Top 5 Best Support Champions That Counter Ezreal In Season 12

Ezreal usually is a demanding champion to catch because of his E ability. Still, he is an easy champion to counter. Just pick champions with a point and click abilities. He still receives the skill’s effect no matter what sidestepping he does.

Avoid hook-based champions like Blitzcrank or Thresh as Ezreal can quickly get away with his E. He can use it right before you catch or after you hook him already. Burst champions that can kill squishy champions in one go are great ways to counter Ezreal.

Champions with lots of gap closers are also great against him even after he uses his E. With all that in mind, let us look at the champions that can easily counter Ezreal. 

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1. Sett

A Sett is an excellent support champion, especially when he has the hex flash rune. The problem with Ezreal is that he has his E ability that works as a low cooldown flash, and it also has a follow-damage to top it all off.

Sett can easily catch Ezreal by surprise by trading flashes in the early game. Sett doesn’t lose value on his flash use because he can use it repeatedly. Ezreal won’t run away from Sett as he has the ult. He closes the gap between him and Ezreal.

Early Game Play Style

Sett can do a cheese strategy by immediately fighting Ezreal with his W learned. Trade hits with Ezreal and just as your passive becomes full, use your W. Use your flash, so he forcefully uses his flash as well.

After he uses his flash, back away, either reset or regen using your pots. This way, you take away his flash. You can take the jump on him whenever you are hiding in the bush and use hex flash to stun him with your E. He might be able to get away using his E. Still, the damage you can do to him after your simple combo is already a great trade. 

Mid Game Play Style And Item Build

A Turbo Chemtank will always be a great buy on Sett as support because even if Ez manages to get away using his E, Sett can still catch up to him using Turbochemtank along with his Q. 

Ezreal’s mid-game damage is not that impressive, so you can easily engage him every time your ADC is with you. A Sett is also an excellent bruiser carry, so you can easily take the fight to Ezreal whenever you see him. 

Late Game Play Style

Look for their tankiest ally during team fights and cast your ult on that champion. Just make sure that the direction where you slam that champion is towards Ezreal. Right after you slam the enemy’s tank, use your E To stun Ezreal and have your team finish him off. 

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2. Braum

Ezreal’s skills are skillshots, so champions who can negate projectiles are great champions against him. Braum has a skill where he raises his shield, negating all projectiles that it touches. It also reduces Braum damage so he can easily catch all of Ezreal’s skillshots and have no problem with it.

It even stops Ezreal’s ult from going even further so Braum can use this skill to protect his teammates. Braum also has a dash he can cast on his allies even if his shield is up. 

Early Game Play Style

You should start with your shield so you can protect your ADC whenever Ezreal decides to poke with his Q. Braum can also pick the Guardian rune and always stay beside his ADC so he can mitigate Ezreal’s damage.

Once you learn your Q and W, have your ADC follow up on the stack you put on EZ every time you hit him with your Q, stand in front of your ADC if you engage Ezreal as his basic attacks won’t be able to reach your ADC once your shield is up. 

Mid Game Play Style And Item Build

A Locket of the Iron Solari is an excellent buy on Brand as it gives his allies bonus defensive stats all the time. He can also activate it if Ezreal decides to go all-in and slip past your defenses.

If Ezreal does this, cast your ultimate on him along with your Q. If he uses his E to get closer to your ADC, dash back to your ADC and raise your shield. Cast your ult, and this will be the death of a greedy Ezreal. 

Late Game Play Style

Braum becomes tanky in the late game to take the frontline with his big shield. When Ezreal uses his Q spam, just raise your shield and take all of it. Stand in front of your team as well when team fights erupt so you can block Ezreal’s ultimate. 

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3. Soraka

Soraka can quickly heal his ADC every time Ezreal hits his Q. They both have low cooldowns on these skills, so Ezreal would likely give up on poking with his Q in the early game as you can quickly heal it back.

Just make sure you hit a champion with your Q every time you heal your allies so you can bring your HP back up.

Early Game Play Style

Start with your Q and W so you can immediately counter Ezreal’s poke damage. Just make sure that you are always behind the minions because you can be the one he will target with his pokes, and it will be hard to heal your HP back up.

Mid Game Play Style And Item Build

Ardent Censer Counters Ezreal simply because it strengthens your heals meaning his pokes can be dealt with by your heals. If Ezreal hits your entire team with his ult during a mid-game team fight? You can quickly heal them all back up with your ultimate. 

Late Game Play Style

Build a moonstone renewer on Soraka so you can heal every champion in your team with ease. Once you hit multiple enemies with your Q or E, all of your allies can heal from them. You basically shut Ezreal’s poke damage off with all the heals you provide. 

4. Pantheon

Pantheon is an incredible engage champion who can one-shot enemy ADCs once he catches them with his stun and PTA combo. Pantheon can easily engage Ezreal with a quick combo and receive no damage in return. He can also finish Ezreal even if he manages to get away using his E. Pantheon’s empowered Q is enough to one-shot an Ezreal with a quarter HP bar. 

Early Game Playstyle

Start with your Q, as you can use this to match Ezreal’s poke. Once you reach level 3 however, is the main counter to Ezreal. You can engage him again and again upon reaching this power spike. If he decides to retaliate with a W + Q combo, you can easily block it by using your E which negates all damage Pantheon receives from the front. 

Mid Game Play Style

Look to roam other lanes or help you at least. However, make sure your ADC can play the weak side so you can do this Ezreal counter.

Late Game Play Style

Suppose Ezreal falls behind in the early game. In that case, you can build a complete lethality one-shot Pantheon. Otherwise, your tanky items so you can be a Vanguard and protect your teammates at Ezreal’s pokes. 

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5. Senna

Senna can be used either as ADC or support. Still, when she is supported eventually becomes more potent than her ADC. She scales harder if she is played as a support as her passive can proc a lot faster than when she is played as an ADC.

Her Basic attack and Q combo alone are devastating even in the early game. She can take the Grasp of the Undying rune to poke Ezreal with her hits or her Q.

Early Game Play Style 

In the early game, Senna can match Ezreal’s poke by doing a quick basic attack + Q combo. She also has a long-range E that can CC Ezreal in place so Senna and her ADC can burst Ezreal down.

Mid Game Play Style And Item Build

Any Sheenbased mid-game is a great mid game item on Senna as it empowers her poke potential. Try to engage Ezreal every time you catch him with your E. If he decides to cast his ult, cast your ultimate immediately as well as it damages Ezreal and shields your allies. 

Late Game Play Style

In the late game, Senna’s primary power is extreme, and you can easily one-shot Ezreal with your quick combo. You can also match his range and your Range, which is increased once your stack is high.

Final Thoughts

Ezreal won’t be much of a problem if you have enough targeted spells. Once you CC or burst him down, he is pretty much useless.

Thank you so much for reading my content, and I hope you enjoyed it as I invest time and effort in making these articles. I hope this article helps you in your future games summoner, GLHF, and see you on the rift.

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