press. He’s definitely one of the best Top Lane picks at the moment and has been for years now. The sheer number of builds that have come up in the meantime for a Champion as simple as this speaks volumes of the nature of this game. 

I recommend him highly for those playing the game for the first time and those who’ve been in the game for years. He’s that good and will remain so for the foreseeable future. 

1. Darius

Last but not least, we have the Noxian warmongering commander – Darius. He’s the biggest melee Lane bully on this list, and I’ve even included him on our lane bullies list, so check it out for more details on that aspect. 

Darius has some of the most serious base damage from level 1 to the late game. Early on, and especially post level 3, Darius applies insane pressure on any matchup he finds himself in and is sometimes impossible to Lane against. However, that much is only true for lower elos, as Darius loses his notoriety as you progress past Gold. 

Darius, Illaoi, and Jayce are the three Champions most people will lose to when starting in the Top Lane. Darius is likely the strongest of the three, and that’s due to the lack of understanding low elo and new players have of the game. 

Facing Darius and even playing him will teach you the fundamentals of trading, farming, slow pushing, shoving, etc. He’s a great learning tool, and though he may be a bit more complex than the others on the list – he’s also more powerful. 

I recommend Darius to newer Top Lane players but only those who know the game, and leave Garen and Teemo as the picks for total noobs. 

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As we can see, the Top Lane is a treasure trove of Champions – all types, classes, and roles can play on the Lane. Though it has a reputation of being a 1v1 Lane, there’s a lot more to it – which this list, in some capacity, shows. Breaking stigmas and teaching you the true nature of League of Legends is our goal at LeagueFeed, so I hope this list helped you gain some insight. 

These lists take time and effort to make, so leave feedback to help us improve them. Keep a keen eye out on our website for more League of Legends-related content such as guides, lists, and articles.

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