What Are Eternals in League of Legends?

Released in February of 2020, Eternals are one of the newer additions to League of Legends. They are a per-champion purchasable stat tracker that allows you to follow your progress through different milestones in your play – like ‘epic monsters slain’ or ‘sweet spots landed with Aatrox Q’. 

Unlocking Eternals

There are currently two sets of Eternals to be unlocked in League of Legends. Each champion can unlock the starter series, which will track basic stats like takedowns, epic monsters slain, etc – these will cost 225 RP or 2500 Blue Essence each while you can get a pack that provides the starter series Eternals for 1350 RP or 14750 Blue Essence.

The pack provides starter series Eternals for all current and future champions, so if you have a wide champion pool this is definitely the most value for your purchase. Individual champion Eternals with more specific stats can be unlocked by purchasing the corresponding Set 1 eternal for that champion, and these are either 650 RP each individually or 5850 RP for the set, once again a much better deal.

You can also obtain Eternals Capsules through leveling up, completing missions, and as event rewards as you play the game. These, like skin shards, are stored in the loot tab and when opened will provide you with a random selection of Eternals that can be bought with Orange Essence (though the pass is still a much better value, it’s better to save your essence to unlock skins for free instead)

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How to Show Off Your Eternals

Once you’ve unlocked Eternals for your chosen champion (or for all of them) you can choose to display your most proud statistics on your loading screen cards for that champion, in the same place where champion mastery is displayed when you click on a player while you’re loading. Eternals will also show updates during the game whenever you increase these milestones, with a flashy graphic as well. Finally, if you score a kill on an enemy they’ll be shown the Eternals milestones you’ve chosen for that champion on their Death Recap – so you can flex your achievements even more effectively against enemies you’ve killed.

Personal Bests

After hitting 5 milestones on any eternal, you unlock Personal Bests which will track your highest performance in your games to date. Once you set a new Personal Best, it will be announced in the game for all players on the rift. For example, if your personal best as Vex was 7 kills in a game previously and you get an 8 kill game, it’ll be announced to all of the other players that you’ve set a new kill record on Vex in that game – giving you a new way to flex on your opponents.

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Mastery Emotes

While Eternals are all about tracking progress and giving you a way to show it off on the rift, they also give you the opportunity to improve your mastery emotes in-game as well. After hitting 15 milestones from a set on a specific champion, your mastery emote will be updated to show off not just your champion mastery level but also your success in reaching higher milestones in Eternals as well.

What Are Eternals in The Lore?

Eternals are inspired by six deities in the Runeterra universe: The Trickster, The Warden, The Protector, The Empress, The Guide, and The Warrior. Each of these deities has its own thematic style, and different milestones in play will be reflected by each of these deities’ tastes.

While the milestone for Akali ‘Like A Ninja’ that tracks and displays how far you have traveled with Shuriken Backflips (E) on the champion is inspired by the Guide, the diety inspired by “Following the path to victory, or opening one for allies”, her ‘Check Marks’ eternal is inspired by The Empress who is known for “Superior demonstration of skill in the heat of the battle.” These six folklore characters don’t add a lot to our previous understanding of the lore of Runeterra, but they do add nice flavor text to the game.

While reception to the Eternals system has been mixed since it was announced and released, they do provide players with new ways to express themselves and their play – if you’re looking to show off on the rift, purchasing the Set 1 Eternals pack is a great value for a new way to flex on your enemies and show off to your teammates. Enjoy farming those new stats!

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