Unearthing Hidden Treasures: A Complete Guide on How to Get Free Champions in League of Legends

Unearthing Hidden Treasures: A Complete Guide on How to Get Free Champions in League of Legends

The quest for dominance in the League of Legends (LoL) is a journey filled with thrilling battles, strategic gameplay, and over 150 captivating champions. However, the challenge most summoners grapple with is acquiring these champions, especially without shelling out their hard-earned Riot Points. If this describes your predicament, worry not. The good news is that it’s possible, and this comprehensive guide will show you exactly how!


  • Free champions are available through the weekly champion rotation.
  • Champion shards can be earned from mission rewards.
  • The Champion Mastery feature can help boost your champion’s abilities.
  • The Hextech Crafting system is another viable route to free champions.
  • Patience, strategic gameplay, and continual learning can also help you acquire free champions.

Unlocking the League: Champion Access Without Breaking the BankUnlocking the League: Champion Access Without Breaking the Bank

The essence of LoL is in its diverse roster of champions, with Riot Games having over 150 champions available by 2021. But, getting a hold of these champions can be daunting for many players. Here’s how to change that narrative.

Benefit from the Weekly Champion Rotation

In the words of esports writer Brandon Sturak, “The best way to get free champions in League of Legends is to take advantage of the weekly champion rotation and complete missions that offer champion shards as rewards.” Riot Games offers a set of 15 champions free to play every week, providing players with a chance to experience different champions and their unique abilities.

Earn Rewards with Champion Mastery

In 2020, Riot Games introduced a feature called “Champion Mastery,” a system that rewards players for their dedication and expertise with specific champions. As a player, this system gives you an opportunity to earn rewards and bonuses like champion shards, which you can use to unlock new champions or upgrade existing ones.

Explore the Hextech Crafting SystemExplore the Hextech Crafting System

Another efficient path to get free champions is the Hextech Crafting system. This in-game reward system provides players with chests and keys that can contain champion shards and other game-enhancing elements.

Embrace the Journey: Playing the Long Game

The journey to obtaining free champions in LoL is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. Strategic gameplay, coupled with patience, is your key to unlocking more champions without spending a dime.

Strategize with Champion ShardsStrategize with Champion Shards

Whenever you earn a champion shard, you have the choice to either unlock that champion permanently or disenchant it for Blue Essence. Keeping your gameplay and preferred champions in mind, carefully decide what works best for you.

Stay Curious, Keep Learning

The more you play, the more you learn. Keep exploring new strategies, understanding different champions, and honing your skills. Each victory, no matter how small, takes you one step closer to acquiring your desired champions.

Going the Extra Mile: Additional Tips for Acquiring Free Champions

Despite the challenging road, there are more ways to enhance your League of Legends experience by unlocking additional free champions.

Take Part in Events and Missions

League of Legends often organizes special events that come with their own set of missions. Completing these missions can earn you rewards including champion shards, summoner icons, and more. Always keep an eye on the event schedule to make sure you don’t miss out on these opportunities.

Utilize Your Blue Essence

When you disenchant a champion shard, you earn Blue Essence. You can use this in-game currency to unlock new champions permanently. Make sure to strategize your Blue Essence usage to maximize your champion pool.

Look Out for Giveaways and Promotions

Riot Games occasionally runs promotions that can provide you with free champions. For instance, if you follow Riot Games on social media platforms, you might get a chance to unlock a few champions for free. It’s always worth staying connected with the official LoL community for such exclusive deals.

Unlocking the League: Champion Access Without Breaking the Bank

To increase your champion roster without spending your real-world currency, there’s a strategic path to follow. The steps below provide a clear guide to unlocking your preferred champions for free:

Step 1: Take Advantage of the Weekly Champion Rotation

Each week, Riot Games makes 15 champions available to play for free. This rotation provides you an opportunity to experience different champions, learn their abilities, and see which ones align with your playing style.

Step 2: Complete Missions and Earn Champion Shards

Missions offer a variety of rewards, including champion shards. Always be on the lookout for available missions and complete them to gain these shards.

Step 3: Disenchant or Upgrade ShardsDisenchant or Upgrade Shards

Once you have a champion shard, you can decide to either upgrade it to unlock the champion permanently or disenchant it to obtain Blue Essence. Prioritize champions that fit your play style when deciding to upgrade.

Step 4: Maximize Champion Mastery

By playing specific champions repeatedly, you can level up in the Champion Mastery system. This system rewards you with different items, including champion shards, as you progress.

Step 5: Explore the Hextech Crafting System

The Hextech Crafting system offers a treasure trove of rewards. By playing well and earning chests and keys, you can unlock additional champion shards.

Step 6: Participate in Special Events

League of Legends frequently hosts events with special missions. Completing these can earn you champion shards and other in-game items.

Step 7: Disenchant Shards for Blue Essence

If you have champion shards for champions you don’t prefer, you can disenchant them to gain Blue Essence. You can use this to purchase your favorite champions from the store.


How often does the champion rotation change?

The champion rotation changes weekly, offering different sets of champions that you can play for free.

What are champion shards?

Champion shards are in-game items that you can earn as rewards. They can be used to unlock new champions or upgrade existing ones.

How do I earn rewards in the Champion Mastery system?

By playing and mastering specific champions, you earn points that help you level up in the Champion Mastery system. Each level offers various rewards, including champion shards.

What’s inside a Hextech Chest?

Hextech chests can contain various items, including champion shards, skin shards, emotes, ward skins, and more.

How can I get Hextech Chests and Keys?

Hextech Chests and Keys can be earned through good gameplay, leveling up, and completing missions.

Do events provide champion shards as rewards?

Yes, many events in League of Legends offer missions that reward players with champion shards upon completion.

Can I unlock any champion with Blue Essence?

Yes, Blue Essence can be used to unlock any champion available in the game.

Does Riot Games give free champions in promotions?

Yes, occasionally, Riot Games runs promotions that might provide players with an opportunity to unlock free champions.

What is Blue Essence, and how do I use it?

Blue Essence is an in-game currency that you can earn by playing matches, disenchanting champion shards, or leveling up. You can use Blue Essence to unlock new champions in the store.

Is there a limit to how many champions I can unlock?

No, there’s no limit to how many champions you can unlock. As long as you have enough Blue Essence or champion shards, you can continue to unlock champions.

Can I choose the champion shard I receive from a Hextech Chest or mission reward?

No, the champion shards you receive from Hextech Chests or mission rewards are randomly chosen by the system. You can’t pick which champion shard you’ll get.

How many Blue Essence does it cost to unlock a champion?

The cost to unlock a champion with Blue Essence varies depending on the champion. As of 2021, the cost ranges from 450 to 6300 Blue Essence.

How often does Riot Games organize special events?

Riot Games frequently organizes special events, often coinciding with real-world holidays, game updates, or esports events. It’s best to check the official League of Legends website or in-game notifications for event schedules.

If I unlock a champion with a shard, do I keep the champion permanently?

Yes, if you use a champion shard to unlock a champion, that champion is added to your roster permanently.

Can I exchange champion shards with other players?

As of the current state of the game, League of Legends does not support exchanging or trading champion shards between players.


The realm of League of Legends is expansive and thrilling, and having a wider pool of champions is a step closer to mastery. Remember, the road to acquiring free champions may be challenging, but with a clear strategy, patience, and continuous learning, it’s entirely achievable. Embrace the journey, and let every victory fuel your passion for the game.

Playing League of Legends is a riveting experience, and having a diverse collection of champions makes it even more fulfilling. It may seem like a daunting task to collect these champions but remember, every grand quest is filled with challenges. Embrace them and journey onwards. Soon, your collection of champions will be a testament to your persistence, strategic thinking, and unwavering dedication to the game.

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