Top 7 Fastest Jungle Clear Champions in League of Legends

The League of Legends Jungle is perhaps the most tedious place on the map. Jungle players, who are forced to be there, usually wish to leave as soon as possible. This is best performed by choosing a Champion that clears the camps in seconds and can then focus on ganks, objectives, etc. 

This list is precisely meant for those players. We’ve compiled the 7 best Jungle Clear Champions in League of Legends. These Champions can blaze through the Jungle and kill minions like there’s no tomorrow. With their performance, they can acquire a ton of Gold and XP, netting themselves a substantial advantage right off the bat. 

I would want to avoid boring you with any more introductory babbling. So, let’s begin with our list! 

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7. Nocturne

Nocturne has also had a resurgence in gameplay in recent patches. Nocturne is a true nightmare incarnate and has a near-constant presence on the map because of his Ultimate spell. Everyone fears Nocturne when they see him on the enemy team and when he uses that Ultimate, fear only comes naturally. 

His farming is also pretty quick and straightforward. Nocturne can clear through even the most numerous camps like the Raptors and Kruggs in seconds using his passive and blazingly fast attack speed. It takes zero effort to efficiently Jungle with Nocturne, as he is pretty simple in all ways possible. 

After clearing the Jungle, prepare to haunt your enemies like the nightmare you are. He is a true fiend and will never relent in the torture of his opponents. This makes Nocturne one of the best Junglers, in my opinion, as creating uneasiness in the enemies can make them make some accidental mistakes that they wouldn’t make otherwise. 

You have my warmest recommendations for this Champion. 

6. Fiddlesticks

Fiddlesticks have always been my fond memory throughout these 9 years of experience. His presence strikes fear into the hearts of friend and foe alike, making Fiddlesticks a dreadful Champion to face. Prowling, unhinged, and downright OP, Fiddlesticks is among the top Junglers we’ve ever had. 

But I digress. What makes Fiddlesticks a good camp clearing Jungler is what we’re here to answer. His W is the primary spell to name when speaking about Fiddle’s farming capabilities. It does a ton of damage, has a low cooldown, and can even work on multiple targets. It will heal Fiddle substantially enough to never need to back away, save for the need to buy new items. 

Using his other tools like the fear and the extra damage from his E, Fiddle can slice through neutral camps without breaking a sweat. He will be getting to that level 6 mark sooner than anyone else, and once he does – well, we all know what comes with his Ultimate. 

Fiddlesticks is a fantastic Champion that has gained extra dominance and popularity with his rework. He was incredible even before he was reworked, but the new version instills much more dread and fear into the hearts of his enemies. I recommend you give him a try, and that’s an order. 

5. Shyvana

Shyvana is an excellent Champion that is super fun to play and master. Her kit works uniquely. The transformation bar filling up is the cooldown of your Ultimate. When you use your R and transform into a dragon, you’re met with three new variations of your ordinary spells. 

This makes Shyvana one of the most versatile Champions to play as. She is notorious for having multiple different builds and ability paths, which are perfectly viable for various situations. Depending on what build you go with, Shyvana can be a tank, a sort of AP Assassin, etc., allowing you to choose and adapt to whatever your team needs at the moment. 

Despite having a lot of spells, variety, and options – Shyvana is not that difficult to play, making her excellent for intermediate players that have gotten to know the game a bit. Pure beginners should stay away until you get more familiar with how situational gameplay works. 

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4. Rek’Sai

Rek’Sai is an old, experimental Champion that’s had ups and downs over the years. As a Jungler, she has enjoyed spells of popularity but has significantly lost playability. This is due to her experimental kit, as I’ve mentioned above. It’s an exciting concept that would be a shame to waste, and Riot should definitely try and give her a significant update. 

She has had multiple more minor changes over the years, with Riot attempting to bring her to the forefront. However, it hasn’t worked that well and has kept Rek’Sai in a state of stasis for some time. She did, however, mingle her way into S+ tiers on a few occasions, which by itself speaks of her incredible potential. 

Her Jungling is quick, and with the use of her tunnels only gets faster. With a ton of AOE damage and mobility, Rek’Sai can move from camp to camp effortlessly and get some insane farm. With that gold and XP, Rek’Sai can move into ganking. Once again, utilizing her tunnels, she’s tough to escape. Sporting nice CC and even better damage, Rek’Sai is a solid Jungler that can do much more than would be anticipated. 

I highly recommend you give Rek’Sai a try. Though she’s out of the loop, for now, no one knows when she’ll be back as the go-to Jungler. If Riot gives her an impactful update, I do not doubt that she’d be one of the best Champions ever. 

3. Shaco

Shaco is one of the staple Junglers in this game. He’s been around for as long as I can remember and never fails to be a formidable foe. As one of the best gankers, you’ll focus primarily on Assassinating enemies while utilizing your incredible invisibility and severe damage.

He is highly versatile, allowing players to go either full AP or AD, whichever they prefer. Both are viable options, with the AP one tending to be a tad more potent in terms of quick kills. 

Shaco’s main course of action will be a constant presence in all Lanes. Focusing on ganks, Shaco can accrue a lot of kills quickly, playing directly into the aggressive low Elo dynamic. He has also found his way into the Support Role, which seems uncanny to me even today. 

He’s simple, and there’s not much to be said about him. I recommend Shaco to players who love to go in stealthy and take things a bit slower. He’s a prowler, an Assassin, a Mage; you name it. You are guaranteed to have fun with this clown if nothing more than that. 

2. Kayn

Kayn was the reigning supreme overlord of the Jungle for most of Season 11. In Season 12, he has fallen off a bit. However, this has nothing to do with his kit and character but rather that he was overshadowed a bit by some new and arising Jungle stars. Fortunately for the people reading this list, Kayn still remains extremely viable, fun, and powerful. 

His farming is the best thing about him. Power-farming is the name of the game with Kayn, and I’ll explain why. You see, his Q and W are both multi-target spells. The former is Kayn’s primary damage source with a low cooldown and excellent scaling. He can eviscerate any camp with blazing speed and even has the help of his E to move around faster. 

It allows Kayn to move through terrain, completely ignoring walls. This can cut short his travels from camp to camp or between the Buff areas, significantly boosting his farming capabilities. After clearing everything there is to clear, Kayn can move on to do whatever he likes, and he can’t be stopped. 

His mobility, power, and incentive to fight everyone give Kayn some unique and super fun gameplay. I suggest you at least play him once to get a feel for him. I love this Champion, and I don’t doubt that you will too for a second. 

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1. Nunu

Ever since his rework, Nunu has become a powerful force in the Jungle that’s rarely matched. His mobility, damage, and CC are all fantastic, allowing him to oppress the enemy Laners effectively. Much to Nunu makes him both a good Jungler and a team fighter. So let’s talk about it. 

Nunu’s Q heals him and makes for an excellent camp-clearing spell. The healing factor is pretty strong and will give Nunu the ability to stay in the Jungle for a long time. The lack of a need to recall makes Nunu a dangerous Champion to face, as he can be prowling near you at any moment. While other Champions require some respite in the fountain, Nunu will go back only when he really needs to do so (to buy items, replenish HP after fights, etc.). 

His team fighting is emphasized through his snowball and his Ultimate ability. The snowball gives Nunu insane ganking capabilities, and he will be rolling around the Lanes for the entire game. This can get so tedious that quitting is the only escape from this snowy menace. It can knock up multiple enemies, making it a good team fighting tool.

The Ultimate is the natural cherry on top. He channels for a while and then explodes for massive damage, and this spell hurts. If you have a team with a lot of AOE CC (which you should always seek to have), Nunu will be able to obliterate the enemies in a single press. Even if he doesn’t kill the enemies, they’ll be so low on HP that sweeping them up becomes an afterthought. 

I could blabber about Nunu for ages, as there’s so much GOOD that goes alongside him. However, it’s only a list – and I’ll end it off with a wholehearted recommendation. 


League of Legends Junglers are incredibly challenging to master. Managing what camps to clear, how to clear them effectively, etc., is tedious for most people. Thus, picking a Champion that has those issues covered by default is immensely helpful as it makes Jungling that much less tedious. 

All the fun happens on the Lanes, and the Jungle is sidelined until the very late parts of the game. Therefore, people should always look to make things more fun and more straightforward than usual. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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