How to Get Better at TFT

How to Get Better at TFT

Consistently winning at TFT is not an easy task. The more you play and win, the faster you will hit your ceiling. At some point, you might feel like there is nothing that you can do to improve and climb.

Thankfully, there are many steps that you can take that will make you a great TFT player, capable of consistently improving.

Here are some that this article will cover:

  1. The importance of crafting a unique strategy for every game
  2. The importance of scouting enemies
  3. Gold management
  4. Efficient item building
  5. Learning from better players

Developing a Unique Game Strategy

If this is not your first time googling TFT-related tips, you have probably encountered a bunch of tips on how to play. There is also no doubt that there have been people who advertised their “secret” strategies for gaining free ELO. The thing is, most of these are actual crap.

There is no “secret” way to game the game, and there are very few OP things you can abuse. Even when there are things that are slightly overpowered, they will not give you an edge to outclass anyone. If anything, they will not make you a better player.

This is why I would simply recommend trying unique things, and adapting to the game. In the beginning, it might be challenging, but as time goes on, you will find the game to be easier and more intuitive.

All this might not sound like the most appealing answer, but it is simply the truth. TFT is a game that has a notable RNG element, and you can not really just copy-paste builds.

The Importance of Scouting EnemiesThe Importance of Scouting Enemies

Scouting well is a skill that pays well in TFT, it allows you to get better champion copies than your enemies, and figure out the best positioning for your units.

When it comes to champion copies, the strategy is simple. You will want to look at enemies that are going for the same builds as you and take the champions before they do. Hopefully, this will help you avoid the worst feeling of having a bunch of un-upgradable champions.

Now the second, and more advanced aspect is looking at the positioning of enemy troops. Understanding the game well, and having the information regarding the enemy troop positioning can allow you to do some advanced plays.

For example, you can have your tanks positioned in a way that would make the enemy assassins target them. On the flip side, you can avoid the enemy doing the same thing to you, while also thinking about other ways to outplay them.

My favorite thing to do is to have one of my assassins delete their carries at the beginning of the fight. Anyhow, you get the idea. There are so many variations and ways the game can be played out. The most important thing is to look at the enemy board and give your brain the ability to figure out more plays.

Gold Management TipsGold Management Tips

Over the course of the development of TFT strategies, two ways to manage gold have stood out. The first one consists of saving up to 50, where the gold is spent only for a tier up, or to avoid peacing out from the game. This strategy is great for accumulating large sums of interest on our gold, but it is extremely risky.

By the time that mid game hits, we can be so low on our HP, that one singular mistake or bad RNG can easily take us out. Additionally, you might have trouble rerolling enough gold to stay alive in the late game.

Now the second economy strategy is the polar opposite. It relies on spending as much gold as possible early on to create an advantage. The game plan revolves around aggressively rerolling to hit champion upgrades faster. This strategy can be quite solid depending on the game, as it can help you get win streaks, and recoup the lost gold.

Which strategy should you use?

Well, the answer is the old and boring “It depends.” Both strategies are equally viable, and the most important thing is to be aware that they exist. Once you see how they perform on a game-to-game basis, you will be able to make your own choices with great accuracy.

Efficient Item BuildingEfficient Item Building

Just like with gold management, there are things to consider when it comes to item-building times in TFT. Building items at different stages will net different outcomes and understanding which timing gives which results is really important.

The thing that most players do is fall for a noobie trap. They build items as soon as they receive the two components. This is not so wise, as it often gets them stuck in a position where they can not be so flexible with their strategy later in the game.

This is why it is better to put off building items for a while sometimes. You can survive the early game with inferior comp, and give yourself better chances in the later stages of the game.

Another viable strategy is to put the items on the champions you are going to use. This way you can make some use of the item, and you can sell the champion later on. Selling tier 2 champions sure does not feel good, but you can often strike a good return on this combination.

Learn From High Elo PlayersLearn From High Elo Players

Another heavily underrated strategy is learning from high ELO players. This is true for TFT, as well as many other competitive games. For some reason, a lot of people never seek advice from better players. Thankfully, you are not in this category, since you are reading this!

Anyhow, getting advice from high ELO players is insanely overpowered. They can teach you in 5 minutes what took them hours to understand. You can easily see how this can be beneficial to you.

Therefore, I would recommend watching high elo educational streamers and YouTubers, reading articles, and so on. This way you will improve faster than if you actually played the game.

Another thing that I like to do, and that I would recommend you do is add high ELO players from your server. Most of them are kind enough to share their tips to help you get better at TFT!


TFT is a challenging and ever-evolving game. As such, it can be hard to continuously improve. Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can keep in mind, to keep getting better from game to game. These are things relating to game strategy, regular scouting, and gold & item management.

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