How Many Reports Does it Take to Get Banned on League of Legends?

Have you ever wondered how many reports does it take to get banned on LoL? Well, today you'll find out!

How many reports does it take to get banned on LoL? There is no set number of reports that will get a player banned. However, if a player is consistently reported throughout different games, this will result in some form of disciplinary action, which we will discuss in this article. Take note that for a player to face potential punishment, you will need to report them through the in-game system – sending a message to Player Support isn’t going to help.

What is the Reporting Feature?

The reporting feature on League of Legends can be found at the end of a match – it allows players to report a player. After the game, hover your mouse over the name of the player – numerous icons will pop up, and one of those icons will be a red exclamation mark. By clicking on the exclamation mark, a reporting form will appear on your screen – this is where you can report the negative behavior on that particular player. Once you have filled out the form, in order to report it to Riot, you will need to click on the “Report” button.

What is the Reporting Feature? Here's how you can easily report all of the trolls you get in your League of Legends ranked games. Hopefully your report will be enough to get them banned from the game!

Reporting Options

Verbal Abuse 

Verbal abuse includes, but is not limited to, the language that is harmful, unlawful, abusive, threatening, defamatory, harassing, sexually explicit, obscene, or otherwise objectionable. 


This involved giving up (no one likes playing with people who walk away from a game), griefing, or putting other players down. Tyler1 got banned for this

Leaving the Game

Like we just said, no one likes playing with people that walk away from a game. When a player leaves the game or is AFK the entire game, you can report them.

Hate Speech

Hate speech includes homophobia, sexism, racism, etc. 


When you feel that someone is using unapproved third-party programs, then, by all means, use that report button.

Inappropriate Names

If you've been playing League for a while you have probably came across some pretty weird names. Here's how you can report innapropriate League of Legends names. Believe me, it's bannable.

This includes names that are vulgar, defamatory, offensive, sexually explicit, obscene, ethnically, racially, or otherwise objectionable. There are times when players try to get around this by misspelling a word or using a character – if the name mentions any of the above, you can report the player.

The reporting feature in League of Legends, and any other game, should not be used as a form of retaliation against someone. You should only report a player if they are breaking the rules. 

Not sure whether or not you should report a player? Below, we are going to give you some examples so that you can make an educated decision.

Examples of Reportable Behavior:

  • Losing the game on purpose
  • Being offensive to another player
  • Refusing to support your team
  • Refusing to participate in the match
  • Using offensive commentary

Examples of Acceptable Behavior

  • Trying a strategy that is unusual, yet viable
  • Speaking in another language
  • Making mistakes
  • Making poor judgment calls
  • Using non-derogatory terms


The punishments a player can get in League of Legends for breaking the rules, in our opinion, are fair. The punishment system ranges from Level 1 to Level 5, with Level 5 being a permanent ban. Each level involves the Honor system. 

Level 1: This will give the player a slow honor experience gain.

Level 2: The honor will be demoted to level 1 – if already at level 1, it will be demoted to 0 + the next 10 games will be chat restricted. 

Level 3: The honor will be demoted to level 1, or if already at level 1, it will be demoted to 0 + the next 25 games will be chat restricted. 

Level 4: This involves a 14-day ban from the game, and the honor will be demoted to level 0. 

Level 5: This is a permanent ban from the game, meaning the player will never be able to play League of Legends under that account again. 

Being Permabanned

When an individual is permabanned from the game, they can’t play LoL using that account again. 

Can a Permaban be Removed?

Let's say that you got banned for some reason. Can a permaban be removed? In some cases it can, here's in which cases you can submit a ticket to Riot to get your LoL account back

It is rare for a permaban to be removed. Most of the time, once a player has reached the point of being permabanned, they have more than likely been banned before. The player was already made aware that this type of behavior in the game is not accepted. 

How to Check if Someone is Banned on League of Legends

Unless you are the one that caused the individual to get banned, you’re not going to know if the player was banned. However, what you could do is go to something like and look their name up to see when the last time they played League of Legends was. 

If you were the one that caused the player to be banned, you should get a popup if they get banned.

How to Check Your Reports League of Legends

You can submit a ticket for a data request. Once you follow the required process, you will receive personal information related to your League of Legends account.

Some of the information you will receive from the data request includes:

  • The phone number that is attached to your League of Legends account
  • The login history – this will be for the last three months. 
  • Your in-game chat logs from the last three months or the past 100 games. 
  • Your player support ticket history.
  • Reports that you have received and made within the last three months or the past 100 games. 

Once you have made a request for your data, it will take 30 days to process. If you want to cancel the request, all you have to do is click on the cancel link in your ticket. Resetting your password or changing your email address will automatically cancel the data request.

You will receive a zipped file that contains text files. To view these files in your text editor, you will need to have the latest Mac or Windows OS. If you are not updated with the latest version, you can use Notepad++.


How many reports does it take to get banned on LoL? Again, there is no set number of reports that will get a player banned. Let’s just make sure you don’t get your League of Legends account banned, so make sure you follow the rules and play fair.

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