(Quick Guide) All Elementalist Lux Combos in Season 12

(Quick Guide) All Elementalist Lux Combos in Season 12

Elementalist Lux is arguably the most unique skin in League of Legends. Not only does Elementalist Lux have 10 different combos, but all of them feel like stand-alone skins. And ever since its release back in 2019, fans have gone crazy about it. Whether it’s by paying the actual price or praying to the RNG Gods to loot it from a chest, everyone wants to have it!

But what’s the best part about this skin?

You can do the Elementalist Lux skin combinations while in-game! This is such an amazing feature that was lacking in the previous skins of this category. True, Elementalist Lux isn’t the only skin nowadays that can change its forms while in a matchup, but it’s certainly the most noticeable one. For example, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune has 4 different recolors that she can swap to when she is in the base. But Elementalist Lux can do that on the go!

So let’s see each of the Elementalist Lux skin combinations and analyze them further!

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How Do You Evolve the Elementalist Lux Skin?

If you’ve never played with this skin before and you aren’t sure how it works exactly, you have nothing to worry about. All you need to do is deal damage to upgrade your elemental forms

Every match as Elementalist Lux starts with the basic white-colored skin. This is your Light form. But as the game goes on and you deal damage to your opponents, your elemental power grows. If you want to check how much elemental power you currently have, simply hover your mouse over the symbol above the champion’s portrait. 

Once you reach 100% elemental power, you can choose one of the four basic elements. And upon changing your skin the first time, your elemental power will reset and the process will start anew.

Elementalist Lux – Elements

To do any of the Elementalist Lux combos in League of Legends, you’ll first need to play the match as one of the four elements. All of these elements transform the way Lux looks in-game. They’re pretty unique, so make sure to try them all out.

  • Air
  • Fire 
  • Water
  • Nature

Elementalist Lux – Combos

(Quick Guide) All Elementalist Lux Combos in Season 12
Source: Reddit

Not only do the Elementalist Lux combos grant new looks to the champion, but her abilities as well. Keep in mind that some of these are completely different than the basic skin, so you might need some time to adjust to them. However, the animations, designs, and coloring of every combination are amazing!

  • Air + Fire = Storm
  • Air + Water = Ice
  • Air + Nature = Dark
  • Fire + Air = Storm
  • Fire + Water = Dark
  • Fire + Nature = Magma
  • Water + Air = Ice
  • Water + Fire = Dark
  • Water + Nature = Mystic
  • Nature + Air = Dark
  • Nature + Fire = Magma
  • Nature + Water = Mystic

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Can You Play As All 10 Forms in One Game?

Unfortunately, no.

Elementalist Lux can give you a total of 2 skin changes per game. You can use the first one to choose an element and the second one to combine it with another element.

Once you choose your final elemental combination, you cannot change the looks of your skin again until the next game.

How Much Does Elementalist Lux Cost?

Elementalist skin is an ultimate edition skin. And like any other ultimate skin in League of Legends, it costs 3250 RP. In terms of actual money, the skin costs around $30. This means that if you have 0 RP on your account and want to purchase Elementalist Lux, you’ll need to buy the 4550 RP package for $35.

It’s worth noting that when the skin first released, there was also a Master Edition. This offer is no longer available, but it was originally priced at 3950 RP. With the Master Edition, the player received all the Elementalist Lux combos icons, including an Elementalist Ward skin.

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Elementalist Lux is, without a doubt, one of the best skins in the entire League of Legends. Even though we have received many new skin lines and themes since then, nothing can really beat this one. The fact that Elementalist lux has 10 unique combinations and that the player can change them while in-game is simply incredible. And Riot Games should definitely expand on it in the future!

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