Top 7 Best Enchanters in League of Legends

Best Enchanters League of Legends Guide

Enchanters are champions that provide utility for their team in the form of shields or heals. They can save their allies, support their team, and damage the enemy as well. While their damage isn’t all that much, it is enough to either slow down the enemy or help your team to kill them. That is why this guide will take a look at the top 7 best enchanters in League of Legends.

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Here are the top 7 best enchanters in League of Legends:

  • Lulu
  • Yuumi
  • Karma
  • Seraphine
  • Taric
  • Nami
  • Janna

There are other enchanters as well but the ones mentioned on this list are doing superb and have a high win rate as well. If you are looking for good enchanters to main or just to try out, give these champions a chance and you will certainly like them. Without further ado, let’s get started and take a look at the top 7 best enchanters in League of Legends.


Best Enchanter Lulu League of LegendsStarting off with one of the best enchanters in the game that is doing great right now, Lulu. She is a cute little Yordle that can peel her team a lot. Not only can she give tons of shields to her team, but she can also give attack speed and HP to them as well. Plus, she can even polymorph the enemy so that they cannot attack or use their abilities during that time.

Her Q allows her to fire a short spell that deals damage and slows all enemies hit by it. You can use this to poke the enemy or slow them while your team is chasing them to make it easier to get a kill.

Her W has two uses depending on who you use it on. If you use this on an ally, they will gain attack speed and movement speed for a short duration. This is useful if you want them to run away or gain attack speed to damage the enemy. On the other hand, if you use this on an enemy, they will be polymorphed and turn into a random small critter. This forces them to walk around slowly for a short duration, and they cannot do anything during that.

Her E gives her allies a strong shield that blocks all incoming damage. Use this to peel for your allies and allow them to survive the fight. Alternatively, you can use this on an enemy to mark them and deal a bit of damage. If you use your Q after this, any target that is affected by your E will also fire the spell.

Lulu’s R can only be used on your allies or yourself. Whoever you target it on will become large and gain a lot of HP and other stats as well. This allows you to save your ADC from getting one shot by the enemy assassin or any other champion. Plus, it also knocks up anyone around the target that is affected by your R.


Best Enchanter Yuumi League of LegendsYuumi is a cute cat that can provide tons of utility and support for her team. Contrary to her looks, she is quite dangerous and will certainly carry games thanks to her amazing healing and poking potential. You can save your carry and cause them to perform better by giving them additional stats and movement speed as well.

Her Q allows her to fire a projectile in front of her in a straight line. It damages the first enemy it hits. However, if it flies for a few seconds, it will become larger in size and slow the enemy alongside damaging it. If you use this while you are attached to your ally, you can control this projectile.

Her W allows her to attach to an ally to give them bonus stats. Yuumi becomes untargetable and she can safely use her spells and wards by staying attached to her ally. In the lane, you will use this on your ADC but later on, you can attach to the champion that you think has the most potential to carry the game.

Her E heals the ally that you are attached to and gives them bonus movement speed as well. This heal is quite nice and saves your allies from sticky situations. If you are on your own, your E will heal you instead.

Her R lets Yuumi open her magical book and fire a few spells in front of her. If an enemy champion is hit by three of these spells, they will get rooted for a few seconds. You can move around while using your R and attach to different allies as well.


Best Enchanter Karma League of LegendsKarma is a pure support champion that surprisingly works in other lanes as well. She deals a good amount of damage thanks to her AP scaling and her abilities. On top of that, she has tons of utility that will make it almost impossible to kill your team. Her Q fires a project that damages anything it hits. If she empowers it with her R, she can enhance the damage and make a small area underneath the projectile that explodes after a second, dealing more damage.

Her W is a chain that attaches to any enemy unit. It roots the enemy after a brief period. However, what makes her a strong top lane is that she can empower her W with her R and heal a lot when she chains any enemy champion. This is a point-and-click ability so there is no way that you can miss it.

Her E is what makes her great support. She can shield any ally champion by simply clicking on them. The shield itself is quite strong but it also gives additional movement speed to the target as well. On top of that, if you empower this with your R, you will give all your allies in an area the shield and movement speed. This is a great ability to use in teamfights to save your allies.


Best Enchanter Seraphine League of LegendsFor me, Seraphine is one of the most annoying champions due to a number of reasons. However, I cannot deny that she is performing really well right now and you should definitely play her if you want to climb the ranked ladder.

Her Q fires a small musical note that explodes in the area that you target. The explosion has a very small radius where it damages all enemies. If she is empowered, she will launch two notes instead of one.

Her W allows you to shield all your allies around you. When empowered, you will shield and heal them as well. This is a great ability to use during teamfights or when your allies are getting attacked. You will save them from a lot of potential deaths.

He E fires a projectile in front of her that slows any enemy that is hit by it. If you use it when you are empowered, you will fire two projectiles. The first one will slow and the second one will root the enemies.

Finally, her R allows Seraphine to sing and launch a wave in front of her. This wave deals damage and will charm all enemies and force them to start walking towards Seraphine. The more enemies it passes through, the longer the wave will go.


Best Enchanter Taric League of LegendsWhen it comes to enchanters, most players ignore Taric since they don’t consider him to be a part of enchanters. However, he is one of the best supports if you know how to use him. Taric can completely change the teamfights and save his allies from dying on multiple occasions.

Taric’s Q allows him to heal himself and any ally that he has attached his gems to. This is a great ability to protect your allies that are in danger during a fight. The enemy will have to attack a lot more to kill you or your ally thanks to his ability.

His W allows you to attach your gems to any ally and give them additional armor. Plus, you can heal them with your Q and use your stun with your E from their location as well.

His E allows him to stun any enemies in front of him thanks to the power of his gems. If he has his W on one of his allies, Taric and the ally both will stun enemies in front of them. You can use this to either catch enemies off guard or stun them in fights.

Taric’s R is a great ability that can change the entire teamfight. He starts calling down the stars on himself and the ally that his gems are attached to. After a few seconds, he and his ally become invulnerable to all damage. On top of that, if the rest of your allies are standing within the radius of this spell, they will also gain this effect as well. Use this during a teamfight and your team will not take damage for a few seconds.


Best Enchanter Nami League of LegendsNami is one of the best enchanters right now. She can not only peel for her allies thanks to her CC but also heal them and grant them attack and movement speed. All of her abilities are quite strong and can help your team in one way or another.

Her Q allows her to throw a large bubble in an area. If it hits an enemy, they will be stunned and get knocked up in the air for a second or two. You can use this to stop the enemy from chasing you or just stun them while your ally kills them,

Her W allows you to heal yourself or your allies. You can even use this to damage the enemy champions if they are standing close to you. The water will bounce between the enemy and the ally when you cast this spell.

Nami’s E allows her to give herself or her ally bonus movement speed and empowered auto attacks for a short while. These auto attacks deal bonus damage which is great to poke enemies in the laning phase.

Finally, her R allows her to call a massive wave that travels in a straight line. This wave knocks up all enemies hit by it and damages them as well. You can use this to displace all enemies during a teamfight to allow your team to gain an advantage.


Best Enchanter Janna League of LegendsMoving to our last pick, Janna is a great enchanter that can annoy the enemy team a lot. During the laning phase, you can spam your Q to launch a tornado in any direction you want. This knocks up any enemies that it hits and damages them. Use it to displace the enemy and force them to walk around it.

Plus, you can use your W to damage the enemy and slow them thanks to a point-and-click spell. This ability does a surprising amount of damage and can poke the enemy out of the lane.

Your E is what makes Janna a good enchanter. She gives a strong shield to either her allies or herself. This is a massive shield that has been nerfed over the years. However, it is still quite strong and can save your ADC from trouble. Plus, you can even use it on your turret to protect the plates from falling.

Her R allows her to heal all allies in a massive radius. Plus, when she uses it, she initially pushes back all enemies that are standing close to Janna. This can be used to push enemies away and safely heal your allies.

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