How Much XP Do You Get Per TFT Match?

How Much XP Do You Get Per TFT Match?

Teamfight Tactics (TFT) has quickly become one of the most popular auto battler games in the market. One of the essential aspects of the game is earning experience points (XP), which allows you to level up your account and unlock various rewards.

With multiple game modes and missions to choose from, it can be challenging to determine the best way to earn XP efficiently.

In this article, we’ll discuss how much XP you can expect to earn per TFT match and provide some tips for maximizing your XP gains.

Importance of XP in TFT

XP is a crucial component of TFT as it helps you progress through the game, unlock new content, and earn rewards.

The more XP you gain, the higher your account level becomes, granting you access to various in-game benefits such as new Little Legends, Arenas, and more.

Overview of TFT Game ModesOverview of TFT Game Modes

There are different game modes in TFT, each offering a unique gameplay experience and varying amounts of XP.

Normal and Ranked Games

In normal and ranked games, you can expect to earn around 100-200 XP per match, depending on your placement. Generally, placing in the top 3 or 4 will grant you 200 XP, while a lower placement will still reward you with 100 XP.

These games typically last longer than Hyper Roll matches but offer more strategic depth and a higher potential XP reward.

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Hyper Roll Games

Hyper Roll games are faster-paced, with a chaotic gameplay style that offers 50 XP per match.

Although the matches are shorter, they can occasionally drag on, especially when you’re in the top 3, lasting up to 30 minutes and only rewarding you with 100 XP.

Missions in TFT

Missions are another way to earn XP in TFT, with rewards ranging from 800-1000 XP. However, they can be somewhat difficult to accomplish, requiring specific actions or conditions to be met during your matches.

Comparing XP EarningsComparing XP Earnings

Now that we’ve covered the different ways to earn XP in TFT let’s compare their efficiency.

Normal and Ranked vs. Hyper Roll

While Hyper Roll games are faster, the XP rewards are significantly lower than normal and ranked games. On average, you’d need to play two Hyper Roll games to earn the same amount of XP as a single normal or ranked game.

Moreover, Hyper Roll games can sometimes last as long as a normal match, further reducing their XP efficiency.

Time Investment and XP Efficiency

Considering the time investment and XP rewards, normal and ranked games offer better efficiency. However, if you’re short on time or prefer a more fast-paced experience, Hyper Roll games can still be a viable option for earning XP.

Tips for Maximizing XP GainTips for Maximizing XP Gain

For maximum amount of XP possible, consider the following tips:

Prioritize Missions

Missions offer the highest XP rewards in TFT, so try to complete them whenever possible. Keep track of your active missions and plan your strategy accordingly to fulfill the requirements efficiently. (Klonopin)

Remember that missions can be challenging, so be prepared to adapt your gameplay to meet the criteria.

Choose the Right Game Mode

As mentioned earlier, normal and ranked games provide better XP efficiency compared to Hyper Roll games. Therefore, if you have the time and patience, focus on playing normal and ranked matches to maximize your XP gains.

However, if you prefer a quicker experience or want to practice specific strategies, don’t hesitate to play Hyper Roll games.

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Learn and Adapt to TFT Strategies

Improving your overall gameplay and understanding of TFT strategies will help you place higher in matches, ultimately leading to more XP. Take time to study popular strategies, team compositions, and item combinations to enhance your gameplay.

The better you become at TFT, the more likely you are to earn higher XP rewards consistently.

TFT Pass and XP BoostsTFT Pass and XP Boosts

Another way to increase your XP gains is by purchasing the TFT Pass or utilizing XP boosts. The TFT Pass offers additional rewards and missions, potentially increasing your overall XP earnings.

XP boosts, on the other hand, temporarily increase the amount of XP you earn per match, further accelerating your progress.


Earning XP in Teamfight Tactics is essential for leveling up your account and unlocking various in-game rewards. Normal and ranked games offer better XP efficiency compared to Hyper Roll matches, and completing missions is the most lucrative method for gaining XP.

By prioritizing missions, choosing the right game mode, and improving your gameplay strategies, you can maximize your XP earnings and progress through TFT at a steady pace.

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