Is Elo Boosting Illegal in League of Legends?

Is Elo Boosting Illegal in League of Legends?

It’s common knowledge that whenever there is a sport, there are bound to be cheaters in that sport. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about athletic sports or video games, this rule applies everywhere.

League of Legends is no exception to the rule since it is one of the most played online games in the world. However, traditional cheating in League has not been a common sight for a long time, let me explain;

It’s rare to see a player installing some software to cheat or script in League of Legends, and the reason for that is simple: At this point, Riot’s banning mechanism has become so advanced that cheating on an account by using some sort of cheat software is not sustainable in the long term.


“Where there is a will, there is a way”

-Merriam Webster

When players are not good enough to rank up their accounts, or they don’t have enough time to spend on League, they resort to Elo Boosting. Elo Boosting is a strategy where a more experienced player takes control of your account to win games and rank up your account.

This article is written to inform you of all the ins and outs of Elo Boosting in League of Legends.

So without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

What is Elo Boosting?

What is Elo Boosting?

As previously said, Elo Boosting is a strategy where a more experienced League of Legends player takes control of your account to win games and rank up that account. That “experienced League of Legends player” could be your friend or someone you paid money to.

This strategy is used by countless numbers of players in League. It is one of the most common and easiest ways to cheat in League of Legends. In fact, Dopamine who is one of the most prominent Elo Boosters in League of Legends says that “almost 20% of all the accounts in the NA region are Elo Boosted”.

This statement from Dopamine starts to hold its weight when you google the term “League Elo Boosting”. The number of websites that show up from that search is a clear indicator of how big this industry is.

P.S Dopamine made this statement in a DongHuap video titled “League of Documentary – The Harsh Reality of Eloboosters


What is Duo Boosting?

Duo Boosting means when a more experienced player uses his/her smurf account to play Duo Queue with you. Just like Elo Boosting, this is also done to help you rank up your League account.

Unlike Elo Boosting, the chances of getting banned by Duo Boosting are zero. With this method, Riot Games have no way to prove that your account has been boosted. In Riot’s eyes, you have been playing with a League friend who just happens to be carrying you. However, if you go around telling people that you were Duo Boosted and someone ticket reports your conversation, you will likely get banned.

What is Loss Spree Queue?

Loss Spree Queue/Loser’s Queue occurs when Riot detects “suspicious activity” on your account and deliberately puts you on the losing team, let me explain;

A booster’s main job is to win lots of games and put you in high MMR. After that, if you play on your account and underperform by losing multiple games in a row, Riot Games think that you’re boosted and they put you in a Loss Spree Queue.

Loss Spree Queue was considered a myth for a long time. However, a lot of experts and streamers like Hashinshin believe that it is very much real and not a myth at all.

How to get out of Loss Spree Queue?

Getting out of a Loss Spree Queue is quite simple. You just have to prove your worth to Riot and win a couple of games in a row. However, this might be easier said than done if your account is boosted and you’re not up to par with that rank of players.

Why is Elo Boosting Illegal?


It is illegal because it creates an unfair environment for everyone playing with you. This happens because when you are being boosted, the booster is smurfing on his teammates which is not fair to the Low-Elo players trying to play and have a good time.

It is also unfair because when you get your account back after being boosted, you are not at the skill level that the other players in your games are. This will very likely result in you losing your game and your entire team losing LP.

It is also illegal because, in Riot’s eyes, you do not deserve to be ranked among the top-tier players in the game unless you have worked hard for it yourself.

Is Elo Boosting a Bannable Offense?

The short answer is yes. However, the likelihood of getting banned from Elo Boosting is close to zero. The websites offering these services have become so smart that it has become hard for Riot to keep track of all the boosted accounts.

For example, If you are someone who plays with their Flash set to the “D” key, your booster would also play with their Flash on the “D” key, whether he/she is comfortable with that or not. It’s little things like these that make these websites so top-notch.

Almost all Elo Boosting websites provide VPN support as well. They set their VPN to the country you live in to make sure nothing seems off to Riot. They also use the “appear offline” on your League client to make sure that your friends don’t get the wind of what the booster is currently doing.

All of these services combined, ensure that you never get banned.

Is Elo Boosting Profitable?

Let me be honest here, Elo boosting will not make you a millionaire. In fact, even if you’re one of the best Elo Boosters on the market, you would still be making less than the minimum wage. So, what’s the incentive for becoming an Elo Booster you might ask?

Most of these Elo Boosters are from European countries where the average salaries are about $1500 to $2000. These Elo Boosters can make that amount of money from the comfort of their homes while playing video games. This is the reason why this industry is so popular in the League community.


However, let us clarify that the only people making $1500 to $2000 are the ones who make it their profession and work very hard for it. And before you think this is an easy job, let us remind you that playing League itself is not pressuring. However, when you play League to earn money, it puts a lot of pressure on your mind to win, which can also affect your “mental”.

Criteria to become an Elo Booster

In the research of this topic, we contacted the customer support of dozens of these Elo Boosting websites. The most common requirement to become an Elo Booster (as we were told by these websites) is at least Masters 0 LP.

However, there was one website called BoostRoyal, they told us that they only hire Challenger players. The criteria for becoming an Elo Booster for BoostRoyal (according to their customer support) is Challenger Top 100 for NA and Challenger Top 50 for EUWest. Below is the conversation we had with their representative:Criteria to become an Elo Booster

You can apply for becoming an Elo Booster for BoostRoyal here.

P.S: We are not paid to promote any business or website. We are just showing the results of our research on Elo Boosting.


Elo Boosting is one of the easiest ways to rank up your League account if you have the cash to spend. Plus the chances of getting banned from this are almost zero, however, we suggest that you take professional coaching instead of Elo boosting because it will really help you grow as a player.

If you’ve liked what you have just read or if you have any questions in your mind, drop a comment below and let us know.

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