Top 7 Hardest-To-Kill Champions in League of Legends

The days of the unkillable Tanks and their meta dominance slowly fade away. Though they might be behind us, hopefully never to return, the “unkillable” factor remains in League of Legends. 

It might not be manifested through only Tanks. Mages, Bruisers, and even some Supports today manage to remain invulnerable and outside of the usual realm of mortality. This is primarily attributed to the Season 11 itemization changes, which severely impacted the meta as a whole. 

Some builds are just so insane that I can’t even fathom how Riot let it slip into the actual game. Playtesting obviously wasn’t their focus, nor was balance. These recent two Seasons have made me rethink the entire philosophy of Riot Games. 

But I digress. We’re here to look at the 7 hardest-to-kill Champions in League. These beefy brutes have their ways of consistently escaping death and have thus made it onto our list.

Let’s begin! 

7. Sylas

Sylas is a powerful Mage Bruiser (yes, those exist) capable of doing tons of damage while healing in the process. Sylas’ rejuvenation gets quite crazy at times, rendering him nearly impossible to kill. He can seemingly fight with no end in sight. Sylas is brutally strong both in individual skirmishes and broad team fights. 

In team fights, he can have quite the influence. Sylas can take the strongest enemy tools and use it to his own advantage with his Ultimate-stealing R. That, paired with his sustainability, makes Sylas one of the best Champions out there currently. He’s always had this level of might from the moment he was released. 

However, he isn’t the most accessible Champion to play. It might take you a while to get used to how he works and all the intricacies he comes with. Sylas is challenging, but it does pay off to learn him properly. I recommend you give him a try. 

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6. Yone

Okay, now we’re getting into the really immortal ballpark. Yone has a slow first few levels where he may exert moments of vulnerability. But once he gets to level 6, Yone becomes an immortal beast that wreaks havoc upon the Rift. He can singlehandedly kill an entire team while emerging unscathed from the battle. 

I can’t wrap my head around this Champion and his defenses. The healing factor here is borderline broken, and the endless shields don’t help. You’ll need a double anti-sustain build with Serpent’s Fang and a Grievous Wounds item. That can have a detrimental impact on your build’s overall strength since it’s such a niche and specialized for Yone. 

Whether it’s individually or in a team fight, Yone is monstrous. His damage, attack speed, and insane defenses make for an ungodly Champion whose sole mission is to kill. Winning against a fed Yone is difficult but not undoable. However, you will have to focus all of your attacks on him since he can’t be brought down otherwise. 

But if there’s a Yuumi on board with him – you can just give up immediately. 

5. Warwick

Past his prime as the apex Tank predator, Warwick still maintains his immortal nature. Living beyond the realm of the gray screen, Warwick can be impossible to bring down. With an omnipresent map pressure and insane healing – he’ll get fed and strong in no time. If this advantage of his grows large enough, he will singlehandedly soak up your entire team’s damage. 

I’ve seen Warwick players go 1v5 and still emerge from the fight with half HP left. It’s incredible how strong he can get with just a few items, especially Spirit Visage. One Q can heal hundreds if not a 1000 HP immediately, and it has a very low cooldown. Tanky and hitting like a truck, Warwick is truly a beast. 

I recommend Warwick to players who enjoy playing sustainable Junglers. You won’t have any issue with camp clearing or HP with this Champion. However, the mana costs early on can get quite tasking, so keep an eye on it. It would be a shame to squander such potential because you had no mana to use it. 

4. Yasuo

Yone’s estranged brother, Yasuo, is more or less his counterpart. I think that Yone is much worse in this regard than Yasuo, but the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Yasuo will take a little longer to get to a genuinely unkillable level. This might be easier said than done with how the meta has evolved since Yasuo’s prime. 

However, good Yasuo players will eventually manage to snowball, no matter what. Yasuo doesn’t need much gold or XP to be a strong Champion. His kit, passives, and Runes are enough to keep him serviceable until he racks up the items needed for true immortality. 

Yasuo has a vast potential to gain an early lead. If he manages to do so, even if just by a kill or two, he can be the bane of the enemy’s existence. Going from 2 kills to 22 with Yasuo is just a usual mid game sight. His snowball increases exponentially with each passing minute and minion slain. 

Preventing Yasuo from snowballing is almost as impossible as it is to kill him. No matter how bad his start, if the game goes on for long enough – he will emerge victoriously. 

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3. Akali

Akali’s case is similar to Sylas’s. Bruiser Akali has been a popular build in recent months, though a Mage Assassin in nature. Akali can have thousands of HP and solid defense with just an item or two while brutally owning the enemies in damage. One-shotting while at full HP herself is just a usual Akali encounter. 

Even if you catch her, she has so many tools to escape and heal back all damage done. It’s pretty frustrating to face Akali in the late game, especially if you are at a disadvantage. With capacities to one-shot just about anything short of a Tank, Akali has a certain danger zone surrounding her. Despite this, there are some vulnerabilities that players can exploit against Akali, such as her short but deep down-time.

Despite having this one opening for disaster, Akali can and will dominate all games she’s in. Hell, she doesn’t even need that many items or levels to be a genuine nightmare for the enemy team. 

2. Irelia

Irelia’s healing is something that I notoriously hate and emphasize whenever I mention her in our lists. You consistently have to be aware of what she’s capable of, so you can have the means of taking her down. But keep in mind that if there’s a large enough minion wave nearby – everything becomes futile. Irelia can get back to full HP by jumping to 5 or 6 minions, and if that doesn’t tell you everything, I don’t know what will. 

There is a counterbalance to his, however. Her complexity requires exceptional skill to be used to her full potential. With how challenging it is to learn and master Irelia, I’d say that having a solid payoff isn’t that OP. Only a few players can perform these insanities with Irelia, and I can safely compare her with Riven. 

In the right hands, Irelia is a monster. But as I’ve said above – not everyone can do that. Thus, even though she had to be on the list, I think she’s the least overpowered here. 

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1. Malphite

The first and only genuine Tank, Malphite, is a walking boulder known for his brutally powerful Ultimate and combos. He’s immobile, can’t really do much, and will thus be passive except for the combo. Recent additions such as the updated Sunfire Cape allow Malphite to do much more damage than usual. 

With impressive base stats on his abilities, Malphite can also have some deadly engages even at 0 AP. He can put all of his focus on building up as much defense as possible, which causes him to embody his lore perfectly: a walking, living mountain. You can try to kill him if he’s at full build, but I suggest just ignoring him and focusing on the rest.

If the others are defeated, Malphite will fall eventually. Attacking him while the rest of his team is alive is just setting yourself up for defeat. He’ll be able to suck up all the damage you throw at him while his allies wreck you. I mean, that’s a Tank’s purpose, after all. 


The League of Legends has had many Champion releases that could be considered OP. Having Champions that are borderline unkillable is unacceptable. However, this isn’t even the Champion’s fault anymore. The newly added or updated items give so many brutal buffs that I have no idea how that stuff made it into the full release. I pray that Riot fixes some of these items, like the infamous Crown that immortalizes almost every Mage. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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