How Many People Play Teamfight Tactics? (2022 Update)

Released in 2019, Teamfight Tactics took the world by storm and never looked back. It is a strategy game where seven players fight and the last man standing takes the win. 

When the auto battler originally launched back in 2019, it caught the eye of millions of players, thus making a name for itself on Twitch and in the Esports world. 

This ended up increasing the average concurrent players of League of Legends by nearly 30% and is estimated of bringing in around 80 million players to the table since 2019. But is the hype still there in 2023? Will it be making waves in the future or will it die out? Keep reading to find out.

As of July 2022, Teamfight Tactics has had an increase of more than 80 million players, with around 2.5 billion hours of playtime, and more than 10 million downloads on the play store.  

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What’s All The Hype About?

With such jaw-dropping numbers, you are bound to wonder why everyone is jumping on the bandwagon. Teamfight Tactics entered the gaming community with a reputation before it even was released. This is essential because of the success of League of Legends, a 10-year-old game that is reportedly garnering around 8 million players daily. 

Cleary, LoL had a fanbase and that was essentially why Teamfight Tactics was an instant hit. However, reputation alone doesn’t guarantee success.

Teamfight Tactics comprises many champions from League of Legends, adding more groundwork to the nostalgia but perhaps its biggest flex is the incentives that it provides. Teamfight Tactics is a cross-platform multiplayer game that is free to play. This means you can play the game, even on your smartphone against your friends regardless of the platform they are using. 

Additionally, the game has lit a new flame in the genre, challenging the likes of Auto Chess and making a monopoly in the process. It is also an easy-to-play game, not requiring much focus with each match taking around 20 minutes max. All these virtues have made it a fan favorite. Plus who doesn’t love cute fluffy beasts that drive you insane?

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What’s In Store?

On June 8, TFT Set 7 was released as part of patch 12.11 and has been since rising in popularity. It includes dragons, augments, items, and various other modifications to the game. 

According to the latest Roadmap by Riot Games, set 7.5 was not discussed. So either it will be similar to set 2 since up to date, it stands as the only set which never got a 2.5 set, or it will be announced later. 

However, Riot Games did confirm set 8 in the Roadmap which is supposedly going to meet fans in the fall of 2023 to end the year with a blast.

With such endeavors planned, we can only presume that Teamfight Tactics won’t be going anywhere any time soon. In comparison to 2019, the exponential growth in popularity of the game has taken a hit, however, it continues to surge in popularity, leaving fans thrilled. 

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In 2019, when Teamfight Tactics entered the community, it was met with a lot of praise. The game made rounds in the community and by 2020, it was ready to enter the eSports. In addition, the game was not only successful for itself but also for League of Legends, increasing its popularity by 30% as well.

Although the game has reportedly seen a leaning curve in its popularity grows, the game is still looking strong nonetheless. Many fans are excited about Set 8. That brings us to the end of this article. Thank you for reading! 

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