How many skins were released in League of Legends in 2020?

Is it just me, or did the year 2020 go by super-fast? It feels as if the year just began, and here we are, sitting at the last month of the year. While 2020 wasn’t exactly kind to us due to Covid, there are still many aspects of life that we are grateful for. 

While we were all locked in our homes, our PCs, Xboxes, PS4’s and Wii’s experienced more up-time than they had ever experienced before …we even gained some new gamers! Do you know what else we gained? We gained a whole lot of skins, emotes, chromas, and icons in League of Legends. 

Okay, so precisely, how many League of Legends skins, emotes, chromas and icons were released in 2020? 

The numbers are here! Riot has shared the total number of Summoner icons, skins, chromas, emotes, and other cosmetics that they released for League of Legends this year. 

For those of you who have been playing League of Legends for quite some time now, you probably remember before 2020, how Riot was receiving a lot of backlash from the LoL community because they were only prioritizing the popular champions. That’s right, it seemed as if they were only giving the popular champions new skins, while they left the others wearing the same clothes year after year. 

However, at the start of the year 2020, Riot seemed to have a New Year’s resolution that we all agreed with. That resolution? They would be releasing new skins for those unpopular champions…you know, those champions who went 1000 or more days without changing their skins.  

Here we are, at the end of the year, and it seems as if Riot did a great job at keeping that promise. This year, they have already released skins for some champions like Kindred, Skarner, Bard, Xerath, and some others. 

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A Successful year for Cosmetics

Riot Games have released a lot of good skins, emotes, and chromas in the 2020. Here are the total numbers of released cosmetics throughout the 2020.

In terms of cosmetics, it has been a successful year for League of Legends. Take a look at these numbers:

  • 144 skins
  • 370 Summoner Icons
  • 12 Ward Skins
  • 744 Chromas
  • 133 Emotes
  • 15 Loading Screen Border Thematics
  • 280 Little Legends (all tiers included)

To clarify, all of these were released in the year 2020. It’s fantastic to see that there were a total of 144 skins released this year, along with 744 chromas and 133 emotes! 

Skins like Battle Queen Katrina and Astronaut Bard has received a lot of positive feedback from the League of Legends community. However, the Seraphine ultimate skin has received quite the opposite as people don’t seem to be pleased with it. Riot has also announced that they are never going to make an ultimate skin like Elementalist Lux again. 

The Best League of Legends Skins Released in 2020

In 2020, there are numerous champions who received the best skin they’ve ever received. According to Bellisimoh, a Riot Games Developer, the team planned to release around 120 skins before the year ended. The best skins are creative and flashy, but they made sure they fit the original design of the champion. With those thoughts in mind, here are the best 5 skins released in 2020…

5. Conqueror Nautilus

For those of you who use Nautilus as a main, you’re probably going to want this skin. It emanates an aura of champion caliber. While the design is similar to the original design of Nautilus, it’s still really cool. The skin is true to its name – it does make this champion look like a conqueror. 

4. Storm Dragon Aurelion Sol

Looking at the skin they gave Aurelion Sol, makes him look intimidating. Initially, this champion looked like an exciting champion, but he didn’t look very threatening. However, with this skin, there is a low of detail put into the glowing energy. When you combine that energetic glow with the armor, the champion looks fantastic.

3. Storm Dragon Lee Sin

Riot Games have released a lot of good skins, emotes, and chromas in the 2020. Here are the total numbers of released cosmetics throughout the 2020.

Storm Dragon Lee Sin isn’t that bad at all, and I must say, he’s never looked this good before, so Riot did an excellent job. Now, Lee Sin has many funny designs, such as Pool Part and Playmaker. This style right here, the Storm Dragon Lee Sin, totally fits him. He has a kick ability called Dragon’s Rage, and now the ability name has a reason.

2. Battlecast Zac

When you first look at this skin, you may feel like it doesn’t fit the champion one bit. Taking his original green glob form and transforming it into a metal design seems a bit off for some reason. Then, you take a second look at the skin, and that’s when you realize how the metal is melting into the floor. Zac is your regular champion that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention. However, after this skin emerged, we noticed more Zac’s popping up in the battleground. 

1. PsyOps Pyke

Last on our list, we have PsyOps Pyke. We noticed some other champions received the PsyOps skins this year, but Pyke, by far, wears it better. No other champion could pull off this stealth headgear quite like Pyke. On top of that, the intimidating armor and glowing blade does a great job at fitting the champion’s original design.

So there you have it, the top 5 best skins released in 2020. My personal favorite has to be Storm Dragon Lee Sin – I feel that this skin is perfect for him.

Final Word

When putting numbers on the total amount of skins, emotes, chromas, and icons that were released in 2020, it becomes apparent that Riot Games was super busy this year. It’s nice to see Riot paying attention to the “not-so-popular” champions and giving them some love. When Riot told us that any champion who has not received a new skin in 1000 or more days would receive skins, they kept that promise. Even though 2020 hasn’t been easy for any of us, Riot didn’t let that stop them, and with that said, we’re proud to be in such a community. 

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