How To Change Your Name in League of Legends in 2023?

Tired of having your old username? Luckily, you can change your Summoners name quite easily, but it won't be for free!

When you first created that summoner name, it may have seemed like a good idea, and it probably was. However, now, in 2023, times have changed, and we may want something a tad bit different. You may not be looking at your name, and realizing how weird it looks, or maybe other people on the battlefield have been picking on your name.

For whatever reason, if you are amongst those who have decided it’s time for a name change on League of Legends, you’re in for luck, because I have created this guide to help you out. Before we go any further, I would like to tell you that it is possible to change your summoner name on League of Legends, there are just some steps you will need to take.

How Can I Change My Name in League of Legends?

When you change your name in League of Legends, what this means is that you will be getting rid of your Summoner Name, and replacing it with a new one. 

Changing your summoner names in League of Legends isn’t as flexible of a concept – it’s nothing like getting one of the many LoL skins and walking away. 

Unless you manage to score a summoner name change that is free, changing your name will cost you 1300 RP or 13,900 BE. 

Follow these steps to change your name in League of Legends:

1. Click on the “Store” button in your League of Legends client

How To Change Your Name in League of Legends in 2023 2023? Guide

2. Once you’re in the store, click on the “Account” button.

How To Change Your Account Name in League of Legends in 2023 2023?

3. Once you’ve reached the “Account” section in League of Legends store, click on the “Summoner Name Change” button.

How To Change Your Summoner Name in League of Legends in 2023 2023?

4. Enter your new desired name, and click “check name”. If your new name is available, you can unlock it!

How To Change and Unlock Your Name in League of Legends in 2023 2023?

Once you purchase the name change and you use it, the new name will be applied to the summoner as soon as you log back into the League of Legends client or the website. 

Wondering how to change your name in League of Legends for free? There are a couple of easy ways for this to be done, so hang in there as I’m about to tell you.

2 Methods to Changing Your Name in League of Legends for Free in 2023

I can understand wanting to change your summoner name and not put any money towards it – not everyone has that extra money to spare. So, for those of you seeking a free way to change your name, you’re in luck because there are two methods I know of that can get you that name change, free of charge. 

Method 1: The Summoner Name is the Same as Your League of Legends Username

If you have a Summoner Name that is the same name as your League of Legends account, you can change your summoner name free of charge. What’s the reason? Well, Riot views this as a security issue. If this is an issue for you, contact Riot in regards to this, and they will let you change your Summoner Name for free when you log in.

Method 2: Adding Special Characters and Spaces

If you have no security risk on your account, don’t worry, because there’s still a way for you to change that Summoner name in League of Legends without putting any money towards it. 

While this is a simple route to take, take note that you will only be able to do this one time.

Here are two ways you can do this:

  1. Add Spaces – You can add one space to your Summoner name


  • PokeBaller= Poke Baller
  • TubyBear = Tubby Bear
  1. Add Special Characters – You can go in there and add special characters between the existing characters of your Summoners name. Adding special characters can make your name look not so boring. 


As easy as those changes may seem, you can’t just go in there and change it whenever you feel like doing so. You will first need to reach out to Riot Support and get those changes approved. In order to do this, go ahead and submit a ticket to Riot Support. Make sure the Subject reads “Subject: Summoner Name Change.” In case your Summoner Name is the same as your username, you would write something like this to Riot Support:

“Hello, I am emailing you in regards to my summoner name change. My summoner name is the same as my account username, and I’m worried about this being hacked and would like to request a free name change. Thank you in advance.”

On another note, if you’re looking to add special characters to your username, send them something like this: 

“Hello, I would like to have my summoner name changed to (insert your new name). I would just like to add a couple of characters to the name. Thank you in advance.”

LoL Name Change FAQ

Now that you have an understanding of how to request a free name change in League of Legends, I’m going to introduce you to some of the FAQ I have seen people asking in regards to name changes in League of Legends. 

Below, I am going to cover a couple of topics, like the various associated costs, the no-no’s of League names and how to check to see duplicate names so that you can find one you like.

What Names Aren’t Allowed in League of Legends?

I’d like to think most of you would know the difference between what’s inappropriate and what’s appropriate when it comes to choosing in-game names. 

There are some game developers out there that have a lower tolerance than others when it comes to inappropriate language or names in their game. Riot is actually one of the ones that won’t really tolerate anything inappropriate, and this is completely understandable. So, with that thought in mind, it is important that you have an understanding of the big no’s of LoL names before you rename your account. 

To go into detail of what Riot deems inappropriate in League of Legends names, here is a short list for you:

  • Political, historical, or ethical references
  • Hate speech such as profanity or slurs
  • Gross, vulgar imagery, or insults

If you create a Summoner Name that contains any one of the above things mentioned, then it is going to get flagged for renaming after it is reported. 

How Many Times Can a Player Change Their Name for Free in League of Legends?

As of right now, the simple answer to this is that you are only allowed to change your name once in League of Legends. Regardless of the approach you choose for getting that free name change, that golden ticket will only be available for you for a one-way ride, so this time, when you change your Summoner Name, make sure you really think about it.

How Much Does an LoL Name Change Usually Cost?

If you decide to skip the free route because you’ve already used your free name change, and you’re going through the Riot store to get this done, then a single Summoner Name change will set you back 1300 RP or 13,900 BE. 

If you’re wondering about ways to get it cheaper, as of right now, there are no name change discounts. Riot has never really ran any promotional sales on account-related microtransactions, so I don’t see there ever being any discounts on name changes, which means you shouldn’t wait around for a coupon to change your summoner name on LoL.

How Can I Check to See If My  Desired Summoner Name Is Free in League of Legends? 

Before you skip ahead and grab up that new summoner name, you will first want to make sure it isn’t already taken. So, when you think of a cool new name, don’t get your hopes up until it’s actually yours or you could end up getting disappointed.  Here are some of the best League of Legends name checker!

There are a couple of ways you can check for duplicate names in League of Legends – first, you can try to make a new account in the LoL client. Secondly, there’s a nice little tool called LoL Names. Just search “LoL Names” in Google, and it should pop up as the first search query. With LoL names, you can see when those names are going to be released. 

For example, let’s say you know someone that has stopped playing League of Legends, and you are interested in inheriting their Summoner name, head over to LoL Names, and t his sit will tell you when the name will be available for you to grab. 

Is Riot ID the Same as Summoner Name?

I see this question pop up quite a bit – your Riot ID is your Riot Account Username. This is the credential you will use in order to log into your Riot Games like LoL, Valorant, and TFT.

Normally, no one can see your Riot ID, unless you have your Summoner Name sat as the same, before Riot came up with this restriction. 

Unlike the in-game Summoner Name, it’s not possible for you to change your Riot ID. However, you can change the Summoner Name anytime you feel like it. If your Summoner Name is the Same as your Riot ID, as I stated above, you can request your free Summoner name change.


For those of you who have been wondering how to change your name in LoL for free, then this article should have given you everything you need to know in order to get the job done. 

I have covered two ways that will allow you to request that free name change, and I have even covers some FAW, while introducing you to a neat little tool (LoL Names) that you can use to look through thousands of names to see when they’re going to become available. 

Now, I’m going to ask you, what’s your most regrettable Summoner Name? You can share this with us in the comment section.

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