Here’s why Ohmwrecker is the worst item in League of Legends

Millions of LoL players confront the busiest shopkeeper out there – the man who patches up those raggedy boots, conjures up amazing magical staves, and smiths your swords. He can be found chilling on both corners of Summoner’s Rift, and while he’s a great guy, he makes some outrageous margins on some of his items – 300 gold for simple Cloth Armor? That’s a bit on the high side for my blood. 

However, if you delve deep into this his stash, there’s one piece that has remained ignored by most of his visitors. Only the most daring traveler will pick up this item, and to be honest with you, I can’t think of a reason why anyone would even glance at it…I mean, they might happen to pick it up by accident, without realizing what it is. Staring at every shop visitor, hoping to be picked up, is the Ohmwrecker. If you have never heard of the Ohmwrecker in LoL, then that’s probably a good thing…it’s labeled as one of the worst items in League of Legends.

These days, despite the millions of players that visit the shop keeper, the Ohmwrecker is purchased less than 100 times. Imagine this – there are thousands of League of Legends games being played, and the majority of these players never pick it.

Most of you probably don’t even remember the release of this item. Today, the existence of this item is a joke waiting to happen, if anyone even acknowledges it. Before it popped up, believe it or not, this item was dreaded as being a frightening enabler of tower dives. 

At this time, the Chinese metagame was shocking everyone – the aggression of OMG and other old school rosters were dominating the Eastern LoL scene. You would see casters joking that the Chinese LoL players didn’t see turrets and were blind to this. This item right here, the Ohmwrecker, was expected to become the true nail in the coffin.

The keyword here is “expected …” Expected, because this scenario never happened, it didn’t even get close to happening. Before this item could disappear into the darkness, it was already behind us in the dust.

Released in the Preseason of 2013 (many of you may remember this), the Ohmwrecker had a lot of competition, including Iceborn Gauntlet, Statikk Shiv, Ravenous Hydra, Muramana, Mercurial Scimitar, and Runaan’s Hurricane – those were some of the unique items that were released alongside the Ohmwrecker. This was also when the Sightstone was first introduced to summoners. During this period, League of Legends went through a drastic item overhaul, and while Ohmwrecker was hyped up, it really wasn’t all it was cut out to be.

Why Doesn’t the Ohmwrecker Work?

If I really think about it, Ohmwrecker wasn’t as bad as it was when it first came out. Before, it offered a whole lot of useless base stats, without amplifying damage or tankiness. Today, it brings a combination of Armor, health, Cooldown Reduction, and Health, along with a movement speed passive to the table. Even better, it still has the ability to disable towers from attacking for a total of three seconds. 

Looking at it like this, wouldn’t you think these stats are everything a tank player would want? 

Well, there’s a problem. The first problem is that it doesn’t offer any additional unique raw combat actives or passives – if this is what you need, then look into Iceborn Gauntlet and Sunfire Cape. One offers a huge spike in damage along with an area of effect slow, while the other can quickly clear minion waves. Ohmwrecker isn’t going to help you in the neutral 1v1, and it definitely isn’t going to help you with that minion problem.

Secondly, unless you just so happen to be overhead, it’s pretty useless – actually, let me rephrase that – unless you are ahead, it IS useless. If you’re trying to play from behind, it’s not going to work out for you. You won’t even be able to get close to those turrets, let alone dive them. 

This is one of the biggest reasons why this item isn’t a popular choice. 

Last, upon release, Ohmwrecker gave only Health and Mana, and LoL players haven’t gotten over this. Back in Season 3, if you had a craving for diving turrets, you stacked a lot of Armor. Turrets aren’t like they are now – they didn’t have crazy multiplicative damage. Since then, Riot has amplified this feature because of the professional players – long story short, those pros have become too good at juggling turret aggro. So, instead of going for this Ohmwrecker, choosing a Randuin’s Omen would have offered you the same turret diving opportunities, along with much better combat stats.

Does Ohmwrecker have a Future in League of Legends?

Ohmwrecker is one of the worst items in League of Legends. It has been totally forgotten by a lot of League players, and here's why!

As of right now, Ohmwrecker has a 126 percent gold efficiency if you’re using the passive effect. With that in mind, it seems that this item could work well for tank champions. For tanking champions, resetting the turret damage is great, as it allows you to sit under the turret for ten seconds at a time, without losing too much health.

I could see this item becoming a popular choice if Riot were to add a defensive ability to the active. Perhaps, Ohmwrecker would offer a 100% increase in attack speed along with a 50% increase in damage or something along these lines when used on an allied turret – it would both prevent and enable turret dives, instead of only rewarding the aggressor. 

Of course, the other patch of completely disappearing into the dark could also happen. Some crowd favorites like Twin Shadows and Zephyr have disappeared into thin air, never to be seen again. 

For me, I will start building this item – yeah, it might be a pity build, but it does exist, and us LoL players need to treasure every option we have in front of us. If we really think about it, all five players could end up having an Iceborn Gauntlet, Sunfire Cape, and Spirit Visage to Build. So, instead of embarking on the darkest timeline, let’s embrace the beauty that the Ohmwrecker has to offer – even if it is the worst item on League of Legends. 

Written by Spezzy

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