How To Use Emojis in The League Client Chat

How To Use Emojis in The League Client Chat

Riot Games released patch 9.23 in November 2019 with many core updates and features. The pre-season update saw rebalances of elements, items and runes, skin, the fixing of client issues, and changes to champions. The patch release was the period of improvement for Riot Games as it addressed many client errors.

Hidden among the features was the introduction of emoticons to Riot Games, including League of Legends. This means a player could express their emotions using emojis like those supported on the smaller screen.

Emojis were not usable on older operating systems like Windows XP. The feature became possible with the introduction and the rise in the use of newer operating systems. Anyone can now send funny faces, kisses, smiling faces or crying, sad or angry faces. 

You can share your feelings and emotions easily with other gamers. All you have to do to make the emoji option pop up is to follow this simple set of instructions:

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How to open the emoji keyboard on Windows

  • Click the Windows logo key and semicolon key simultaneously to get the emoji keyboard on your screen.
  • Or, press the Windows logo key and full stop keys at the same time. 
  • An emoji keyboard pops up on the screen.
  • Search through the available options and select any emoji using the arrow keys or a mouse.
  • Click on any emoji to enter it in the chatbox.

Use the Touch Keyboard

Windows 10 and 8 have the touch keyboard feature. You will find the option under the toolbar menu. Select the option and add it to your taskbar. When you need to use an emoji, you can press the smiley icon located on the lower-left portion of the on-screen keyboard. Several options will pop up with different categories. 

Scroll through the options and select any emoji of your choice. You can add the keyboard option to your taskbar before you start gaming so that you can easily open it when you use the chatbox.

The Copy-Paste method

If you are facing difficulty opening an emoji keyboard, you can opt to copy an emoji from the internet directly and paste it into the game, and then press Enter. You can choose from a host of good emoji sites to pick the most suitable emoji to send in the client’s chat. 

And you can find interesting emoji options that are made explicitly for League of Legends. This method also works for those keyboards that do not have shortcut configurations.

You have found out how to open the emoji tab. Now, all you need to do is enter League of Legends, and when you need to chat with your fellow teammates or friends, open the chatbox, add an expressive emoji to your chat and, continue carrying on with your game.

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Emojis- an important part of online communication

In 2010, developers started encoding emojis in their Unicode fonts with the release of Unicode version 6.0. Their introduction made the chatting world a whole lot more expressive. The use of emojis on smartphones is a common scene, and their bigger counterparts are fast catching up. 

Emojis have quickly become an integral part of the social media platform. And the gaming world of League of Legends has waited patiently enough for the inclusion of emojis in chats, though before, the emote system was already available for this gaming world. 

The emote is also an expressive element where gamers can express their happy or angry emotions to teammates or distract opponents. Still, the traditional emoji icons were hugely wanted in the Riot Games.

The enabling of emojis on the client’s chat wasn’t a piece of big news at the time of the patch’s release as other major changes and fixes took the limelight. But, with the feature enabled, you can now express a whole range of emotions like you would while chatting on social media on your smartphone because, why not! 

When you are gaming with all your mind in it, you would want to express your victories, your frustrations, and your appreciation. And besides, it’s a great way to boost team morale during events and leagues.


Now that you are in on the emoji feature available to clients, you can use the feature to cheer your team on, garner their interest and attention, and boost gaming experiences. Or, you can break your opponent’s concentration. 

Add a fun dimension to your chats with other gamers as you battle opponents, win and probably lose some matches and fight your way through tough situations.

Happy gaming! And, happy expressing!

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