How Does Remake Work in League of Legends?

Not all matches in League of Legends see a proper ending. Sometimes, it simply ends way before it even begins. Once you notice that one of your allies hasn’t moved from the initial position for a straight minute, you then come to the awful realization that you are stuck with a disconnected player. To avoid such a one-sided 4v5 game, players have one thing they can rely on: a remake.

What is a Remake?

A remake is similar to surrendering a game. However, there are specific conditions that need to be met before you can issue a remake:

  • An ally has been AFK (away from keyboard), disconnected from the game, or did not connect at all for 90 seconds before three minutes have passed in-game.
  • In the case of a disconnected player, First Blood must not have taken place before they disconnected.
  • If a First Blood occurred while the team was making a remake vote, the vote would not be called off.

Once these conditions are met, the game will send a chat prompt to the team at the three-minute mark, notifying them that they can vote for a remake. Any player in the team can call for a vote by typing /remake or /rm in the chat, at which a vote will show up, similar to a surrender vote. However, a remake vote will only need at least two votes for a remake to be issued (at least 30% of connected players). 

If no player calls for a remake vote one minute after the message is shown, the game will continue, and you cannot issue a remake anymore. You will need to wait for the 10-minute mark for a unanimous “early surrender” vote if a player continues to be AFK or disconnected, or the 15-minute mark for a surrender vote that will only need 70% of the players’ votes. At this point, you will receive the normal surrender penalties.

Upon issuing a remake, the remaking team is shown to have surrendered, but the game does not count as a loss to the remaking team or a win to the opposing team. Instead, only the disconnected player will be marked as a “Leaver,” and the game is shown as a draw for everyone else, explicitly noted as a Remake in the match records.

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Penalty for a Remake

A remake is only available for matchmade games. As stated above, as long as you are not the Leaver player, the game is registered as a draw and will not affect your winrate. This applies to all game modes, including ranked games. 

If you are the Leaver player, the game will mark you as a Leaver, subject to the rules of LeaverBuster, and you will incur a loss. If this happens in a ranked game, this will result in full LP losses, as if you lost the game. However, if you are in a ranked game and a premade party with the Leaver player, it will count as a loss only for all players ranked Diamond IV and above in the party. 

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Why Remake?

A game of League of Legends is meant to be played by a team of five against another team of five. If someone leaves, the team will be in a disadvantageous position that almost guarantees a loss, without even a fighting chance. Remaking would let you leave the game and let you queue for a fairer fight right away, without wasting time.

However, even if you feel like you can carry a team of four against five, it will leave a bad taste on the rest. Getting carried and not being able to play the game because of a disadvantage are not the main reasons everyone plays and enjoys League of Legends. So the next time you see a remake vote, you might want to hold back on that montage-worthy Yasuo outplay you’ve been thinking of doing and press Yes for the sake of the team.

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