What is Facechecking in League of Legends?

League is a game where different situations can tilt you and you couldn’t perform at your highest level. Feeding, griefing, and giving up are such situations, but sometimes even the most banal things like facechecking could throw you off. 

But what is Facechecking? It’s becoming more and more popular in the League, and although it’s not a novel term, players in lower ELO aren’t probably understanding it to the full extent.

Facechecking is a process in which you enter the bush that doesn’t have a vision with your champion. Instead of this practice, players should be using skillshots or wards to gain vision, but still, somehow, they end up entering a bush and being a victim of a potential ambush. So, which players are most “submissive” to this phenomenon.

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When Does Facechecking Usually Happen?

First of all, it mostly happens in low ELO, where people are still learning to play the game. These are players that hardly understand the roles of Jungle, Mid, or even the process of ganking or roaming. Therefore, their goal is to go straight to the bush, and after they vision thanks to their champion being placed there, they’ll place a ward and gain vision. 

This is a very dangerous practice and could result in you being killed in an instant matter. Imagine full-build Rengar waiting for you in the bush and you’re getting close to it just to “check” if somebody is there. That would result in an instakill, and it would throw off the teammates of their mood. 

Therefore, make sure that you always place the ward from a safe distance. If you play the mid or bot lane, it’s always nice to use the walls that are behind the bushes. That way, if a player is in the bush and it doesn’t possess the abilities to jump over to you, you’ll gain vision on a safe matter. 

If you don’t have the area warded, make sure that you won’t push as hard before you gain vision of that region. That way, you will be always safe and you won’t have to “facecheck” the bush. Even if you don’t have vision in the bush, facechecking is never the right answer to gain vision of that area. 

Facechecking is less “hurtful” in the early stages of the game, simply because there is only so much damage that a champion can do in these phases. However, if there are multiple champions waiting for an ambush, dying early in the game due to facechecking will give the enemies a significant advantage. 

You’ll lose experience, farm, and leverage over your enemies, and they’ll force you to defend and wait under the turret for help. What is even more painful is that they’ll be able to maintain the vision of the bushes thanks to wards, so your jungler won’t be able to help you because the enemies will be on alert most of the time. So, your brainless “facechecking” can cost you losing your lane and your game so early.

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Our advice is to always pay attention to the minimap. If you aren’t able to secure a vision in a certain area, do not secure it by all means. Make sure that you’ll call your jungler or ask for his help regarding the vision of your lane. 

That way, you’ll be always on the alert when it comes to enemies ganking or roaming in your lane and other lanes will be able to gain an advantage from the frequent visits of your enemies to your lane. 

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