The Fastest Way To Get XP in Valorant (2022)

There can be many ways to gain exp in Valorant. A daily mission rewards you with a substantial amount of exp every time you complete one and many other methods. The main thing to consider when trying to farm exp is that the more you play, the more exp you get, the faster you level your account up, and your operators and battle pass. 

Valorant has many game modes, and these are the best things you can do to gain exp as this is the general thing you will do because you are playing Valorant. But playing Valorant on a new account might feel bland as you have a limited agent pool to choose from; therefore, you need to farm exp fast to unlock others, giving you a wide variety of playstyles. 

Valorant exp not only level your operators up but also your weapons and battle pass up. Having these things leveled up gives you cosmetic options to customize your weapon. With that in mind, we will give you a detailed view of how much exp you gain from missions, game modes, and other things that give you exp. 

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Different Game Modes

The game modes of Valorant vary in length, mechanics, and player count. This feature gives the player an idea of how much exp will gain in one game. It has a basic sense that when a game is more prolonged and requires more skill, it gives you more exp. The same idea goes for the opposite. 

Some players who want to farm exp but don’t want to play the game might think they can just AFK or leave the game early. For some games, this might work, but for Valorant, you will face sanctions each time you violate a rule, meaning AFK, leaving, or whatever negative behavior will result in a possible ban that varies in intensity based on your violation. 

1. Unranked (4700 exp)

This is the first game you can play when creating a new account. This is like the classic or everyday game option when playing a MOBA game. You won’t get any competitive ranking level up from this game mode, but it shows how competitive Valorant works. It has a similar mechanic to the Ranked game, but people usually are not that serious when playing this mode, making it an excellent exp Farm option. 

If you have a high rank already and want to farm exp without losing your rank position, you can instead play this mode. Unranked also allows you to perform and complete daily or weekly tasks, making it a great way to finish those missions. 

2. Competitive (2100 – 4700 exp)

This is the premier game mode of Valorant and defines how good a player is. This game mode gives you the same amount of exp as that of the unranked mode, but games in this mode will be much more challenging as you will need to focus and play very seriously as your teammates will depend on you. Enemies will also try their best to win the game because it advances them towards the ranked ladder, and winning in this game mode also gives you more exp, so always try your best when playing this game mode. The only difference from unranked/unrated mode is that games take longer to finish.

3. Spike Rush (1000 exp)

Spike rush is a short but fun mode that lets players finish the match fast and gain a flat amount of 1000 exp regardless of the result. If you have little to no time and have work to do, this is the perfect mode for you if you want to gain exp. Spike rush lasts at an average of 8-12 minutes, meaning you can spam this game and gain huge exp in a short period.

However, it is worth noting that you won’t get to play/choose your favorite gun for every game in this mode. Despite that, this is just a game mode that lets you farm exp and have fun without the thought of being competitive, so it’s a both win being the best exp farm game mode, and it won’t stress you out when playing. 

4. Deathmatch (900 exp)

This is another short game mode but is quite different than spike rush; this game mode pits you against other players with nothing but guns to kill each other. Like counter strike, this mode only has guns as a means of scoring; this mode also ends as soon as one player reaches 40 kills or if the game hits the 9-minute mark.

This is a great way to earn exp as well as the maximum time you can spend in this game is 9 minutes. Plus, if you are good and can kill enemies fast, you can even get out of the game with the 900 flat exp fast and spam it quickly to gain a massive exp for a short time. 

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Daily/Weekly Missions

These are the exp farm players look for every day or every week, and missions give as much as 19,000 exp for one mission, which is excellent for grinding for exp. Missions are as easy as buying items from the Armory or scoring headshots, even as simple as using your ultimate abilities. 

Players usually grind for a day or two, complete these weekly missions, and wait for another one to pop up next week. This is a great way to earn exp, especially if you find it boring to spam games every day, only giving you a thousand exp. 

However, it is worth noting that short game modes like deathmatch or Spike rush game modes don’t let you complete missions and will not contribute to its progress. Unrated and competitive modes are the only ones that allow you to fill the progress bar of Daily/Weekly Missions. 

EXP Boost

Valorant is a genuinely free-to-play mode that doesn’t let you win games better if you pay, but paying lets you progress through your level faster in the form of Exp boost from the battle pass. However, this doesn’t give you an edge over other players and only matters in buying agents or acquiring certain cosmetics. 

Valorant also has a battle pass system, which allows you to buy an exp boost that doesn’t only help you boost your battle pass level and your account and agent levels. 

What Will You Do About The Exp You Gain?

Exp determines how often you use one weapon or agent. The basic idea is that the longer you play one weapon or agent, the higher its level is. Well, now you know how to gain exp fast in Valorant; well, it’s as basic as it gets. You use it to unlock every unlockable in the game that costs exp. You can also use the exp you gained to advance your battle pass level. 

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While exp is not a massive factor in the game, it can still serve as a way to determine how far you’ve come in Valorant. You can use it to unlock certain cosmetics for your gun or your agent. All this depends on you however you want to spend it. 

But always remember that even if you don’t have many cosmetics or agents, as long as you are a good player and spend tie practicing instead of collecting cosmetics, you will have a fun time playing Valorant. After all, it’s a competitive shooting game, not a collectors-only game that focuses on flexing your newly acquired cosmetic. 

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