How to Automatically Copy Builds From Mobafire?

How to automatically copy builds from Mobafire?

League of Legends is one of the most popular online battle games played. It was originally inspired by the third installment of World of Warcraft and was initially released back in October of 2009. It was designed by Riot Games and has a huge fanbase. In the game, you can pick from two running game modes: Summoner’s Rift and Howling Abyss.

For people looking to get ahead in the game and move forward, it can be handy to find information online that has been provided by other gamers. People spend a lot of time crafting the perfect tips and tricks on how to progress in the game.

They post information on how to pick the right runes and what items you should build. The great thing about it is you can copy a build provided by someone else, so you don’t have to waste a ton of time figuring it out for yourself.

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You Can Copy Builds Manually

Rather than spend hours doing your own build, you can look at guides provided by other players. Until recently, however, you needed to copy this information manually. This means you would have to transfer the data for each mastery or rune line by line to the client.

This is because the client frowns upon people copying a Mobafire from one player to another. They want you to build it yourself within the game. Now, there appears to be a way to do this all at once rather than do it manually. Here, we’ll describe this process so you can try it for yourself.

What is the Easiest Way to Copy Mobafirebuilds?

If you’re a fan of League of Legends, then you know how frustrating it can be to manually copy existing builds. If there was only a way to do this automatically, it would save gamers a ton of time and trouble. There is one way to do this that cuts down on the work needed to transfer a build to the client. Here is a step by step guide to doing this.

  • Go here: BinaryAlien and name your build and paste the URL from Mobafire
  • Once you do this, click the “from website” option and paste the URL for the set you want to build

How to import builds from Mobafire into the League of Legends client?

  • Once you get the link from the BinaryAlien website, go to the “Collections” tab, and then choose “Items” tab.
  • Click on the “Import Set Data”
  • Select “Paste copied set” option and paste the item set data you previously copied

At this point, you should be all done.

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What if You Want to Copy Other Sets?

How to import League builds

Once you’ve gotten through the process for your first set, it’ll be a lot easier to do the others. Some gamers choose to install all of their sets at one time so they’re available in the client. Or, you can do them as you progress in the game. It makes sense to copy as many sets as possible at once. After you have confirmed that you installed Tamper Monkey properly, your first set should copy just fine. After that, it’ll only take a couple of minutes to copy each additional set.

All you have to do is repeat the above steps for all of your item sets from Mobafire and LoLalytics. You could get a ton of these copied in the matter of an hour or so.

What if it Says the URL Link is Not Valid or It Doesn’t Work?

You may run into problems the first time you try to copy a Mobafire. There are a few things you want to check before you give up or start all over. First, make sure you ran the script for Tamper Monkey right. If not, the process isn’t going to work. You also want to make sure you copied the URL for the item set properly. You could have copied an expired URL or an incomplete address. You also want to make sure running the option in a Chrome browser. That’s the only way this process is going to work.

What if It’s Taking Too Long?

The first time you try to copy a Mobafire build, it will take several minutes. However, once you get through the process completely, it should only take 1 or 2 minutes to copy each additional set. If the process is taking too long, check to make sure your script is running properly. Or, try a different item set in case there’s something wrong with the build you’re trying to copy.

You can visit any of the forums to find a Mobafire build that you want to copy. And remember – if worse comes to worst, you can always do it the old-fashioned way and enter it manually. You also want to make sure you’re copying a build from one of the two active running modes for the client. If it’s expired or outdated, it’s not going to work.

Hopefully, this tip will help you copy Mobafire builds on your own. If it works, share it with other online players. Good luck and happy gaming!

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