How to Change Ward Skins in League of Legends

Changing wards in League of Legends can be a difficult thing for new League of Legends players. Luckily for you, we've decided to create this easy-to-use guide so you won't have to worry about that anymore! Here's how to change ward skins in League of Legends!

One of the reasons why League of Legends tends to stand out from other games in the MMORPG genre is the wide variety of customization you can do to make the game “your own,” as it were. There are various roles in a League team, and you can specialize in any one role. For example, you can be the tank in your team to bolster the team’s defense or be an assassin or mage to pick your targets carefully.

There’s also a wide range of champions to experiment and play within each role. These champions have very believable backstories and varying abilities to suit your playing style. The cool skins that the artists at Riot Games keep churning out every season make the game even more beautiful.
And Riot cares about the little things as well! This brings us to ward skins.

I’ve made a video tutorial for those of you who prefer video tutorials over text tutorials. Here’s how to change ward skins in League of Legends!

What are wards for?

LoL wards are a crucial little things you can use to spot enemy champions, control the map, and avoid getting ganked! In this article we'll be talking about how effective wards are, how to use them, and how to change them in game!

Wards can really make the difference in team fights, provided they are placed strategically and timely. They are used to reduce the fog of war in a League of Legends match. It’s always good to place wards where enemies are likely to hide and use the element of surprise to catch you off guard. In the laning phase, this means the points of entry of the enemy jungler or a roaming midlaner must be warded if you want to stay safe. In a tight lane where both sides are equally good, the timing and type of ward can often turn the tide of battle in one side’s favor.

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The same is true, more or less, after the laning phase. Wards can truly make or break your game. But winning games is not the only thing you can do with wards. Another cool feature in League of Legends is ward skins!

Types of Wards:

Depending upon the purpose, there are different types of wards. There is the standard Totem ward you can get for free from the shop right when the game starts. The time limit before the ward expires depends on the level of your champion during the game. There is the control ward, which, as the name indicates, can be used to control vision on the battlefield. What control wards do is it disables and reveals wards placed by the enemies. Some champions such as Fiddlesticks have really unique abilities to place wards by themselves. Fiddlesticks can place the Scarecrow effigy, which actually looks scary if you happen to bump into it in the jungle!

What are ward skins?

Ward skins are how you can customize how your wards look on the battlefield. There are various styles and options to choose from. As usual, Riot Games has provided a wide variety of ward skins to suit your personality and playing style. The categories of ward skins range from skins based on champion themes, skins based on Lore events, skins based on League of legends events, some exclusive bundle skins for wards, and some ward skins designed based on skin themes.

Accordingly, some of the cool examples are the Mecha Ward skin, the Lunar Dragon ward skin, the Sad Mummy, Starcall, Elementalist, and HexTech. The Champion Hot Dog ward is also really fun to place in bushes and lanes. Some ward skins that were bundle exclusive were only available for a short period and, sadly, will not return. The Dawnbringer and Nightbringer ward skins are arguably the best looking ones in this category. Some ward skins are only available during specific events. So keep an eye out for more exclusive bundles and skins in each season.

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Are Ward Skins Free?

The game itself is free, and so are a lot of the ward skins. Riot Games makes sure the League of Legends’ core experience never stays out of reach of anyone just because of money. Ward skins may seem like a tiny part of the game, but it’s because Riot takes care of the little things that we all love to play League. Many ward skins are free, and you can win them just by logging in and playing the game.

But at the same time, it cannot be denied that money talks. You can buy some really cool exclusive bundles that come with ward skins. You can try to match your champion skin and ward skin to make that perfect combination. Or you can buy a standalone ward skin that goes well along with your favorite champion. To buy a ward skin, go to the store and click on the ward skins category. There you will see the skins up for sale.
You can even gift ward skins to your friends by going to the store.

How to Change Ward Skins?

There's only one way that you can use in order to change wards in League of Legends. And that way happens in Champion Select. You can only change your LoL ward skins in champion select before the game starts! Here's how to do it:

There are two ways you can change ward skins. One way is to choose them at the Champion Select stage before a match is about to begin. Just look around the summoner spell buttons, and you’ll see the option to change ward skins. You can click on the button, and the ward skins available to you will open up immediately. Simply click on the ward skin you want to choose for the match and wait for the game to begin.

The other way is to go to your collection when you open up the League client. There you will see all the ward skin available to you, and you can choose the default ward skin you want to play with.

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The Cool Things You Can Do With Ward Skins

The point of playing any game, let alone League of Legends, is to have a good time. League lets you have a team-based, competitive, and fun match with your friends. And ward skins add just a little bit extra to the entire experience. If you are a Jungler specialist and enjoy playing Ammumu, try choosing the Sad Mummy ward skin and see how you feel when you place it in the bushes.

If you own a Hextech skin on one of your champions, try equipping the HexTech ward skin and see how the experience feels more refined and customized just for you. Some ward skins also make a funny splashy sound when placed. Play Draven as ADC and choose the Ward of Draven. See how fun just placing a ward can be. It’s fun to see two Draven faces close by.

The Future of Ward Skins

The League of Legends has come a long way since season 1. It keeps evolving and growing over the years, and so do tiny details such ward skins. There was a time when no one paid much heed to customizing ward skins. Now there is an entire range to shop and choose from. You can mix and match ward skins with Champion skins. In the seasons to come, the categories of ward skins are likely to increase. With the addition of new Champions each season, summoners will find new and creative ways to customize their gaming experience. Ward skins will be a small but essential part of that customization.

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