Top 10 Highest AFK Champions in League of Legends

“AFK” is a commonly used term in online games and chatting. It is an abbreviation for “away from the keyboard.” This is generally used to let people know that you will be inactive or will not respond for a short while. In League of Legends, however, this is a much more severe term.

AFK is used for a player who has left or quit during a game. Internet issues or real-life situations sometimes force you to leave a game. However, the more common cause of AFK players is not so excusable. Players often leave or quit games that they do not wish to play any longer.

The player might lose interest in the game because they are having a bad game. It can be because they are dying non-stop or because they are being targeted and shut down by the enemy team. There are also certain champions in the game whose player base is infamous for quitting games.

The champions that have a reputation for quitting games have been compiled and put into a list below. It is also useful to know what champion has the highest amount of AFK ratio in League of Legends. This will help you in your own games as you can be prepared for the worst if you find them on your team.

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10. Yasuo

The champion with the highest AFK rate comes as a surprise to no one. Yasuo is a name that is synonymous with being AFK. Every League player has at some point been a first-hand witness to Yasuo quitting the game.

Yasuo also has one of the highest play rates in League of Legends. Combine this with the fact that he has the highest AFK rate, and you come to realize why it is so common to find an AFK Yasuo. Needless to say, the champion is also disliked because of the high propensity to quit games.

9. Mordekaiser

Mordekaiser is a melee fighter champion that is played in the top lane. A good part of the play rate is because this champion is a go-to pick for auto-filled people that wish to play a carry champion at top lane. The reason for this is that Mordekaiser is an extremely simple and effective champion for solo queue.

This often leads to the auto-filled player having a poor lane phase. The opponent, who is most likely a top lane main will be better at the lane than an auto-fill. A poor start to the game is one of the main reasons why players quit games.

8. Yone

Not to be outdone by his brother, Yone also has a significant AFK ratio. The champion is similar to Yasuo in almost every way. They are both melee duelers that have the potential to carry games on their own. The best way to deal with them is to shut them down in the early game.

This tactic is often applied by people playing against these champions. Their enemy laner combines with the jungler to shut them down. As a result, the person playing Yone will often get frustrated and quit games as a result – especially because players playing in low elo do not know how to play when they are being camped.

7. Master Yi

Master Yi is a low-range jungle champion that scales extremely well. Yi just needs a couple of items and he can become a massive threat to the enemy team. To deal with such an issue players try to restrict him from scaling freely.

This is often in the form of the enemy jungler invading him either alone or with the help of his team. Yi needs to keep a keen eye on the enemy jungler’s pathing and be aware of potential invades. 

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6. Sett

Sett is a well-rounded champion. He has a solid laning phase and a lot of good matchups in the top lane. Excellent team fighting and game-changing plays thanks to his ultimate and “Haymaker” are the hallmark of his gameplay.

However, in the laning phase Sett needs to be wary of taking trades or fighting when Haymaker is on cooldown. This is one of the major ways the enemy can exploit him as the ability has a high cooldown in the early game.

5. Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao is a jungler with a very strong early game. He wins almost all early game duels due to this quality. However, as he gets out scaled easily, you need to make a lasting advantage in the early game. This is the reason why Xin Zhao players tend to be so focused on ganking and playing at a high tempo.

Xin Zhao’s biggest weakness in the early game is his slow jungle clear. Nearly every other jungler is either able to match him or just be faster at clearing camps. Players use this to their advantage and offset the early game activity that Xin has by racking up farm and XP leads.

4. Braum

Braum is a support champion. The support role is rarely associated with anything close to quitting games or being toxic. So, this will come as a surprise to most, but Braum does indeed have one of the highest AFK ratios in the game.

Braum is the ideal support pick for providing the team with disengage capabilities. Braum is also excellent for providing the ADC with hands-on peel and defense from threats. 

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3. Tryndamere

Tryndamere is a champ that starts off slow and scales to become the highest damage champion in the game. The champion is similar to Master Yi in this way. If you let him scale freely, he will become a menace, so you, more often than not, try to shut him down nice and early.

This can lead to getting into some really bad lane matchups or just being camped by the enemy team. Either way, the result is the same. You get frustrated because you are not being allowed to play the game the way you want.

2. Zed

Zed is an assassin that is known to dominate a majority of mid-lane matchups. He is an incredibly strong laner that has an ever-present kill threat due to the high damage he possesses. Moreover, the outplay potential and intricate combos make it so a good Zed player can win games on his own.

However, all is not that simple. Zed in true assassin fashion needs to stay ahead of the game to be effective. If you do not manage to get a lead from your early game advantage, your kill threat drops significantly. 

1. Akali

For the last champion in this top ten list, we have Akali. This is another assassin champion, but it has more versatility than Zed. This is because Akali is played in both the top and mid lanes. Moreover, Akali scales quite well, so you are not on a timer to prove a lead.

Akali is just not a fun champion to play against. She is extremely mobile and has constant poke against melee champions. While against the common mage champion, she can just dive for the kill on any given opportunity. 

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Final Thoughts

It is most common for players to quit games in the early stages. This is mainly because once players have spent some time in the game, they tend to see it through. Moreover, League of Legends games have become much more fast-paced these days. This ultimately results in much shorter overall game times.

The above list of champions that have the highest AFK rates in the game all have one thing in common. They can either be exploited in the early game or they are just weaker in the early game than their counterparts.

This is the reason why we have focused on providing some tips to help people get through the early game. Once you can get through the early game in good shape, you play the game in a noticeably more positive manner.

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