How Old Do You Have To Be To Play League of Legends?

How old do you have to be to play League of legends? If you’re going by League of Legends Terms of Use, the required age is 13 or old. Individuals who are 13 or older can create their own LoL account. If you’re at least 13 years old but aren’t legally considered an “adult” in your country, then parents’ permission is required – they will need to read the LoL Terms of Use and accept it on the child’s behalf. 

If you’re a parent reading this post right now, chances are you are curious about League of Legends and wondering if your child should be playing it. So today, I’m going to give you a little insight into this popular video game…

Should you allow your child to play League of Legends?

Starting out, there are many things to consider whether or not you should allow your child to play LoL. The game itself isn’t precisely gory. It’s only moderately violent and isn’t graphic at all. If you’re looking at it from this point of view, really, there’s nothing wrong with letting your child play the game, especially if you compare it to some of the other games out today that are much more graphical (like Cyberpunk 2077). 

If violence and graphics are your only concern, then you shouldn’t have a problem with your child playing this game. 

League of Legends Community – Is it that bad?

Now the League of Legends community…that is a different story. Some of the games that your child will play will usually involve an individual being toxic/salty/trolling/or verbally abusive. Some people may be even more abusive towards those just starting out and aren’t good at the game.

There are times when we play with people who are sweet and supportive as can be, so not everyone in the LoL community is going to be toxic. While the game may have some toxic people in it, in our opinion, we feel that this shouldn’t prevent your child from playing the game. Think about it – it’s a good experience for them to get out and gain an understanding of what the real world is like. It’s important that they learn from it and understand that some people can just be plain nasty sometimes. 

For me, I’ve come across people in real life that are worse than those that are in LoL, but that may just be me. By playing this game, I have picked up on an important skill – people’s insults go in one ear and out the other. 

Parents, I understand that you may be concerned with your child getting “addicted” to the game, but that goes for any game out there, not just this one. I believe in disciplining them to know that enough is enough – that is something that you as a parent are in charge of.

Children will want to play more and more of a game and not want to do anything else, especially if they like the game. Many times, all it takes is for a parent to teach their child self-control and discipline. If addiction is a problem for your child, it would be best for you to train them in discipline instead of completely swaying away from the issue. Think about this – in the future, there will be situations where they will have to have self-control and not lose themselves – it’s best to teach them while they’re young. 

The game isn’t bad at all. This is a game that you can play with your friends – I’ve played a lot of LoL with my friends, and they’re the closest group of friends I have because of how well I have kept in touch with them (yes, games allow you to keep contact with your friends). If a kid has friends who are playing LoL or any other game, he will feel more isolated from them if he’s not allowed to play it. Just have your child understand that even if his friends are playing longer, it doesn’t mean that he will be allowed to do the same, and explain why to him.

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Are League of Legends’s Mechanics Educational?

Looking at the League of Legends’ actual mechanics, it has some educational aspects such as learning how to call a shot and how to become a leader (all of these are good skills to have). 

I’ve noticed that some parents put their foot down without even considering the game, and at the end of the day, you’re the parent, so whether you let your child play the game or not is entirely up to you. However, before you make your decision, take a look at these pros and cons of League of Legends: 

Pros of playing League of Legends

1. Team Game 

LoL is a team game, so it could make for good bonding time, whether it’s bonding with friends or family members. 

2. Free 

The game is free, so pretty much anyone can get involved with it as long as they have a computer that can run it. Mind you, if you want to purchase additional content, such as skins, that’s going to cost you.

3. Fun Past Time

Gaming is fun. League of Legends can take a lot of time, but in the end, it eliminates boredom.

4. Teaches Skills

League of Legends teaches many vital skills, like teamwork, communication (talking with teammates and making plans), making strategical/logical choices, multitasking, and so on. 

5. Multiple Game Modes

League has a variety of game modes to choose from. Some modes are more casual than others, like bots, where you’re playing against computers instead of people. 

6. Mute Button

Fortunately, League supplies a mute button. The community can be pretty toxic, so that mute button will come in handy.

7. Major Community

League has a huge community, so you’ll connect with people from all walks of life. 

8. Career Opportunities

While this is rare, there may be career opportunities if you’re super good at the game. In the United States, there are kids getting scholarships for playing the game. 

Cons of playing League of Legends

1. Toxic Community 

Oh yes, the community is toxic, and I’m sure you know all about this one. There is a mute button, though. 

2. Difficult to Master

The game is difficult to master, which can be frustrating for some people. 

3. No Pause 

Just like the other online games out there, there’s no pause button with this game.

Final Words

All in all, I believe this game is tame enough for a 13-year-old to play. Just talk with your kid and let them know that toxic behavior is wrong, and keep an eye on them, then there shouldn’t be any problems. 

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