Is Elise AP or AD? – Everything You Need To Know

Is Elise AP or AD? - Everything You Need To Know

Elise is a unique champion in the game League of Legends. She has more than one form and different abilities for each form as well. Furthermore, the human form is ranged while the spider form is melee. It can be confusing to understand such a champion and what items you need to make on it.

To start thinking of a build path, you first need to know if the champion is AP, AD, or a tank. Elise is an ability power or AP champion. To optimize the usage of such champions, items that increase their ability power are ideal.

It can be perplexing to figure out how to play this champion. This is because of the different forms and the additional spells available for use. It is imperative to know how to use the spells and in what order. It is also crucial to be aware of how to maximize your damage.

Of course, that is not the only thing you need to be mindful of before trying to master the champion. You also need to know the build and item paths for using Elise to the highest potential.


For the primary rune page, Elise works best with the Domination rune page. This is because the keystones of this page are the most ideal for her. You have a choice between “Electrocute” and “Dark Harvest”. Both of these have the same intended purpose of giving you more damage.

Whichever keystone you end up choosing, the rest of the rune page is more or less similar. You will take “Cheap Shot”, and “Eyeball Collection” and complete the page with “Relentless Hunter”. “Treasure Hunter” is also an option but it is more optimal to go for the movement speed increase from Relentless Hunter.

The secondary rune page is where you have a choice between the Sorcery and Precision pages. In the Sorcery page, you will take the “Nimbus Cloak” coupled with “Waterwalking”. While the Precision page offers you “Triumph” and “Coup De Grace”.

The difference between these rune pages essentially lies in what you want from the page. The Sorcery page is focused on providing utility such as movement speed. The Precision page is much more combat-oriented.

Starting and Early Game Items

Starting and Early Game Items

The starting item for any jungler is the jungle item. These items not only give you bonus experience from jungle camps but also enhance your smite based on which item you bought. On Elise, the “Hailblade” or as it is commonly known the “Blue Smite” item is preferred.

Moving on to the early game items, “Dark Seal” is a frequently bought item on the champion. This is a low-cost and decent value item for the early game. Moreover, if your game goes well and you manage to get a lot of takedowns on enemy champions, the Dark Seal stacks up to be extremely powerful.

Buying early “Sorceror’s Boost” is also a common theme among Elise players. The reasons are quite simple and straightforward. The magic penetration from the boots is really useful in giving an instantaneous damage boost. The movement speed also helps you move around the map much faster.

You can also buy an “Oblivion Orb” if you feel the need to mitigate the enemy’s healing. If you do not wish to go into these early game options, then you should start building towards your mythic item.

Build Path

Build Path

Elise has a general build path that you can follow in nearly every game and against any team. The mythic item is most often the “Night Harvester”. There are a few players who prefer “Hextech Rocketbelt” for the gap close potential but the Harvester is an overwhelming favorite.

The second item is most likely either a “Shadowflame” or the “Zhonya’s Hourglass”. Shadowflame is better to deal with shields or when the enemy team does not have any tanks or bruisers that you need to worry about. The Hourglass is much more effective in dealing with bruiser champions.

For the third item, you can change it up according to the requirements of the game. “Morellonomicon” is ideal for providing anti-heal if needed. “Void Staff” is made against tanky teams or when there is a lot of magic resistance being made. However, in a lot of games, you will end up making Shadowflame as well as Hourglass as your second and third items.

For the last two items, there are a plethora of choices. “Rabadon’s Deathcap” is one of the most optimum options. If you have not bought the Void Staff already then that will most likely be the last item. For the last item, you just round off your build with the most useful AP item for the situation.

Usage of Abilities

Usage of Abilities

Elise ideally wants to start the fight by stunning the enemy with “Cocoon”. While the enemy is stunned you use your human form spells and quickly change to the spider form for a more close-quarter combat play style.

The reason for using the human form spells first is also because the “Neurotoxin” does damage based on how high the target’s health is. The “Volatile Spiderling” also hits an immobile stunned target much more easily and quickly.

The spider form is also better suited for brawling with enemies. This is because not only are you healed for a portion of the damage you do in this form but your basic attacks do bonus magic damage. Also, the summoned spiderlings attack the target and you just end up doing a lot of DPS while healing yourself.

“Rappel” can be used to get close to the target or to get away from enemies. “Venomous Bite” increases in damage based on the target’s missing health. This is why it is optimum to use the human form damage first. You can maximize your damage output by using abilities in this order.



Elise has a very fast-paced and high-impact early-game playstyle. You need to have as much impact as possible in the early game. This is because in the early game the champion is very strong. You need to make use of this advantage as much as possible so it carries forward to the later stages of the game.

As we know, Elise is a jungle champion. As a jungler, you have the best possible chance at having an early game impact due to the nature of the role. Junglers can help their lanes not only in tough matchups but can also snowball an already winning lane.

One of the reasons why early boots are so good on this champion is because it is a jungler. The early boots buy allows you to move over the map much faster and help your teammates. This is not something many other junglers in the game like to do. It can give you an advantage in tempo.

Elise has a lot of single target-focused damage. You should keep this in mind when choosing lanes to gank. It is easiest to gank the lane where your laner already has single target damage to stack it on top of yours and finish the enemy. The Venomous Bite is a useful tool in securing objectives since you can add the missing health damage on top of the smite.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

That pretty much sums up all you need to know about Elise in a concise and to-the-point guide. There are obviously many more nuances of the champion that you can only learn and understand as you play the champion and gain experience on it.

An important thing to note is that this is a very high-skill ceiling champion. There are several reasons for this but the main reason is that Elise is a very high-tempo champion. You have to constantly be looking for plays and ways to push your lead.

This is because Elise gets out-scaled by a lot of champions and most bruisers. To counteract this scaling problem, you try to get advantages in the early game and get your team ahead.

The other reason for the champion requiring high skill is the Cocoon. Elise relies very heavily on this spell. Nearly all ganks that the champion attempts are dependent on this skill shot landing on the enemy. More often than not, if you miss the Cocoon the gank does not work.

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