Top 7 Best Champions For High Attack Speed

Best Champions High Attack Speed League of Legends

League of Legends has tons of champions; each of which has its own specialties and strengths. Champions that rely on auto attacking often have high attack speed so that they can attack swiftly and deal a lot of damage per second (DPS). Whether you are an ADC player or want to choose a champion that has tons of attack speed, this guide will show you the top 7 best champions for high attack speed.

The top 7 best champions for high attack speed in League of Legends are:

  • Master Yi
  • Yasuo
  • Jinx
  • Kog’Maw
  • Bel’Veth
  • Vayne
  • Twitch

You might have some other champion instead of our picks but we have good reasons why these champions are on this list. All of these champions excel in having high attack speed and are quite strong right now as well. Most of these are ADC champions since they mostly rely on attack speed and DPS. With that said, let’s dive right in and take a look at the top 7 best champions for high attack speed in League of Legends.

Master Yi

Best High Attack Speed Champion Master Yi League of LegendsMaster Yi is a champion that is not only great for beginners but also works in the higher ranks of the game. Yi has a weak early game but as soon as he gets his items, it is game over for the enemy. The only real counter to him is if the enemy has a lot of CC that can stop him right in his tracks.

His Q allows Master Yi to become untargetable and strike multiple enemies at once. After a while, Yi damages all enemies that are hit by his Q and becomes targetable again. With each auto attack, you can reduce the cooldown of this ability by one second.

His W is a great ability that allows Yi to have sustain and survive incoming attacks. He mediates in place and takes reduced damage from all damage sources. Plus, Yi regenerates some of his HP as well over time. However, you cannot move while channeling this ability or it will cancel.

Yi’s E is a simple ability that allows his auto attacks to grant bonus true damage. This allows him to cut through champions regardless of how much armor they have.

Finally, his R allows Yi to increase his movement and attack speed. Plus, you cannot be slowed by any ability or auto attack during this duration as well. Once you activate your ultimate, Yi gains immense attack speed and becomes unstoppable.


Best High Attack Speed Champion Yasuo League of LegendsOne of the best prime examples of a high attack speed champion is Yasuo. The best part is that one of his vital abilities relies on building attack speed items. During the late game, your auto attacks will deal a lot of damage thanks to having a 100% critical strike and high attack speed.

His Q deals a good amount of damage considering it has a few seconds cooldown. After successfully hitting it twice, you can fire a tornado that will knock up any enemy hit by it.

Yasuo’s W allows him to place a wind wall that blocks almost all projectiles and auto attacks in the game – except for the turrets. This ability can be used to block everything that the enemy has to offer so that they deal no damage. Plus, you can even use it to deny them the farm.

His E allows you to dash through enemy targets. It has a low cooldown as well, so, you can dash through enemies all over the place. Use this to close the gap and damage the enemy. After using your combo, dash back and return to safety. You can even use it to chase the enemy in the lane as well.

Yasuo’s R lets him instantly teleport behind an enemy that is knocked up in the air and slash them. After a while, Yasuo will slam them to the ground, gaining armor penetration and damaging them. Thanks to your attack speed, you will deal tons of damage just by your auto attacks.


Best High Attack Speed Champion Jinx League of LegendsAs of right now, Jinx is doing great thanks to having high damage and high attack speed. Thanks to her build and abilities, she gains, even more, attack speed than usual. Plus, if you pick the Lethal Tempo rune, you’ll break through the attack speed barrier for a while and destroy any enemy in front of you.

Her Q allows her to switch between her rocket launcher and her machine gun. The former weapon has high damage but a slow attack speed. Whereas, the latter weapon has low damage compared to the rocket launcher but Jinx gains attack speed the more she attacks.

Her W allows Jinx to fire a laser in a straight line. The first enemy hit by this projectile will take damage and get slowed. This is a great spell to either poke the enemy or slow them while chasing them. Plus, you can even slow them while running away as well.

Jinx’s E allows her to throw three traps that snare any enemy champions that are hit by it. These traps are on the ground for a while so that the enemies are forced to move around them. Plus, they also deal damage to anyone around the traps or hit by them.

Finally, her R lets Jinx fire a massive rocket that travels across the map. This is a great ultimate that can get you kills from across the map and help your team as well. The damage of this spell depends on how far the rocket has traveled.


Best High Attack Speed Champion Kog’Maw League of LegendsKog’Maw is a strong ADC that is somewhat weak in the early game. If you are someone who loves to play aggressively during the laning phase, then this champion might not be for you. To make the most out of him, you need to farm and make sure that you get your items. After 3 or 4 items, Kog’Maw becomes unstoppable and deals tons of damage. This is especially true if you have a support like Lulu.

His Q allows Kog to spit out a projectile that damages the first enemy it hits. This also corrodes the enemy’s armor and magic resistance. On top of that, once it hits the enemy, Kog’Maw gains attack speed.

Kog’Maw’s W is a great ability that allows you to gain range and deal a percent of the target’s maximum health as magic damage. Since Kog doesn’t have a lot of range usually, using W will allow you to remain at a safe distance while you destroy the enemy.

His E is a great ability if you want to run away from enemies or chase them. He launches a peculiar ooze which damages and slows all enemies hit. This also leaves a trail that stays for a few seconds. Any enemy that steps on this trail will get slowed.

Finally, his R allows Kog to fire an artillery shell at a great distance that deals magic damage. The lower health the enemy has, the more damage this ability will do. Plus, it also slows any enemies that are hit by it. Additionally, you can fire a few of his ultimates since it has an extremely low cooldown. However, the more you use this ability, the higher its mana cost is going to be. So, wait for a while so that the stacks can reset and the mana cost returns to normal.


Best High Attack Speed Champion Bel’Veth League of LegendsBel’Veth is one of the newest champions in League of Legends, and she is one of the best high attack speed champions out there. She can gain tons of speed and mobility thanks to her passive and abilities.

Her Q lets her dash in all four directions. You can choose which direction you want to dash to and she will go there. Once you dash in a particular direction, you’ll have to wait a while for it to recharge.

Bel’Veth’s W is a simple ability that knocks up any enemy units in front of her. She can dash to a location and use this spell to knock up the enemy so that you can attack them while they cannot do anything.

Her E is a great spell that allows her to gain tons of lifesteal and damage reduction. She attacks the lowest HP target in a radius around her. Since this is a channeling ability, you cannot move during it. If you do, this spell will cancel.

Finally, her R allows her to transform into her true form. If you get a takedown or an enemy dies near you, you can press R to transform and deal damage around you. This also gives you more attack speed as well which makes Bel’Veth a great high attack speed champion.


Best High Attack Speed Champion Vayne League of LegendsVayne is one of the best late-game carries in the entire game. She has tons of potential that can win you the game if you know what you are doing. A good Vayne is extremely scary since the enemy will have a difficult time getting to you and attacking you. She can peel for herself and destroy most champions in a 1v1 situation.

Her Q allows Vayne to roll in any direction and gain an empowered attack. Once you attack the enemy, her Q will go on cooldown. This is a good ability to chase someone or position yourself better in case the enemy is close to you.

Her W is a passive who deals true damage. This is where Vayne’s true damage comes from. After every third consecutive auto attack on an enemy, Vayne deals true damage. This can be used to destroy the enemy regardless of how much HP they have.

Her E is an ability that is great at getting the enemy away from you. She pushes a target away from her by firing a large bolt at them. While this does a little damage when used on the enemy, you can stun them if the enemy hits the wall at the end. If used correctly, the enemy will be stunned, allowing you to auto attack them freely.

Finally, her R gives Vayne extra AD and gives her Q a new passive. When you use your Q while in your ultimate, you will become invisible for a second. This is great for repositioning yourself and getting away from the enemy once they get close to you. The best part is that her Q has an extremely low cooldown which means that you can use it after almost every second or two.


Best High Attack Speed Champion Twitch League of LegendsTwitch is extremely strong right now thanks to being buffed and having his items adjusted as well. He is one of the best high attack speed champions in the game thanks to having multiple abilities that allow him to gain additional attack speed. Plus, you do not have to worry about getting peeled while playing Twitch since you can join the teamfight later thanks to your stealth.

His Q allows him to gain stealth and move around with increased movement speed. Once Twitch comes out of his stealth, he gains attack speed for a few seconds. However, if the enemy gets too close, you will be visible to them. So, keep your distance and use this to position yourself behind the enemy and surprise them.

His W allows Twitch to throw a poisonous vial that explodes in an area. The area becomes poisonous and any enemy that walks on it will be slowed and take damage over time. Plus, they will also get marked by his stacks as well.

Twitch’s E allows him to consume all of his stacks on a marked enemy to deal additional damage. You can put stacks on them by either auto-attacking or using W on them. This ability is great at finishing off the enemy if they are running away with low HP.

During his R, Twitch will gain a lot of range and he will rapidly fire his auto attacks. These attacks deal more damage and they can pass through the first target that they hit. Keep in mind that the enemy can dodge these auto attacks if they dash or flash sideways.

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