Top 7 Best Champions for Fleet Footwork Rune

Top 7 Best Champions for Fleet Footwork Rune League of Legends

If you like playing late game carries and hyperscaling champs, you probably hate their weakness: their early game. These champions get steamrolled in the first ten minutes of the game, and you can easily lose your will to win in the process.

Well, Riot has made it that way for balance to still be a part of League of Legends. However, there is a way for you to bypass this shortcoming on weak lakers, and that is the Fleet Footwork rune.

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The fleet footwork rune allows weak laners to survive the hardest matchups, and you can use this rune to win all games with carry champions that struggle in the early game. The best champions for Fleet Footwork are:

  • Jhin
  • Senna
  • Yasuo
  • Quinn
  • Kassadin
  • Catilyn
  • Nasus 

How Does Fleet Footwork Work?

When you move around the map with Fleet Footwork as your rune keystone, you start generating Energize stacks. These stacks are also generated every time you hit an enemy with a basic attack.

Once you have full, or 100, stacks, your next basic attack will heal you and give you a short burst of movement speed. So, fleet footwork gives you sustain and allows you to take better and safer trades with increased movement speed on top of the small heal.

Fleet Footwork is commonly used by champions that need every last bit of lane survivability that they can get. It is also popular amongst champions that need some extra movement speed for reliable trading against enemy champions.

Best Picks For Fleet Footwork

Although this rune is taken on most ADCs and champions with weak laning phase, some champions make much better use of this rune as compared to other ones. The best champions for you to use Fleet Footwork on are given below.


Best Fleet Footwork Rune Champion Jhin League of LegendsJhin is one of the strongest late game champions in the game, and is on top of the list in ADCs that deal high damage from every single basic attack. Fleet Footwork is the best rune to be paired with Jhin because it turns his lackluster laning phase into one of his strengths.

Experienced League players are probably well aware of how Jhin’s iconic kit works. He has 4 bullets in his gun, and after every fourth shot, he has to reload it. During this time, he cannot hit anyone with another basic attack.

However, his fourth shot deals a huge amount of damage, scaling with the missing health of the enemy it hits. Landing this shot on an enemy champion usually results in you winning the trade. But since enemies can see when you have your fourth shot ready, they will usually run away before you can shoot them.

You can use the energized attack from Fleet Footwork to get movement speed and quickly get in range to shoot the enemy. You can also use this speed to back off after the fourth shot because then you have to reload, and are unable to deal more damage. This is why Fleet Footwork is an absolute godsend for all Jhin players.


Best Fleet Footwork Rune Champion Senna League of LegendsAnother champion that is an excellent pick for pairing up with the Fleet Footwork keystone is Senna. Thanks to her passive, Senna scales infinitely, gaining more AD, critical strike chance, attack range, and damage as the game progresses. But early game, without her stacked passive, she is a bit weak.

That is where Fleet Footwork comes in. If your enemies are trying to take advantage of your Senna’s weak early game, Fleet Footwork will be your holy grail. The healing from your Q, together with the healing from this rune, will never let your enemies get you low enough to a threatening point.

The bonus movement speed is also really useful for Senna because it allows you to quickly take a short AA-Q-AA trade and back off, and these short trades are what Senna really excels at. With the extra movement speed, your enemies will never be able to react to your quick trade combo, and you can easily poke them down.

If you like playing the Support role, take Senna with Fleet Footwork as your rune keystone, and you are guaranteed a good game!


Best Fleet Footwork Rune Champion Yasuo League of LegendsThe infamous warrior of the wind, Yasuo, is one of the most hated champions in League of Legends. But he has made it to this list, because he is one of the first champions that quickly adopted Fleet Footwork as a rune keystone when it first came out back in 2018.

Even today, Fleet Footwork is every Yasuo player’s saving grace if he gets matched up against a counter champion. Bad matchup? Just set your runes to Fleet Footwork and take Doran’s Shield. Together with your passive, this setup will never allow the enemy laner to poke you out of lane.

Since Yasuo is an item-dependent champion, staying in lane will allow you to kill more minions and get more gold and experience as compared to the unfortunate situation where you might be poked out of lane again and again. So, Fleet Footwork will allow you to safely reach a point where you can take the game into your own hands and win the match.

As compared to the other rune choices for Yasuo (Conqueror and Lethal Tempo), this rune is a much safer and more reliable option, and you will find yourself performing much more consistently with this choice of runes.


Best Fleet Footwork Rune Champion Quinn League of LegendsFleet Footwork on Quinn is very much meta right now. A lot of League of Legends streamers on Twitch and YouTube are playing this combination in their videos, and swearing by it. So while this is still a thing, do try it out and gain as much free elo as you can.

Quinn is a ranged top laner, and most other top laners are melee bruisers. As such, a good Quinn will kite them for days and make their life hell by hitting them from afar. However, a good bruiser will lock Quinn down which will be a problem because of how squishy she is as a champion.

But the movement speed from Fleet Footwork will keep you mobile, and allow you to kite those annoyingly clingy Rivens and Camilles much better than you would without the bonus speed. The sustain will also let you stay in the lane after a bad trade because you can just heal up.

The energizing stacks for Fleet Footwork also get generated faster if you are moving faster, and Quinn is a champion that will always have a very high movement speed thanks to her bird, and will often travel the most distance of all champions in a given match. That means you can proc Fleet Footwork again and again, much faster than other champions would!


Best Fleet Footwork Rune Champion Kassadin League of LegendsKassadin is one of the weakest champions in the early game, and scales up to be a 1v5 machine in the late game. Once he hits level 16, there is no stopping this monster of a champion. However, most people take advantage of his weak laning and kill him over and over again until he is useless, before he can ever scale.

But if you want to abuse this champion’s late game scaling, you should be thankful that Fleet Footwork exists. One Doran’s shield paired with Fleet Footwork as your keystone will prevent you from being obliterated in lane. You will be healing up almost as much as the enemy champion will be poking you.

And once you get out of the laning phase without dying too much, or being too far behind on gold and experience, you can take your revenge by abusing your absurd late game power and killing all enemy champions like bugs in your kitchen.


Best Fleet Footwork Rune Champion Caitlyn League of LegendsThe good old sheriff of Piltover, Caitlyn, is one of the best champions to use Fleet Footwork with. Much like other champions on this list, she scales incredibly well into the late game, and just needs a good laning phase to win the match.

If you have played her before, you know that Caitlym fires a “headshot” on every sixth basic attack. This attack deals much more damage than a regular basic attack. So, if you can use Fleet Footwork on your fifth attack, you can use the extra movement speed to reposition such that you can land your headshot on the enemy carry.

In addition to that, Caitlyn needs the extra sustain from Fleet Footwork for poke lanes like Karma and Ezreal. Taking this rune in such a lane will essentially carry you through the laning phase to the point you can kill the enemies through your damage alone.


Best Fleet Footwork Rune Champion Nasus League of LegendsAnother champion that gets amazing value out of this simple rune is Nasus. Played in the top lane, this champion also suffers from his stupidly weak early game and poor laning phase. Most meta bruisers will bully you out of lane with ease if you dare step out of your tower with this champion.

But fear not, because Fleet Footwork is here to save the day, and carry you to the late game, from where you can carry your team to victory. Because of his Q, Nasus has infinite scaling built into his kit, and can end becoming an uncontrollable menace for the enemy team if you can farm enough minions using him.

Taking Fleet Footwork will give you decent sustain, especially if you take Doran’s Shield as your starting item. Then if you are smart enough to play a bit safe for your early levels, Nasus will reward you for your patience and you will definitely enjoying bonking your enemies to death later on.

Final Thoughts

Fleet footwork can allow you to survive the worst of your matchups even on the champions with the weakest early game champions in League of Legends. The sustain and the movement speed also help you trade with much more ease than a regular trade.

Do you like playing champions with Fleet Footwork? Let us know about your thoughts on this rune and these champions in the comments below.

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