Top 7 Best Fighters in League of Legends

Best Fighters League of Legends Complete Guide

Fighters in League of Legends are champions that have a high amount of HP but also deal quite a lot of damage. These champions are mostly played in the top lane but in some cases, they can also be played as a jungler. If you want to know which champions are worth picking right now, here are the top 7 best fighters in League of Legends.

The top 7 best fighters in League of Legends right now are:

  • Darius
  • Fiora
  • Riven
  • Sett
  • Garen
  • Jax
  • Camile

These are the 7 fighters that are performing really well right now and they can win you tons of games if you know what you’re doing. If you want to know why they are considered to be the best, continue reading to find out. With that said, let’s take a look at the top 7 best fighters in League of Legends.

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Best Fighter Darius League of LegendsWhen I think of fighters in League of Legends, Darius is what instantly comes to mind. He is a great pick as a fighter thanks to his strong abilities and his awesome attitude. Darius’ Q makes him spin his axe around him that deals tons of damage and applies the bleed status on the enemy. If they are hit by the handle, they will take less damage but if they are hit by the outer edge, they will take a lot of damage.

His W empowers Darius’ attack and he hits with more power. This also slows the enemy, making it easier for you to stay on them. His E will pull anything in front of him, allowing you to bring the enemy close to you and stop them from running. It also grants him passive armor penetration as well.

Finally, Darius’ R is one of the best abilities in the game. He jumps high in the air and dunks on the enemy to execute them. The more stacks of bleed you have on the enemy, the more damage your R does.


Best Fighter Fiora League of LegendsFiora is a strong champion that has tons of mobility and can destroy most duelists easily. She can use her Q to dash around and damage anything surrounding her. Her W allows you to stand and parry anything that hits you. For a short duration, you will not take any damage. Plus, if you use your W when a CC is hitting you, Fiora will stun any enemy standing in front of her.

Her E allows her to empower her auto attacks and deal more damage to whatever she is hitting. Using your Q and E together will result in you dealing tons of damage in an instant. Make sure to W whenever the enemy is planning to use CC. ( You can even use W while you Q to have an increased range for parrying.

Her R allows you to see all the vitals of an enemy. Hitting each side will allow you to heal yourself and your team. While you can see the vitals thanks to your passive, her R makes all sides appear so that you can easily hit them.


Best Fighter Riven League of LegendsWhen talking about the top lane, you cannot let Riven go unnoticed. She is a strong champion that is even stronger in the right hands. While you might not perform great while playing her for the first time, she is a great champion that is constantly strong thanks to not receiving any nerfs.

Riven’s Q is a three-part ability that has a decent cooldown during the early game. During each cast of Q, she slightly dashes forward but during the third cast, she jumps and knocks up any enemy in a small area. This ability can either be used to jump over walls, run away, or chase the enemy.

Her W is a simple ability that, when cast, will stun all enemies near Riven. This ability is great if you want to quickly damage the enemy and stun them to run away. This allows you to run away with more HP since the enemy will not be able to attack you.

Her E is what most would consider broken in the laning phase. Riven dashes a short distance and gains a shield that protects her from all damage. This ability is great if you want to either gap close or disengage with it after using your stun.

Finally, Riven’s R forges her blade back to full strength and she gains more AD. Plus, you can cast this ability again to fire a projectile in front of you to deal a lot of damage depending on how much HP the enemy is missing. After doing your full combo, cast your projectile to finish off the enemy.


Best Fighter Sett League of LegendsSett is a great character that is not only fun to play but also quite strong. He is a good fighter that loves to fight with his fists and all of his abilities revolve around that. His Q allows Sett to hit the enemy twice in quick succession. These punches are stronger than his normal ones and are great to engage the fight. Plus, you’ll gain a little move speed as well while your Q is active.

Sett’s W is the main thing that makes him so good. After taking damage, you can use your W to gain a shield and use a strong punch in front of you. Depending on how much damage you took, your W will either instantly kill the squishy champs or not do anything if you use it to start the fight. Always use this ability when your damage meter is full.

Your E will pull all enemies from both directions of Sett and stun them for a short duration. This is a good ability if you want to start the fight and the enemy is running. You can pull them towards you and start punching them.

Sett’s ultimate is one of my favorite abilities since it is so fun to use. He picks up his enemy and powerbombs them in the direction Sett is facing. If you use this on a tanky champion, you will deal a lot of damage in the area where you land. Try to use this on support on other tanky enemies and powerbomb them in their team for additional damage.


Best Fighter Garen League of LegendsGaren is an all-time classic champion that I have my problems with but cannot deny that he is one of the best fighters in League of Legends. If you are new to the game and want to play a top-laner, Garen is the way to go. He has a lot of HP and gets quite tanky in the late game. All the while, he can deal a lot of damage thanks to his abilities.

Garen’s Q allows him to have an empowered auto attack that deals more damage than usual and silences the enemy champion for a while. This is a good ability to start trades with. Plus, since you gain movespeed while your Q is active, you can use this to either run away or chase enemies.

Secondly, Garen’s W makes him tankier as he gains more tenacity and a small shield for a short duration. This ability is useful if you are about to be hit with a root or a stun. Properly timing your W will allow you to easily run away even after getting hit with the CC thanks to the increased tenacity.

His E allows him to spin while constantly dealing damage around him. This is a great follow-up ability after using his Q to gap close. Garen’s E surprisingly does a lot of damage considering it isn’t his strongest ability. You can use this to either clear the wave or damage the enemy.

Finally, his ultimate is where Garen becomes quite strong. Once the enemy is at a low enough HP, you can use your R to execute them in the name of Demacia. This is a strong ultimate as the enemy is sure to die once they reach a certain amount of HP.

What makes him even stronger is the fact that Garen does not require mana and his passive allows him to quickly heal if he is out of combat. If you are low HP in the lane, simply retreat and stand near your turret for a while to heal.


Best Fighter Jax League of LegendsSpeaking of easy champions for beginners, Jax is a great pick if you want to learn the top lane mechanics. He has some great abilities that allow him to have sustain and gap-closing powers. His Q is a simple ability that lets Jax jump on a unit (or ward) and deal a little bit of damage. This can be used to either run away or chase the enemy.

Jax also becomes impossible to auto attack thanks to his E. When his E duration ends, all enemies in the surrounding area get stunned for a few seconds. This is a great ability that forces the enemy to run away since they cannot deal any damage to you and they have a fear that they will get stunned and die.

Jax’s ultimate makes him quite strong as it gives him more stats all across the board. During a fight, use this ability after your E to become even stronger as you watch the enemy run away helplessly trying to figure out what to do. Plus, thanks to the passive of his ultimate, the third auto attack deals more damage than the rest.

If you want to learn the top lane or are new to the game, Jax is a solid pick as he will certainly make the game easier for you while you learn it. Even in ranked games, he is a great choice since you cannot go wrong while playing Jax.


Best Fighter Camile League of LegendsCamile is a great champion that can do a lot of things. She has a high amount of HP that is made even higher thanks to her passive shield. Depending on what champion you are up against, you automatically get a shield that either blocks magic damage or physical damage. This makes it even harder to kill Camile since she gains a lot of HP and shield while having a good amount of damage as well.

Camile’s Q allows her to use a strong auto attack that can be followed up with another Q after a short duration that deals true damage if timed correctly. With this, you can deal tons of damage. The best part amount true damage is that it doesn’t matter how much armor the enemy has, they will take all of that damage.

Secondly, her W allows you to heal a bit and slow the enemy champions. Camile can use this ability while running away after a trade or while chasing an enemy to slow them down. This can be mixed with her E which allows you to stick to a wall like Spiderman and jump in any direction that you like. If you hit an enemy while jumping off of the wall, they will get slightly pushed back while you can hit them a few times.

Finally, her R allows her to jump in the air – becoming untargetable – and land on the enemy champion. The champion hit with this is now stuck with you in an octagon where you can beat them up. They cannot run away from this area unless you move out of it or the time expires.

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