How to Kite (Attack Move) in League of Legends?

Kiting, or Attack moving, is a very much needed skill for any League of Legends player. You're gonna have a hard time climbing the LoL ranked ladder if you don't know how to kite properly. Wanna win some ranked matches? Good, then go learn orb walking!

As a League of Legends player, you will want to know how to attack move (orb walk and kite) your enemies. For those of you that are starting to get serious about climbing the ranked ladder, you’re going to need kiting/orb attack-moving/walking (whatever you want to refer to it as) in your collection of core mechanical skills. 

Orb walking is for those individuals who choose the ADC role. However, it’s also needed for other roles that are looking to land their auto-attacks and continue to move.

We can always tell if an ADC champion knows what they’re doing by how they address during a team fight or how they take care of themselves on the backfoot. For example, if you witness an ADC champion weaving in and out of range while continuously letting out a line of auto-attacks, then you know that player knows all about orb-walking and has mastered it.

Kiting should be mastered because it will allow you to gain distance from your enemy while still doing damage and sidestepping those attacks. If you were to stay completely still, it would be easy to take you out, so you want to avoid this and stay on the move.

Here’s a video so you can see why kiting is an essential skill in League:

In League of Legends, you have four main ways that you can attack move. 

1) Using the Range Indicator

Here’s what you need to do – press the “Escape” key, and then on the left, you’ll want to select the Hotkeys tab. Scroll down and look for “Play Attack Move Click” and “Player Attack Move.” It’s up to you, but we set “Play Attack Move Click” to A and the other to X.

When you press “A,” you’ll see the radius of your auto attacks. Somewhere within that space, left-click, and your champion is going to auto-attack the enemy that is the closest.

You’ll want to press A, then left-click around the enemy you would like to kite. From there, you will see your champion auto-attack them. Once your champion has successfully attacked an enemy player, use right-click to move away until the auto-attack is ready to be used again. This is one of those rinse and repeat methods that never gets old. 

You’re going to face times where there’s one enemy behind the other, and you’ll need to choose which one to attack with this technique. 

Press Escape, on the left, click the Game tab, then scroll down and check that “Attack move on cursor” box. Now, you will be able to auto-attack the target that is closest to where you have your cursor positioned.

You will be thankful for this when you’re in the middle of a team fight, where you need to carefully select your targets. Otherwise, you might end up landing those hits on tanks, which will simply soak your damage. 

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2) Using X

In the step above, we bound “X” to “Play Attack Move.” When you press this key, your champion will attack the target closest to your left click. This process is a tad bit more time-consuming than the method we mentioned above, but it offers greater precision. 

3) Right Click Accuracy

This is the easiest method, but at the same time, it’s also the easiest method to mess up on. All you have to do is right-click on the target, and then right-click away.

With this process, you need to be accurate when you’re right-clicking. If you select the wrong target or miss the target completely, this can get you killed. However, master this move, and you won’t have to worry.

4) Using SHIFT

There are a lot of vayne players in Solo Queue, but only a few know how to actually play her. Vayne's specifically designed for kiting and her kit completely depends on it.... Here's a video of the professional Vayne player with his kiting skills

While right-clicking, hold down the SHIFT key – this will make your champion attack the target that is the closest to the point you have clicked. Once you have officially auto-attacked the enemy, release SHIFT, and right-click away from them – then you’ll want to rinse and repeat the process. 


In LoL, if you’re the type of player that isn’t used to attack-moving, then remembering to do this can be difficult at first. However, continue the process, and eventually, it’ll be habitual. You should jump into the Practice Tool, spawn a training dummy, and give it a try – do this until it is ingrained into your memory.

At the same time, you don’t want to forget about your abilities. Kiting is primarily about right-clicking near or on your enemy, then away from them as quickly as possible. However, you don’t want to get so caught up in this process that you forget about your abilities. If you’re playing a League of Legends Champion with a dash ability, don’t forget to use it along with attack-moving as this can make your Champion unpredictable. 

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