How to Break/Cancel Nunu’s Ultimate in League of Legends?

Nunu’s popularity has never been stellar. He is a simple champion in League of Legends with a specific niche in the jungle role. Not too many players actually play Nunu, so there isn’t too much information about playing him on a decent level. This is especially apparent when talking about Nunu’s ultimate – Absolute Zero. And so, in this post, I’ll go over one of the most important questions for this champion – How to Break/Cancel Nunu’s ultimate?

The reason why you need to know how to cancel or break Nunu’s ultimate is that it’s essential for succeeding with this champion. Absolute Zero is a channeling ability that roots Nunu in place for up to 3 seconds. This can be an incredibly vulnerable position for Nunu, so it’s important to know when to cancel this ultimate and continue fighting or fleeing. 

That said, let’s see how you can cancel or break Nunu’s ult in LoL!

How do I stop Nunu’s ult?

Once you activate Nunu’s ultimate, you have two ways of canceling it. If you press your R button again, Nunu will immediately break the channeling effect, deal damage, and continue moving. The same can be done if you right-click anywhere on Summoner’s Rift while channeling this ability.

So, it’s simple – you can either press R or move to a targeted location to cancel Nunu’s ult. There are a number of different situations when you’ll want to do this, especially if you’re the primary target of your enemy. Many players make it a priority to stun or silence Nunu while channeling his ult, simply because Absolute Zero does a lot of AoE damage. And this leads me to my next point.

Nunu’s ultimate can also be canceled by some crowd control effects like stuns, silences, suppressions, and airborne effects. It’s important to remember this because you’ll simply waste this cooldown if you activate Nunu’s ult in front of Malzahar, for example. Malzahar can use his own ultimate instantly stop yours, so make sure you’re able to channel before you press your R button.

And those are all the ways to cancel/break Nunu’s ult in LoL!

How Does Nunu’s Ult in LoL Actually Work?

If you’re new to playing Nunu & Willump in LoL, you might not know how Absolute Zero actually works in-game. So, here’s a quick explanation to help you out.

When you activate Nunu’s ult, you stop all champion movements and start channeling for 3 seconds (if not canceled). During this time, Nunu gains a shield that scales with Ability Power. And upon finishing, Absolute Zero explodes, dealing up to 625 / 950 / 1275 (+ 250% AP) magic damage to all enemies nearby.

Now, this is only the maximum amount of damage this ability can do. However, you can’t always hold Absolute Zero for 3 seconds, so you’ll likely do less damage on average. The longer the channel time is, the more damage the explosion will do.

How to Use Nunu’s ult?

The best way to use Nunu’s ult is to channel it while you’re in a brush. If you channel Absolute Zero while in a brush, your enemies won’t be able to see its animation on their screen. This way, you can surprise your opponents and possibly one-shot the enemy carry.

Now, it’s not impossible for the enemy to realize that Nunu’s channeling his ult in the brush. Absolute Zero also slows Nunu’s opponents, so a player might realize what’s going on if he pays attention to his champion. However, even if someone notices you channeling Absolute Zero while in brush, they can’t do much about it. So, most players just Flash away from Nunu’s ult.

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There aren’t too many complicated mechanics when it comes to using Nunu’s ult. It’s actually a simple ability that has different uses depending on where you currently stand. If you’re building a Nunu tank, I’d say that you definitely have more freedom because you can channel it in the middle of the team fight and still survive. However, if you’re playing Nunu with a full AP build, you’re much squishier, and you need to hide in a brush.

In any case, that’s how you can cancel/break Nunu’s ult in LoL!

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