Faker pulls of outstanding 1-vs-2 outplay with LeBlanc clone

Faker managed to get a kill and defeat Poppy in their latest battle which was streamed on Fakers’ Twitch Broadcast.  He has been streaming more than usual due to the cancellation of LCK.

Wonder what that news is all about? Let us find out…

With corona virus spreading fast across the world, the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) has been suspended indefinitely. But this only seems to have made one of its best players even more focused than ever. T1 (top tier) mid laner Faker has once again won against all odds despite being ganked upon by his enemies. His amazing one-versus-two outplay showcased through his Twitch broadcast showed how the gamer managed to kill and win despite being ganked. His trump card was the Leblanc clone card.

But then what is League of Legends in the first place?

League of Legends is an online game based on battles. It is a multiplayer game developed by Riot Games. It is pretty competitive and one can play against fellow players around the world. The players in this game are basically champions and they have special abilities, powers etc. These can be used to defeat fellow players who fight with you.

What happened in the latest game played by Faker?

The opponent player Poppy was trying a level-two gank on Faker during the game and to all others, it did seem as though Faker would not be able to hold on to his title of being the Unkillable Demon King. But instead of escaping, he faced his opponent in multiple ways, making sure victory is his.

What exactly did Faker do to win against Poppy?

Faker first used the Mirror Image property of Leblanc clone. This made his enemies believe he was going towards the tower when he actually was not. The enemies, as expected, gave their full concentration on the Leblanc clone. This game Faker enough time to defeat Poppy by hitting her with a Q, E and an Ignite.

And even though Sylas did flash on top of Faker, he could not do anything as the veteran made sure to hold on to his W.

Faker has been putting more time into streaming lately these days due to League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) remaining cancelled due to the spread of corona virus. He has made it clear through his latest win that he is still on top of his game and other fellow gamers should definitely think twice before preparing to gank him. He also showed why he was considered as the League of Legends’ greatest player in the whole wide world. 

So to sum it all up, Faker still remains the best player of League of Legends. The latest game also shows why his opponents need to be beware of this pro player. Even when a win was thought to be impossible and only fleeing seemed to be the one thing left to do, Faker still managed to get a kill and win. That’s the spirit guys!

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