Top 7 Best High Mobility Assassins in League of Legends

League of Legends Assassins are revered as some of the fastest Champions in the game. They excel in traversing the map as quickly as possible to seek out kills or doing heavy damage to the opposing side. However, some are exceptional in this regard, being able to go from one end of the map to another in mere seconds.

This list details such cases, precisely 7 of them. Assassins are no laughing stock and will utilize their speed to increase their advantage as much as possible. 

I’ll cut it off here to avoid choking you to death with introductory ramblings. 

Let’s begin, shall we? 

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7. Zed

Zed is often crowned as the best Assassin in the game, though that claim is heavily disputed. Assassin mains are some pretty heated blokes, and they do like to argue about how their Champion is better than yours. Zed mains are no exception, and they seem to have reached the broadest consensus on the matter. 

It is no wonder that Zed would find himself on any list about Assassins. Regarding mobility, his W is his primary friend, with the Ultimate coming as a close second. Zed tends to build a ton of movement speed-increasing items, but his abilities are what allow him to be so elusive. 

Namely, Zed’s W projects a shadow of himself that imitates all abilities he casts for a duration. Zed can reactivate the ability to switch places with the shadow. The same is true for his Ultimate. 

These two abilities make Zed one of the most potent tower divers in the history of League. Starting from level 6, Zed can comfortably dive any Champion out there and do it effectively. 

As for traversing the terrain, he can jump over almost everything with remarkable ease. While his Ultimate doesn’t give him a non-target cast, he can still utilize it perfectly for other scenarios like falling back from just engaging a vital target, etc. 

He is a tough Champion that people often take for granted. A good Zed player can be the bane of existence to all his enemies. His mobility is just the tip of the iceberg, and exploring his depths can take us to a world we never knew existed. While I will end my entry on Zed here, I must mention that this Champion is likely the best Assassin there is. 

Those who oppose this outrageous Zed main claim be damned. He has so much that one can use efficiently while not containing an overly complicated mechanical requirement. Unlike some, you don’t have to read through paragraphs and descriptions to understand how his passive works. Thus, his balance between ease and complexity is what makes him ultimately so great.

Don’t hate on me in the comments. Go play Zed. 

6. Talon

And though I made such an outlandish claim, there’s only more to come. While I believe Zed is the best overall, Talon is most certainly the king of mobility. Scarcely does any other Champion come even close to his ability to traverse the map quickly. Not only can he jump over any wall he desires, but he also has so much movement speed that it gives him a spot on the list. 

Talon’s passive allows him to jump over any terrain. This is extremely useful when playing him as a Jungler (which was quite popular for a long time). But this ability is perfect for embodying his roaming playstyle wherever he plays – Mid, Top, or Jungle. Whether winning or losing his Lane, Talon can quickly pay a visit to one of the multiple Lanes and come back (or increase his advantage). 

Besides his passive, Talon’s build path often contains many movement speed items like Youmuu’s Ghostblade. His abilities, like his Ultimate, grant him even more mobility, movement speed, and engagement potential. 

Talon loves to go in, kill someone, and quickly retreat to safety. However, there is a ton of space for building sturdier items, making him a Bruiser/Assassin hybrid. 

Talon is an excellent little Champion that everyone should give a chance. I wholeheartedly recommend him to just about anyone. 

5. Katarina

Katarina is a Champion that loves to reset her abilities and spam them as much as humanly possible. The best Katarina players out there possess APM skills so high that you’d not even perceive everything she did in a play. She can jump and dance around the map so elegantly and quickly that one often becomes oblivious to her existence. 

She can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Her E is her primary tool for mobility, and while her W does add movement speed, it pales in comparison with her E. It allows her to jump to any given target, save for wards and such. Since it resets after each time, she picks up a dagger, and she has two – and after each kill, it’s safe to say this spell will be up often. 

With it, Katarina can waltz around the Lane and any fight she finds herself in. It’s the perfect tool for engaging, escaping, doing damage, etc. 

With the recent changes to her kit, it is now also her primary source of damage, making the spell even more integral to her kit than it was before. Players will prioritize using it excessively, making Katarina even more focused on this elusive mobility than ever. 

I love this Champion, and there’s a reason why she’s so popular right now. Standing tall at a comfortable S tier, Katarina is a dominant force at the moment. I highly recommend you try her while she’s enjoying this level of power. 

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4. Akali

Akali’s whole schtick is her being incredibly fast and mobile. She literally has to go in and out repeatedly to utilize the potential of her kit. Akali will always try to attack you, back off, re-engage, and back off again. 

Rinse and repeat until the enemy is dead. Since she has an insane damage cap, this process is usually cut off somewhere in the middle as she’ll probably one-shot you no matter the approach. 

She’s incredibly elusive, making her a pain to play against. Her kit makes her one of the rare melee Champions with genuine means of playing versus a ranged Top Laner. With continuous dashes, increased movement speed, and her powerful invisibility, she can evade most of the stuff you throw at her.

Engaging her full is also almost impossible. She can either escape using her dashes or just hide in the smoke. 

This mobility can thus save her from even the strongest of Assassins that seek to throw her out of the equation. Akali can bait out most of their kit, leaving them vulnerable, and then re-engage with her own full combo. 

Her Ultimate can take her through a considerable distance and has more than a single cast and a ton of damage. It is a vital tool that gives Akali some insane outplay potential, as well as her primary damage. 

Her complexity is a marvel, and it takes a skilled hand to play her. Thus, I recommend her only to intermediate players that have the time to invest in learning her. She’s much more complex than she sounds, so strap on if you decide to pick her up. 

3. Rengar

Rengar is one of the best gankers among the Jungle Champions. Most of this ganking capability comes from his high mobility and long range that he can quickly use to dispose of enemies. 

The first part of Rengar’s mobility kit is his passive which grants him the ability to pounce on enemies from bushes. This ability has a great range, and there are a plethora of brushes on the map, even more if the Ocean drake rolls around – turning Rengar into Mario. 

When his second bar fills up, Rengar can empower a spell. After using an empowered spell, he gets bonus movement speed based on level. A substantial movement speed boost can help him run down an escaping enemy after jumping on them. 

His Ultimate also grants him a lot of movement speed – a bonus similar to his passive. It will also allow him to use his jump from anywhere, not just from a bush. Rengar is a true Assassin and will hunt down his prey until it’s dead. 

His speed and execution make him a ferocious Jungler that’s undoubtedly among the best. 

2. Kha’Zix

Kha’Zix is a Champion that is just too strong sometimes. I remember times when Assassins couldn’t carry games, but that seems to have all changed. This one, and the Champion that’s just up next, are perfect examples of that. Kha can deal obscene damage to even the tankiest of opponents if everything aligns correctly, and it does more often than not. 

His clear is straightforward. Lots of multi-target damage heals and single target burst. But Kha isn’t about the clearing or pathing in the jungle; he’s all about ganks. His passive Isolates targets, giving him extra damage to them. Using his rather unique kit, he can go invisible, leap in and delete enemies in mere seconds. 

If the target is Isolated, his Q can one-shot people by itself. It deals so much damage that sometimes I’m shocked at how fast a health bar can deplete. His E, his R, and his W all have their own advantages and can be upgraded whenever Kha levels his Ultimate spell. Due to having only 3 levels in the Ultimate, Kha will have to leave one out. 

Depending on the situation, you can choose which abilities you need most and which one you can keep in its default state. Kha is currently one of the most potent Champions to play in general, never mind the jungle viability. I recommend you use this opportunity for freelo while you can, as changes are bound to come soon. Hopefully, at least.

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1. Kayn

Most of Kayn’s mobility is situated within his Shadow form. It is speedy and compared with the Red form; it’s not even a contest. 

Kayn’s Q gives him a short-ranged dash that also deals damage – twice. Once when it passes through an enemy and then again in a spin. It is one of Kayn’s primary damage sources early on and will also serve to traverse through the terrain. 

But perhaps the core part of his mobility is the E. It grants Kayn total, unobstructed passage through terrain and structures. It also heals him a little bit, making it a vital tool for the early and late game. Apart from his Ultimate, it is also his primary survivability tool, which won’t be off of cooldown as much as this ability. 

As I’ve said, his Shadow form enhances the damage dealt and the speed of his abilities. His W will no longer require Kayn to channel it himself but rather leave a Zed-like Shadow to do it for him. This gives him more space to use the rest of his kit while still doing good damage with his W. 

Kayn is fast and is incredibly versatile – two aspects that deservedly put him on the S+ Jungler tier list. 


League of Legends Assassins can be as mobile as they are deadly, and most love their speed. Utilizing it in many different ways, Assassins seek only to kill their opponents swiftly and efficiently. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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