Top 11 Hottest Female Skins in League of Legends

Admit it. League of Legends is not a perfect game. A losing streak on a perfect day, topped with allies who are either having a bad day or just straight-up throwing games, can be more than a good enough reason to uninstall the game. But of course, you won’t. The best part of League of Legends is too good to pass up. Namely, the skins. 

Skin quality has been particularly great recently, so we’re here to curate the 11 hottest League of Legends female skins and enjoy what is arguably the reason we all play this game.

1. Crystal Rose Zyra

The new Crystal Rose skinline debuted with our resident plant-lady, and Zyra looks impeccably hot as she dons a magnificent light purple dress. Despite sharing the same splash art as Crystal Rose Swain, Zyra commands her half of the image with an aura of elegance that is nothing short of hot.

2. Battle Academia Caitlyn

Although the Battle Academia skinline seems to cater largely to a shounen anime audience, Battle Academia Caitlyn surely encompasses that audience and more. Caitlyn retains her authoritative air yet accentuates her attractiveness with a special youthful vibrance. Plus, that extra detail on the edge of the screen when she casts her Ultimate is distinctively fun to look at.

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3. Crime City Nightmare Akali

Akali joins in the refresh of the Crime City skinline, and boy does she look fine as hell. Crime City Nightmare Akali perfectly portrays the trope of villains looking ridiculously hot. The moonlight accenting her malevolent figure and her kunai exuding a mysterious evil power all contribute to Akali mains probably asking to die by her hands, figuratively. (Don’t worry, you’re not alone when you think that)

4. Coven Evelynn

The Coven skinline sports an all-female cast that radiates a subtle evil behind beauteous faces, and none can lead the pack as well as Coven Evelynn. Although a far cry from her usual style of sexiness that’s straight-to-your-face, perhaps the subtlety of her hotness makes her even hotter. There’s also something particularly attractive and elegant about the light shining down on her devilishly relaxed face.

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5. Ruined Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune has always been conventionally hot, but she continues the trend in this list where villainy is simply too sexy than it should be. Ruined Miss Fortune domineeringly stands on a ship infected with the Black Mist, taking her original ruthless identity up a notch and her beauty several notches more. 

6. Sentinel Vayne

Although Sentinel Vayne breaks the villain trend in this list, she’s not any less hot than anyone on the list. Sentinel Vayne is elegantly simple and exudes a badass protagonist’s aura with the white glow and black attire aesthetic. Going toward the light might foreshadow the defeat of the Ruined King and the end of his reign, but Vayne definitely made sure she’s going to do it with style. 

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7. K/DA All Out Kai’sa

K/DA is an explosive girl group that dominates charts in lore, real life, and skin line. The shine and the glam that contrasts from the original K/DA Kai’sa skin is a welcome change that invigorates her with so much energy as the group’s designated dancer. Add in a bit of skin exposure, and Kai’sa looks incredibly hot and definitely hotter with her moves in MORE.

8. Bewitching Elise

The Spider Queen transforms herself to look the part for Halloween 2020, and Bewitching Elise looks every bit as hot as she is eerie. Her little critters turning into jack-o’-lanterns are cute additions, but Elise easily takes center stage with her voluptuous purple dress against the moon backdrop. She definitely turned Halloween into an eerie fashion show where only she walks the catwalk.

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9. High Noon Ashe

Although Ashe becomes a mechanical angel in the High Noon universe, it only makes her even more of a badass character. The gold accents on her steampunk outfit and the glow of her iconic bow and arrow perfectly fit the “cowboy” aesthetic of the skinline. Plus, running around with that horse when leaving the base just looks so badass and hot.

10. Spirit Blossom Ahri

Ahri has long been the poster child of sexy and hot in League of Legends, and Spirit Blossom Ahri definitely continues the legacy. Our resident fox lady dons a kimono and bright pink hair as she calmly relaxes in a zen lake filled with pink sakura blossoms. Her tranquil figure is betrayed by the hint of playfulness and whimsy in her smile. Only Ahri can pull off “hot” while looking chill by a lake.

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11. Divine Sword Irelia

A departure from Irelia’s usual serious demeanor, Divine Sword Irelia sports an innocence on her crown laurels with white and blue-green laden across her outfit. However, the dragon on her behind retains her iconic conviction that all adds up to the exquisite design of the skin.

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