How Does LeBlanc’s Ultimate Work?

LeBlanc is a tale as old as time. She remains as complicated as she was way back when she was released. People often catch themselves trying to figure out just how things about her work. Her kit is a tad different than what is usually found on most Champions. This is a beautiful thing with early Champion designs. 

Though they mainly were simplistic, at least they retained a particular level of uniqueness, making each Champion different. Today that is usually not the case, with most Champion kits being structured widely the same. Unfortunate, but a reality that we’ll have to cope with somehow. 

Anyhow, LeBlanc’s kit – and our topic, the Ultimate – all work simply yet complexly. To fully explain how her Ultimate works, we’ll have to examine the rest of her abilities. We will skip over the passive as it has no direct connection with her Ultimate. This one will be a bit lengthy for a quick guide anyway, so adding one more section would bloat the text. 

So, with the introduction out of the way, let’s begin! 

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Q – Sigil of Malice

LeBlanc throws an orb at an enemy, dealing magic damage. The orb marks said enemy, allowing for a subsequent spell cast to activate it for extra damage. It’s a straightforward, point-and-click cast serving LB’s primary poke tool. The mark plays a significant role in setting up any engagement LB makes, as the bonus damage does become quite substantial. 

W – Distortion 

LeBlanc dashes to a target location, dealing magic damage. Recasting the ability returns LB to the place she initially dashed from, regardless of range. This is her primary mobility tool, and LB will use it to escape, engage, and do about anything a dash can. This spell can proc the mark mentioned above for severe additional magic damage. 

This spell allows LeBlanc to play everything aggressively yet safely. She can engage a target with a Q-W combo and quickly return to her prior position. Thus, this spell alone makes LB a formidable Champion to Lane against, as she never really crosses that danger zone threshold. 

E – Ethereal Chains 

LeBlanc throws a chain in a target direction that latches onto the first enemy it hits. It does magic damage and forms a tether between LB and the target. The target is revealed, and after a 1.5s delay, the tether bursts for bonus magic damage, rooting the target. However, the tether can be broken if the target leaves the range. 

This is her primary and only CC tool. It is very difficult to land, being slow and outdated in terms of animation. Rooting a target makes them easy prey for LeBlanc, and both the cast and delay can proc the Q mark. This allows for some juicy combos against rooted targets, giving LeBlanc ways of quickly slaying her enemies. 

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Ultimate – Mimic 

And now we come to the crown jewel, her Ultimate. Though this is our main topic, I just had to explain the rest of her kit due to their direct correlation with this spell. As the name implies, LeBlanc mimics one of her abilities, allowing herself a second cast. LeBlanc can recast the ability she used last with slight modifications. 

Sigil of Malice deals modified damage and double the damage if she procs the mark with it. 

Distortion does modified damage. 

Lastly, Ethereal Chains does modified damage and double the damage upon rooting. 

As you can see, Mimic empowers her most recently used ability with extra damage. It allows LeBlanc to expand her unique combos further and deal insane damage in the process. Since she can literally reuse her abilities, it is no wonder why LeBlanc is one of the most feared mages in the game. 


I hope you’ve found this informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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