How to Reduce or Increase the Size of League of Legends Client?

Game performance is not only conditioned by the game, strategy, and rules of the game. What must attract players to begin playing some new game is its appearance or graphic representation of all its components. As one of the largest global gaming franchises, League of Legends has been trying to stay at the top of the best online multiplayer games for years. What gives it a success is, among other things, its appearance and accessibility, as well as easy visibility.

Players can easily navigate inside and outside the game while Riot support is at their service for any questions and problems they may encounter. In this article, we will deal with the League of Legends client and resolution settings to make your gameplay even better and better. Let’s dive in.

What Exactly is the League of Legends Client?

Riot has designed the League of Legends client which you have to download the first time you want to start your League of Legends adventure. It is a special program that allows players to log in with their Riot account and see all the news, events, friends list, Collection, Shop, and more in one place. In the client, you can see Navigation Bar, Social Menu, and Viewing Windows, so you can easily navigate within it. 

When you decide to press ‘Play,’ a menu will open where you can choose which type of match you want. Whether it’s an ARAM, Ranked game, or a Normal game, the choice is yours. In addition to choosing the game, you can also see your Collection where all your champions, skins, and other stuff are in one place. Also, Riot has inserted Shop inside the client so you can do everything you want to buy in just a few clicks from your desktop. The Shop has champions, skins, emotes, Riot Points, everything you need to improve your game.

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How do I Resize the League of Legends Client?

When you want to open the League of Legends client, it will not open as a full-screen game but will open in a specific resolution. For some players, that default size will not be enough, and for some players, it will be too big. Riot allows players to set the client size themselves as they wish. If you want to reduce the size of the client, you can do so by dragging the very bottom right corner inwards.

Hidden tip: in League of Legends, hotkeys can become your best friends; you just have to learn to use them. In this case, if you want to enlarge your League of Legends client, you have to press Ctrl and = at the same time. If you want to downsize your League of Legends client, you should simultaneously press Ctrl and –.

On the other hand, if you want your League of Legends client to be fullscreen, you have to enter the League of Legends Windowed mode, then press the Esc key to open the Settings menu. Under the Video tab, click on the Windowed Mode dropdown box in the Settings menu and select Full Screen. When the settings are adjusted, click Confirm. Your League of Legends will be in full-screen mode.

Another trick on how to make your League of Legends full screen is Alt + Enter. When you are in Windowed mode in the game, press Alt + Enter and watch your game become full screen. Usually, it is used for x86 computers and works well.

If you have Windows 10 and want your client to be in full screen, you need to follow the next steps. The usual setting that Riot has set for the League of Legends client is that it opens in windowed mode, but you can change that to your preferences.

First, you have to close your League of Legends client to make sure it doesn’t run in the background because you won’t be able to adjust the settings. On the Windows taskbar, right-click and select Taskbar Settings. You can also access the Taskbar Settings via the Start Menu. Then, turn on the “Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode” option that will appear. 

You can now reopen the League of Legends client and select Settings within it. In the General section, choose the Resolution option. If you have done all the steps correctly in this step, you will be able to change, or more precisely, choose a higher resolution as you could not before. By selecting the highest resolution, your League of Legends client will be in full-screen mode from now on.

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Help, I Can’t Make my League of Legends Client Fullscreen

Yeah, that happens sometimes. Whatever you try, your League of Legends client seems to be haunted and unwilling to obey your command to open in full-screen mode. This can be very frustrating, but below, we will mention how you can try to solve this problem.

We’ve all learned that some things work best if they go off and on again. You can apply this tactic to League of Legends as well. Exit the client and shut it down completely so that it doesn’t work in the background, then try restarting the client and logging in. If it was a glitch, your League of Legends will run in full-screen mode instead of windowed.

If this universal solution doesn’t help, try restarting your computer and then restarting the League of Legends client. Maybe this works.

The third and last saving option is related to, and you guessed it – reinstalling the game. The game can sometimes be installed incorrectly, glitches, or a bug can occur, so it is best to uninstall the client, delete the folder that may contain irreparable files, and download the League of Legends client again. Once you do that, you will be able to reset the settings so that your League of Legends appears in full-screen mode instead of windowed.

Maybe some of these solutions will take a lot of your time, but believe us, and it’s worth a try because it’s a much better gameplay experience if you play in full-screen mode instead of windowed mode.

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Speaking of the League of Legends graphics settings, we can say with certainty that it is necessary to set the League of Legends settings to the highest level for the best gaming performance. In this article, we wrote about how to set the League of Legends client to full screen or reduce it to the desired size. It is recommended to set the game mode to full screen for a better experience, but some players like to play in windowed mode, depending on your preferences. 

The easiest way to do this is to use hotkeys. Ctrl and = will increase the size of your League of Legends client a, Ctrl and – will reduce the size of it. Remember these hotkeys because they will make it easier for you to adjust the resolution settings. Also, we mentioned a few more ways you can set League of Legends to fullscreen, the process is very simple, and in case these steps don’t help you, you can always close the client and re-enter it, restart your PC, or if all else fails – reinstall the whole game. We hope these tips will help you; good luck and have fun playing League of Legends. 🙂

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