What’s the Hardest Role in League of Legends?

League of Legends is a game full of variety. There are several roles that all have their dedicated part of the map and purpose within the match. Five of them, to be precise. Well, five official ones, if we don’t count all the troll builds out there. 

The five roles all vary in difficulty, challenge, and overall tediousness of gameplay. These depend on matchups and many other factors and are hard to determine arbitrarily. However, each role has its own inherent characteristics. 

This article will go over each of the five roles in relative detail, exploring their challenges and hardships. We will attempt to discern which role is the hardest to play, so be sure to read the whole thing. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

4. Top Lane 

The Top Lane is usually regarded as “The Solo Lane” for a good reason. Players that venture into Top will spend most of their time up there, rarely digressing and on special occasions. It won’t be before minute 20 that Top Laners will actually leave to participate in team fights and the like. Hell, some Champions are even incentivized to stay up there perpetually. 

The Top Lane requires players to understand a head-to-head playstyle. It will bring to light all of your individual skills, your ability to fight 1v1, and everything you’ve learned about the game. The Top Lane is a skill test for each player in the game and is excellent for learning solo play. 

The Top Lane is among the medium-level roles in terms of challenge and difficulty. This is because of a considerable dependence on the matchup. However, it is a role that will bring out everything you know and serve as a trial for your knowledge. Thus, the Top Lane isn’t exactly the hardest, but it definitely doesn’t belong in the easy ones. 

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3. Mid Lane 

The Mid Lane is similar to Top regarding being a Solo Lane. However, Mid Lane is much more proactive and participating in the game due to its position. Its position is also a source of a challenge since you are consistently exposed from all sides to enemy invasions. 

The Mid Lane is a controlling Lane, and players often have to be constantly active across the map. This means that the average Mid Laner will be roaming to Top, Bot, and even around the Jungle if need be. They are the most mobile and active role in the game, save for the Jungler. 

The difficulty of achieving such map presence and activity is immense, and the Mid Lane is regarded as one of the most difficult to master. The best players in the game have all been Mid Laners, and it truly is a particular part of the map. Hell, all end-game fights happen on Mid – it is a central, pivotal, and crucial Lane. 

Despite all this, I’d like to argue that the Mid Lane isn’t the most challenging role, for reasons I shall explain in the other parts. 

2. Bot Lane and Support

The ADC and the Support go hand in hand and are an inseparable union. I will quickly highlight each of their hardships and then glance over the generalities. 

The ADC role is probably the most difficult in many but not all regards. Controlling an ADC, being under constant threat and danger, and just maneuvering around everything the enemy throws at you is tedious. It is challenging and frustrating to put so much thought, skill and effort into just playing a regular game. 

Supports have a bit more leisure and aren’t usually the focused target. As a matter of fact, they are often left for last, meaning that they have the convenience of not worrying about immediate danger. However, it takes quite a lot of skill and attention to keep your ally/allies empowered, healed, etc. APM is synonymous with Supports and ADCs.

The Bot Lane itself is a 2v2 contest where your team play skills will shine the most. If you haven’t mastered playing in a dual setup, you will definitely be at a detriment in the Bot Lane. It is the perfect test for communication and cooperation skills that most players will develop late in their League careers. 

I don’t think it is the most difficult. Instead, I am crowning the following role. 

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1. Jungler

The Jungler is the most demanding role in League of Legends. They have to be constantly and consistently proactive, present on all sides of the map simultaneously, and successfully assist their team. All of this and more must be done while they manage to complete objectives, get farm, XP, etc. 

Junglers are also the most impactful role in League of Legends. A good Jungler can singlehandedly change the course of a game, something most other roles cannot even fathom. Junglers can use their ganking opportunities to completely eviscerate an enemy Laner or Jungler, which can set them back severely. 

Thus, I can safely say that the Junglers are the most challenging role. There are so many reasons for this claim that I simply don’t have the space to explain now. Perhaps I’ll make an article dedicated to Junglers entirely. Maybe, but you’ll have to keep an eye on our website for that. 

Finalizing Thoughts

As we can see, all of the League of Legends roles have their own challenges. Whether it be the skill requirements, difficult matchups, or something else entirely, it is sure that playing League is no easy feat. No matter the role, the game itself provides a huge challenge that must be overcome on the path to improvement. Junglers are kings of challenge in the game, but that doesn’t make the others any less so. 

I hope you’ve found the article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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